Saturday, April 30, 2011

9 Days to May 8TH. Mother's Day Gifts That Give. News. Aggravation. Kittens.

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Some folks sure did have some bad news this week:

2011 Tornado Outbreak Death Toll Hits 318, Deadliest Since 1932   (Now at 340)

2011 Tornado Outbreak Deaths
"In the nation's deadliest tornado outbreak in almost four decades, at least 297 people were killed across six states - more than two-thirds of them in Alabama, where large cities bore the half-mile-wide scars the twisters left behind.

The death toll from Wednesday's storms seems out of a bygone era, before Doppler radar and pinpoint satellite forecasts were around to warn communities of severe weather. Residents were told the tornadoes were coming up to 24 minutes ahead of time, but they were just too wide, too powerful and too locked onto populated areas to avoid a horrifying body count.
"These were the most intense super-cell thunderstorms that I think anybody who was out there forecasting has ever seen," said meteorologist Greg Carbin at the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla.
"If you experienced a direct hit from one of these, you'd have to be in a reinforced room, storm shelter or underground" to survive, Carbin said."  "I've never seen anything like this."   "This is something that no one can prepare for."
"At Smithville Cemetery, even the dead were not spared: Tombstones dating to the 1800s, including some of Civil War soldiers, lay broken on the ground. Two brothers dragged their youngest brother's headstone back to its proper place."

The Rescue Site is contributing to their aid with your FREE clicks:

Deadly Tornadoes in the U.S. - Help Today! Become of a Fan!
100% of site advertising goes to our charitable partners.
 Shuttle Launch Endeavor
Endeavour's launch has been scrubbed for at least 48 hours because of an issue with Auxiliary Power Unit 1 heaters.
They had to do it, but think of all the disappointed people, including Gabrielle Gifford.


Obamas Birth Certificate

Having to produce his birth certificate wasn't that great for the President.


Texas had some terrible wild fires due to the drought.



We had some happy occasions, including the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.



"No good deed goes unpunished!"

My happiest occasion this week, was getting that neighbor back to her home after taking her to cash her SS Disability check yesterday.   I took her to the little local store to cash it, but that took two hours as she wouldn't stop dawdling and gabbing about nothing to the staff of three!  She knew that I had to get back to start work, and just wouldn't hurry up.
After waiting outside for over an hour, I went in and asked her if she was ready.  She had chosen her meat, and was just standing there chatting to the butcher.  The cashier was just going to ask her to come up to the register as there were others waiting to be served.  She hollered at me "I'm busy", so that got my goat, and I said "So am I!"  
Miffed, I went outside, unlocked the van, got her purse, took it in the store and plopped it in her cart, and walked out. 
Then I thought that wouldn't be a very nice thing to do, to just leave her stranded in town, so I waited at least another half hour. You know, the "What Would Jesus Do?" thought!
Then, even though she had bought steaks, she still wanted to go on into Conroe, and go to several places there. That's an hour round trip, plus the stops.   How long did she think that meat would keep in a closed up car in sunny 85 deg ?  So I just took her home, even though I needed to go to Conroe myself.   Never again!  I's been a long time since I was that aggravated.

As I had to wait for the mail to bring her check, Ray, Jay and I worked yesterday morning.
Ray was painting in the cargo trailer, so Jay and I cleaned the Middle Room where the orphan kittens live. 
First thing, I had managed to spill their breakfast all over the place, so it was a good time to clean.  We put them in another cage for their safety, and washed their  'house',  moved everything in that room, vacuumed and mopped.  They are getting 'housified', and aren't scared of vacuum cleaner noises any more. 
I let them run around in the grooming room, under supervision, for short periods now.  As I weigh them regularly, I know they have grown, but I can't see it.  The ones that are at least 2 lb will be going to the vet to be spayed and neutered on the 12th. May.  Little "Precious", tabby/white, won't weigh enough, but she can go for a check-up anyway.

