Monday, January 26, 2009

A Much Nicer Day. Debo goes to Vet.

It was a much nicer day today, but my truck was acting up, so I couldn't go anywhere until the afternoon.

Jim, the mechanic had me take it down there so that he could check it out. I was supposed to pick up Jay and MaeMae, so Jim took me in his truck. Jim found out what was wrong, and I am back on the road again. Jim was told that it would be six months before he could use his new shoulder, but he was getting stir crazy, and has been doing everything to get it back in working condition.
Good, I was ready to crank up the motor home to use for a daily driver!

Today, I was waiting to find out what time to meet my SPCA boss Kenya, to take Debo, the black dog, for him to go for his neutering tomorrow. We finally met at Petco in the next town, at 4.00PM and handed him over. She brought me some cat food that she feeds cats that don't want to eat, too.

Then a trip to WalMart and Petsmart to get some more things off
the list. Back here, Jay decided to walk home. He is like everyone
around here, the cold weather stops a lot of activities, and we don't get the right amount of exercise. MaeMae stayed here.

Snack licked a little bit of the food that Kenya gave me, so that is some progress. Now that Debo isn't here for a few days, I think she will do better. I just cuddle her, comfort her, and give her Nutri-Cal, and she will come around. She just doesn't like change. Orange Glow is still just lazing around in the lap of luxury, enjoying himself.

A lovely, warmer day

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Speedy said...

Penny...I have been having trouble on the chat line and I guess you have heard about it. I hope to get it fixed somehow so I can speak with you and others. I have seen you on there and try to communicate but it is not easy. Maybe I will catch you tonight.