Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cleaning Windows is a Bear! Snack & Orange Glow Home.

Today it is a beautiful day in the mid 70's. A tank-top day. The sun is shining and a great day to be working outside. Bobcat is basking in the sun on the porch.

Ray came over so we carried the big carrier and big cage to a table outside the work shop, and bleached and hosed them down. I washed all the bedding and dishes, put all new beds and covers in each cage, so everything is as clean as new pin for Orange Glow, and Snack. Snack is coming back here today, as the guy who is getting Missy wants to get used to her first, and then will consider Snack. The 'twofer' deal is good for a month.
Missy and Snack were already spayed when I got them, so they didn't have surgery. Just rabies shots, checked for Feline Leukemia, as all the SPCA cats are, and check-ups.

We also had to measure, saw and screw another piece of lattice up in a place that Debo found he could jump over, in the front. I had him locked up in the back yard while we were working. As long as he can hear our voices he is quiet.

While I was waiting for Kenya to bring the cats, I cleaned a few glass doors. People who live in glass houses, have to clean windows! I can't do too many at a time as I have a bad right wrist. That is a bear of a job with as much glass as there is here!

When she arrived we got Orange Glow and Snack in their houses, then Kenya brought Missy and Pepper in their crates, into the grooming room, for me to help her give them their shots. They go to their new 'forever' homes tonight.
Then Ray got Blackie, and Kenya helped me give her a Feline Leukemia shot. I kept her crated in the grooming room for a while as they can, though rarely, have a reaction to that shot. If her breathing got difficult, I would have to rush her to the vet, as Ray had to leave.

A busy, warm, 'windows open' day.

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