Then Jay and I went outside and raked up more pine needles.  Everyone around here is getting large burn piles of pine needles, waiting for the burn ban to be lifted.

So Wizz, An English Shepherd,  was right when he made the comment yesterday:  "Looks like you are having a busy day :-)"

Friday, April 29, 2011

William and Kate. Checkers and Max. How to Stop a Dog from Jumping, To Stay, Leadership. Save Lennox.

Twice in 12 hours, I was brought to tears.

kate-middleton-royal-wedding-prince-william-590jn042911[1]I didn't think the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would affect me that way, as I have seen plenty of them, all the way back to the then, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip's wedding in November 20, 1947.

I hadn't made any plans to watch it, but I am glad I did.  The pageantry was spectacular, and Duchess Katherine seemed very at ease with it all.

What a lovely couple.  I, together with many millions, I wish them every happiness.

Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange rings in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury at Westminster Abbey
Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wave as they travel in the 1902 State Landau carriage along the processional route to Buckingham Palace.

The only member of the Royal Family that I have seen live, and in person, was the late Queen Mary, and I thought she was the most elegant person I had ever seen.

H.M. Queen Mary:  26 May 1867, to 24 March 1953.

Mary of Teck - Queen Mary - May of Teck

"May of Teck (Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes), daughter of Francis, Duke of Teck, she was engaged to marry the heir to the British throne, Edward, and then married his brother when Edward died. As Queen Consort to George V of Great Britain, she was the mother of Edward VIII and George VI. She was popular and known for her intelligence.
Queen Victoria Mary, a daughter of the late Duke of Teck and a great-grand-daughter of King George III, married George, Duke of York on July 6th, 1893, and when he succeeded to the throne, was crowned with him in Westminster Abbey, June 22nd, 1911. Both as Princess of Wales and as Queen, Her Majesty took a constant part in public life. Her work on behalf of women and children has been notable; the higher education of women, and the improvement of conditions in the nursing profession owe much to her practical sympathy. Queen Mary is keenly interested in the arts, and her good taste has transformed several of the royal residences."  and:

By the way, I believe her mother was also a Duchess of Cambridge.

Checkers and Max

Last night, I absolutely went into shock when I read that the second of Al's Bayfield Bunch had died within a week.
I just started blurting out "Oh, No! Oh, No! Oh, No!" and burst into tears.    I know how it was when I lost my little best friend.
How hard it must be for Kelly, Al, and little Cora.

CHECKERS (Swamper)

CHECKERS (Swamper)"Checkers..Rest in Peace our dear sweet Girl: 1998 - April 20th 2011"
"With the Vet's words, "she has a serious illness" our worst fears were realized & we knew the time had come to say our final goodbye's to our beloved Checkers.    We did not want her to suffer in any way.  She died peacefully about 9:45 a.m. this morning.
Our hearts are so painfully broken...................."

MAX (Buddy Boy)

MAX (Buddy Boy)"MAX: Rest In Peace our Dear Number 1 Boy: 1998 - April 27th 2011"
"Our dearly beloved number one boy Max died peacefully this morning at 11:25.  He quietly slipped away in our arms at the same Veterinary Clinic in Zurich Ontario where Checkers passed on just one week ago to the day. 
Our love & attention is now solely focused on our dear little Cora who many know as,  Motormouse."
Once we were five & now we are three......."
Please keep the Bayfield Bunch in your thoughts, they are going through a terrible time.

So I would like to devote the rest of today's thoughts to dogs, the 'hoomans' who live with them, and Lennox who doesn't:

Forced relaxation
"It struck me because that is exactly what we need to do when we are dealing with a young dog that likes to jump and become unruly. We need to force them to relax.

The easiest way to do this is with a leash on your dog. Here’s how it works: when your friend comes over the house, before you let your friend in put a leash on your dog. You then step on the leash to prevent your dog from jumping.

With all your weight on the leash you force your dog to relax before your friend approaches and gives your dog any attention. Your dog only gets your friend’s attention when she or he relaxes.

If your dog is too strong for you, find a place in your house where you can secure the leash to something sturdy. This way your dog is out of the area where he can jump and get unintentional reinforcement.

Forced relaxation is a great way to teach calm behavior. The calmer the dog, the easier and more enjoyable it is to be around your dog. Your friends will like you and your dog much better when they come over to your house and your dog does not jump all over them.

It’s hard to believe, but not everyone is a dog lover like you and me."

The Secret To Teaching The Stay Command

"A lot of people have difficulty with the stay command and it is very easy to teach. The problem is the method the person uses to train this command.
So…     …I am going to share with you the Secret To Teaching The Stay Command.
“When you teach your dog stay, never try to control your dog. Control what your dog wants.”
That’s it. Now go teach your dog stay.
What’s that?
You want more information? You want me to demonstrate?"
Here is a video demonstrating how to control your dog by controlling what he wants:


You can’t fool your dog!

"One of my clients use to “trick” his dog by saying “treat” instead of “come” because the dog wouldn’t come unless he had a treat in his hand. It worked for a time, but then eventually, the dog learned that “treat” didn’t always mean “treat” and because his owner didn’t have a true leadership role with the dog, the treat trick stopped working. The dog knew. And his owner had to find other means of getting his dog to come when called. Eventually he learned that he had to work on fulfilling the dog’s instinctual need to follow a scent (the driving force behind coming because he smelled a treat) and in turn, his respect for his owner’s leadership grew.

Remember this lesson as you work on your discipline with your dog. Don’t try to fool them into a behavior. Show your leadership through being honest and patient. Your dog will appreciate the respect of his mind."


Save And Release Lennox :    Sign the Petition
"Lennox was seized by Belfast City Dog Wardens and deemed to be 'of type', according to Section One, (BSL), of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Lennox has never shown any cause for concern to a living soul. In his 5 years he has never had a complaint against him and his owners have complied to every law required by Belfast City Council."

To:  The First and Deputy First Minister For Northern Ireland
"The undersigned give their signature in support and demand for the release of Lennox from council authorities who was wrongly removed from his loving family home simply for the way in which he looks. Lennox has never done any wrong yet he has still been branded as of “Pit bull Type” by people who are untrained and unsure what the pit bull breed looks like. Lennox is clearly an American Bull cross and has never shown any aggression toward anyone or anything. If a human was torn from his family home, locked up in inappropriate and unsuitable premises for the way in which he looked then we would deem it as racism and pure hatred, why do it to this beautiful animal? Free Lennox now as the eyes of the world are watching! "
*Below follows an extract from Lennox's owners: "Lennox is a loveable 5 year old family member. He's an American Bull dog cross that we have owned since he was a little pup. On Wednesday the 19th May 2010 he was taken from our family home by Belfast City Council as they believe he falls under the dangerous dogs act for Northern Ireland. The Council, without seeking any proper professional guidance declared Lennox to be a breed of "Pitbull Type" and so they wish to kill him simply because he has the appearance of said breed.
Lennox has never attacked anyone or anything yet the council have removed him from his home where he lives with my wife, myself, our 12 year old Daughter and his soul mate Juicy, a 2 year old female boxer. Belfast City Council are pressuring our family to sign him over to them to be destroyed however we feel the need to fight his case, he cannot speak but we will be his voice! If this was a human we would declare this racism. We ask every kind hearted person for your support, don't let them murder him."
Sincerely,     The Undersigned
  View Current Signatures   -   Sign the Petition

Court Appeal Granted
"13th April 2011, Today the Save Lennox Campaign has been made aware that Lennox’s case will be in court again on the 4th May for the court to set a date for the appeal of Lennox’s destruction order which was previously passed down by Judge Nixon at the last court hearing. This hearing on the 4th May will only be a brief hearing simply to set a date for the actual appeal."  From:

Save Lennox: Posted by Victoria Stilwell- The Famous Dog Trainer.

"I have personally joined the fight to bring Lennox back to his loving home, having spoken at length by phone with his owner. After discussing the situation, I came away thoroughly impressed with what responsible dog owners Lennox's family are. I also developed an appreciation for his place in their family unit, as he serves as a therapy dog for the family's 12 year old daughter." From:


When are they they going to reunite the little girl and her doggie?  Poor Lennox, he doesn't know what he did wrong…

After doing some clean up in the yard, I will be taking a Social Security recipient shopping today.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

RVers, Do You Want To Workamp? Your Resume. Porch Door. Pine Needles.

I kinda left this announcement too late, unless you are right there, but maybe you can find out about the next one:
"Learn about workamping at April event:
Workamper News Rendezvous set for April 26-28 in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Fourteen seminars will be held in a classroom setting at the new Heber Springs Community Center.
Attendees will learn from experts who will provide both practical and advanced strategies for living the Workamper lifestyle. They learn about RV maintenance and technical help, talk with employers about their opportunities, have fun and fellowship and enjoy food and entertainment. They can learn out books and CDs that are available through the Workamper bookstore and become a certified workamper by completing an education track.

The weather is typically nice that time of year in the southern doorstep of the Ozark mountains, and those who plan to attend with RVs can enjoy the outstanding campsites at the Corps of Engineer Campgrounds on Greers Ferry Lake."
Click here for more information

Your resume:

"Almost every resume is full of words that suggest the person is someone worthy of a spot on the team, yet few of them explain what they have actually done in their place of work to prove that they really possess these attributes.
Some of the biggest "offenders" I see repeated over and over again on resumes include:

1. reliable
2. loyal
3. trustworthy
4. great sense of humor
5. conscientious
6. helpful
7. innovative
8. seasoned
9. results-oriented
10. dependable
11. detail oriented
12. highly motivated
13. versatile
14. independent
15. self-starter


Workampers Needed:

"Jobs are now available for singles and couples at the Riverside Resort & RV Park located between Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park in Southern Utah. Flexible terms, work for site only, or site and cash. Perfect location for outdoorsy persons.

Jobs available are: Front Desk (x3), Lawn Maintenance (x1 or 2), Handy Man (x2), Events Coordinator (x1 or 2). Preferred work dates are April 15th through September 30th. Experience preferred. Must have own rig. Front Desk must have cheery attitude, basic office skills and MUST have computer skills."
Send Resume and photo of self and your rig (pets are ok).

For more information about us, visit us on the web at
(If you look at the monthly rate page, you will see that it says 'workampers wanted')
14 hours for 30 amp   -   16 hours for 50 amp   -    based on one or 2 persons   -  utilities included
With pay is the same for the site. Any extra hours worked are paid by the hour. Rate depends on the job."

 Workers On Wheels

Current Job Openings for RVers.  Subscribe to our Workers On Wheels E-zine. There's no cost.   ~ Workers On Wheels
"Here are some of the most recently listed job openings. These are just a few of them. Go to the website to see all of them.
~ AZ: Pay for All Hours Worked, Plus Site with Paid Electric
~ CA: Help Wanted, Pays Hourly Wage, at RV Resort
~ IA: Seasonal Help Wanted - Work for Site, Pay for Extra Hours
~ OR: Volunteer Fairgrounds Host – Wallowa County Fair Board
~ TX: Camp Hosts Needed - Some Barter, Some Pay
The freshest ads are on the April Job Listings page. Go to the page listed below to see them all, including details and contact information."
~ April Job Listings For the archives of previously posted job listings, see the monthly job index page.  Job Listing Index

314 Opportunities Found at:

Texas state parks looking for volunteers

"April is National Volunteer Month, and folks who love state parks, hunting and fishing in Texas have plenty to celebrate. In 2010, volunteers provided close to 955,000 hours of service worth an estimated $16.9 million to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
Texas State Parks and Historic Sites alone receive volunteer service saving TPWD’s State Parks Division almost $10 million per year in avoided costs for administrative, maintenance, interpretive, and park host duties throughout the state.

Volunteers are also vital for wildlife management areas and state fish hatcheries. And TPWD has entire education programs that could not function without large and well-trained corps of statewide volunteers, including hunter, boater and angler education and archery instruction."
Info at :

Work From Home Resources by Rae :

Posted By Rae on January 20, 2010
"There are some legitimate ‘work from home’ sites out there, although not nearly as many as there are scams! I’ve been able to get work (contracts) through the following sites:
Elance and Guru
I’ve lumped these two together because they are quite similar. Both are sites where freelancers can showcase their skills in many fields as well as browse for, and bid on, projects. While there is a lot of work to be found on both sites, I’ve found it hard to compete with members who live in south east Asia and are willing to work for a dollar or two an hour, plus Elance and Guru take a cut from what you earn. Still, a couple of bucks an hour is better than no bucks an hour and I go to these sites when I’m desperate to bring in something. Both sites offer a free, basic, membership as well as paid levels. I don’t pay.
Editfast is a site for professional editors, proofreaders, and writers. Once you pass the rigorous requirements to be accepted on the site, including proofreading and writing tests, you get to build a profile page showcasing your skills. Companies looking for editors, proofreaders, and writers can search for a contractor matching their criteria. Editfast acts as the middle person and takes a cut of the profits, but you can adjust your rates to take into account this percentage. It’s through this site that I got my first writing contract. Check out my Editfast profile.
There is a small fee to join Homejobstop and, yes, I do earn a commission if you sign up through the above link. That said, this site is a great resource with links to tons of legitimate telecommuting positions. Most are in the US, but there are some in Canada and the UK, and even more with no geographic restrictions. They charge a fee because the site does not accept advertisements. There are no scams or links to ‘get rich quick’ schemes, just everything from sites offering paid surveys to postings by companies looking for full-time, salaried employees. While I haven’t found a permanent position from the postings on this site, I have found a couple of short contracts which have more than paid for my $9 sign up fee.
Finally, there’s
Genuine Jobs
This site is a recent find; I haven’t found any work through this site yet. As far as I can tell, they pull postings for telecommuting jobs from other sources, kind of like an RSS feed. I’ve seen postings at Genuine Jobs that I recognize from Craigslist and Canada Job Bank. Like with Homejobstop, and any other job search site, for that matter, I research the company to make sure it’s legit before sending off my resume.
While a full-time, work-from-home position with a salary and benefits would be great, I would also be happy earning a full-time income from a variety of small projects. The above-mentioned sites, and a few other resources, are slowly, but surely, making my dream of employment from home a reality. Maybe they’ll do the same for you."

Work at Home Now is recommended by the Wall Street Journal
"1  Search the FRESHEST LEADS FIRST... TODAY'S FREE SCREENED JOB LEADS!   And, for "early notice" and exclusive job leads, be sure to sign up for our free email updates/bulletin using the form in the upper right corner of this page!
2  View our free list of HIRERS and JOBS BY TYPE of work using the menu on the left side of the page.
Then conduct some searches on your own by using some of OUR FAVORITE GOOGLE SEARCH TERMS(Be sure to read our tips for spotting scams before you start your search.)  "
More at:

Those should keep you busy for a while!



Bobcat managed to roll in something nasty.  She is so fat that she can't wash her back, so I gave her a shower in the grooming room bathtub.  She protested vocally, but she has had baths before, so knew to trust me and holds still.  She has found out over the years that I might do something unpleasant to her, but she feels better afterwards.
Bobcat drying herself
Bobcat drying on screen porch

The weather was great, not hot, not humid, and ideal for letting her dry on the screen porch.
Later, I took her in the dog room and blow brush-dried her, to get any dampness gone.


Jay and I left Ray alone to sand, prime and paint in the cargo trailer, while we did other things.  Not finished yet, so no pictures.
Porch door-2 Each winter, after we put up the vinyl on the screen porch, there is a space where the little hidden door  lets cold air in during the winter, so I had resorted to stuffing towels down the crack, to keep the plants warm.  Also, it is not bug proof in the summer.  Little lizards have found their way in, and received a 'cat demise'. 
Insulation down the crack

So Jay and I installed some blue insulation board on the inside, as a draft and bug barrier.  It took longer than we thought to cut it to follow the contour of the siding.

The door was put there in case of emergency, but we never use it, as there is a patio door in my living room going into the screen porch.

Then we replaced a broken translucent panel in the roof of the attic over the guest house.  While Jay was up there, he raked the pine needles off that roof, roof of  the RVport, and pergola. 

The house's composition roof hadn't kept any pine needles, the winds had blown them off, so we didn't have to blow that off today.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birds. Diminishing View. Shopping. Pet Food. Cargo Trailer.


It's "Winged Wednesday" again, where does time fly?


Rio Grande Gorge bill may benefit migratory birdsPhoto

"People seeking incredible outdoor experiences need not look any further than Northern New Mexico. In-state and out-of-state travelers come here to explore gorges, mountains, plains, rivers and view a variety of iconic wildlife.

Ute Mountain -- which boasts an elevation of over 10,000 feet – and the Rio Grande Gorge -- known as one of the world’s great avian migratory routes -- are considered two “landmarks” in Northern New Mexico. They help define Northern New Mexico as a wildlife haven, particularly for birds. Bird watchers come from all over the country and beyond to enjoy everything from hummingbirds to herons as the area is a major migration route for many species.
These unrivaled natural treasures, and the communities they sustain, are why members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation, led by U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, re-introduced legislation to protect these iconic lands and waters.

The legislation would protect over 21,000 acres of Wilderness within a 236,980 acre National Conservation Area. It would ensure protection of some of the most ecologically significant lands in the state of New Mexico and help secure traditional ways of life in Northern New Mexico for local residents as well as hunters, ranchers, and outfitters.

The Act would protect the upper reaches of the Rio Grande Gorge, where eagles, falcons and hawks nest on the walls of the gorge and numerous species -- including majestic sandhill cranes -- migrate through the area.
Wilderness protection assures the ecological future of these incredible birds, as well as important game species like pronghorn, bighorn sheep and elk.
The legislation would also safeguard world-class recreation opportunities, such as hiking, hunting and fishing. Grazing and vehicle and utility access would continue in already-existing areas, and water rights would not be affected."
More at:

Snowy Plover

Snowy Plover by Greg Lavaty
stats bar
"This tiny plover is the color of pale sand – the perfect camouflage for its preferred habit of open beaches, alkali and salt flats, and river sandbars.
Although the Snowy Plover has a large population and wide range, its numbers appear to be decreasing. Major threats include habitat degradation/loss and increased recreational use of beaches, where human activity can destroy the birds’ nests and eggs. Free-roaming cats also pose a threat.

Sea level rise due to climate change will cause additional loss of habitat for the Snowy Plover and other beach-nesting birds. Increased storm surges may also threaten nests.
As a result of continuing declines and ongoing threats, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently issued a proposal to more than double the bird's designated Critical Habitat. See the full story here."
great blue heron

Can you name this bird?
From U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Birds have to fly though this, too:

"The Four Corners Power Plant is one of the largest polluters of nitrogen oxides in the nation. For years, its excessive emissions have made it harder to breathe clean air and see the majestic views of the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, and 14 other beloved national parks and wilderness areas in the region.

The time for Four Corners to clean up its act is now.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finally addressing the massive pollution from Four Corners--but they're in danger of stopping short of the finish line. Write to Environmental Scientist Anita Lee and let her know that you want to see EPA finish the job by requiring lower pollution limits at the Four Corners Power Plant. Learn more."

"This video documents visual and personal experiences of haze pollution in some of the Southwest's most beloved national parks as told through the perspective of those living and working in the Four Corners region."

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a good plan for Four Corners to clean up its act--but they're not going far enough. After years of impacts to the people, ecosystems, and national parks of the Southwest, the EPA should require this mega-polluter to comply with the law, ensuring clear views and healthy air for us all and strengthening local economies that benefit from millions of national park visitors.

Take Action: Tell the EPA to hold Four Corners fully accountable for its pollution. If you want to protect the views at Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, and eight other national parks, please ask the EPA to require lower emission limits that reflect what the proposed pollution controls are easily capable of achieving."
More at:

Can you name this bird?   Trivia Answer:      
The Great Blue Heron is the largest heron in North America.


Our shopping day in the next town was moved from Wednesday to Tuesday this week.

Jay and I went straight to the Assistance League Thrift Shop, as the last week of the month is when they have their "50% off tag days".  This month it was the blue tags.  It's their way of rotating their stock, and it works, as there were plenty of people buying up all the blue tagged stock.  Everything in there is nice, clean smelling, and has been tested.  Jay has been waiting for this, as there was an abs exerciser that he has been keeping his eye on.  It was still there, so he bought it. 

When the power went out the other night, my coffee maker had a hissy fit the next morning.  I had to re-set the time on it, to make it work, but it just wouldn't let the coffee through, except at an occasional drip.  It did this once before, even though it is cleaned with vinegar monthly. So while I was at the Assistance League sale, I bought another coffee maker for $1.75, and a signed Trifari vintage gold and seed pearl braided necklace. 

I am not into costume jewelry, as we used to have a real jewelry store in Dallas, but I am used to wearing a thick gold chain, and I had worn the links out on mine.   All the real jewelry I had amassed, I gave to my daughter and granddaughters, except for my gold necklace, pearls, wedding and engagement ring.  At my age, I just don't want to fool with worry about it.  So this will be handy for some everyday occasions when I don't wear my pearls.

I got carried away at Petco when I bought 20 cans and 7 bags of kitten, cat, and dog food that was on sale half-price.  All very good brands with no grains, cornmeal or by-products.  My dogs aren't picky, but we'll see which ones the kittens and Prime will eat.  The kittens are not picky about their canned food, but Prime is.  Bobcat has to have her Wellness (no grains) cans, but doesn't like turkey!  Even though it was on sale, Petco said I could return them with my receipt.  None of my cats will eat Wellness dry food, or that choice would be easy.  What we do to please our furkids!

Bobcat also has some new cat treats containing Glucosamine and Chrondoitin for her bad arthritic shoulder.  I had wanted to get her off Royal Canin 28 dry cat food which has Glucosamine & Chrondoitin in it, as it also contain grains, and she shouldn't have them.  She only eats about 1/4 cup a day, but at 15 years old, I want her to eat the best. So I bought her some better food, which happened to be cheaper, and now I will have control over how much Glucosamine & Chrondoitin she gets.  She will feel better without any grains.  Unfortunately, she isn't crazy about the new food, and picks out the Royal Canin!

I cleaned the 'new' coffee maker and the old one with vinegar.  By spraying the underside of the 'new' coffee maker, I made sure there were no hitchhikers lurking inside.  I don't have any bugs in this house, and I don't want any.  The old white one had got over it's hissy fit, and is easier to use than the 'new' black one, so I might change back.


After yesterday's rain, I looked for any leaks in the cargo trailer, and there were none.

Ray got up on the roof of the cargo trailer and he installed a Maxx-Air over the front roof vent.  Now we can keep the trailer aired out.  I had picked up two new Maxx-Airs, with the nuts and bolts, at a yard sale for $3 a piece, they didn't know what they had!   I gave one to my brother Nigel, to put on his truck camper before they left for Alaska last year.  Then Ray went around the second roof vent with Dicor.

Jay and I were climbing the ladder and handing him stuff as he needed it, but we were also measuring and cutting sticks, boards and rails to make two big shelves at the top of the shelf-drawer cabinet next to the front door. 

So that it would be ready to paint tomorrow, Ray primed as much as he could today.