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Easter or Passover? Christ's Resurrection Observed. Unleavened Bread. Communion or Passover? View of Passover. Christ's Resurrection: Our Hope of Life. Spanish Jews. Dalai Lama. “When Diet Is Correct, Medicine Is Of No Need.”.


For “Scripture Sunday”:

Should Christians Observe Easter or Passover?

“To find the right answer, you must look to the right source.”

Transcript at:


Passover Christian? Unleavened Bread Christian?

“Most think Passover and Unleavened Bread are Jewish only. Are they really New Testament observances for Christians today?”

Transcript at:


How is Christ's Resurrection Properly Observed?

“What is the correct New Testament way to observe the resurrection of Jesus Christ? The answer is different than most believe.” Transcript at: 


Clarification on the Resurrection and Days of Unleavened Bread

“Here's more discussion about the resurrection of Christ and the Festival of Unleavened Bread.”

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What Does Unleavened Bread Symbolize?

“The next step beyond Passover.”

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Communion or Passover?

“What is communion and how does it relate to the New Testament Passover?”

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A Personal View of Passover

“In Christ's gaze on Peter the night He was arrested, we learn an important personal lesson.”  Video:

Video Transcript:  “Christians who observe the biblical Passover described in the Gospel accounts are right now in the middle of that season, the Passover service for Christians who observe the Passover according to the New Testament pattern. It's a very personal event for anyone who observes the Passover in the manner in which Jesus did that with His disciples on the night before He was crucified.

As I think about the Passover from time to time I go back to a story that is from the Gospel of Luke where Christ predicted to Peter that before the night was out he would deny Him, Christ, three times, which Peter did. After Christ was arrested Peter followed Him around to the home of the High Priest. And in Luke chapter 22 it shows, beginning in verse 54, that particular story where twice Peter denied Christ and on the third time when he said to the man there around the fire in the courtyard, he said, "Man, I do not know what you are saying," when it was pointed out that Peter had been with Jesus. "At that moment," it says in verse 61, "The Lord turned and looked at Peter. And Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how He said to him, ‘Before the rooster crows, you will deny Me three times'" (Luke 22:54-62

I like to imagine that in that gaze where two pairs of eyes met, the eyes of Christ and the eyes of Peter, there was a moment of intense scrutiny and introspection, especially on the part of Peter. The account shows that Peter wept bitterly and went out. Peter, however, came back and became a major apostle and one of the twelve who took the gospel to the world. But in that moment on that night Peter saw something about himself that he had not seen before. And it was in that look from Christ that it all came home to him. 

And so as I look at that for the Passover in examination at this time of year, I have to understand that Christ's gaze is upon me. And that helps me to not only prepare for the Passover, but to prepare to let my life be one that is patterned after that of Jesus Christ as He lives His life in me.”


This morning's sermon on WGN TV:

Christ's Resurrection: Our Hope of Life

Religious traditions have obscured the truth of the resurrection. You need to discover its real meaning.

Transcript at:


On This Day:

Jews to be expelled from Spain, Mar 31, 1492:

“In Spain, a royal edict is issued by the nation's Catholic rulers declaring that all Jews who refuse to convert to Christianity will be expelled from the country. Most Spanish Jews chose exile rather than the renunciation of their religion and culture, and the Spanish economy suffered with the loss of an important portion of its workforce. Many Spanish Jews went to North Africa, the Netherlands, and the Americas, where their skills, capital, and commercial connections were put to good use. Among those who chose conversion, some risked their lives by secretly practicing Judaism, while many sincere converts were nonetheless persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Muslims, or Moors, were ordered to convert to Christianity in 1502.”


Dalai Lama begins exile, Mar 31, 1959:

“The Dalai Lama, fleeing the Chinese suppression of a national uprising in Tibet, crosses the border into India, where he is granted political asylum.

Born in Taktser, China, as Tensin Gyatso, he was designated the 14th Dalai Lama in 1940, a position that eventually made him the religious and political leader of Tibet. At the beginning of the 20th century, Tibet increasingly came under Chinese control, and in 1950 communist China invaded the country. One year later, a Tibetan-Chinese agreement was signed in which the nation became a "national autonomous region" of China, supposedly under the traditional rule of the Dalai Lama but actually under the control of a Chinese communist commission. The highly religious people of Tibet, who practice a unique form of Buddhism, suffered under communist China's anti-religious legislation.

After years of scattered protests, a full-scale revolt broke out in March 1959, and the Dalai Lama was forced to flee as the uprising was crushed by Chinese troops. On March 31, 1959, he began a permanent exile in India, settling at Dharamsala in Punjab, where he established a democratically based shadow Tibetan government. Back in Tibet, the Chinese adopted brutal repressive measures against the Tibetans, provoking charges from the Dalai Lama of genocide. With the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in China, the Chinese suppression of Tibetan Buddhism escalated, and practice of the religion was banned and thousands of monasteries were destroyed.

Although the ban was lifted in 1976, protests in Tibet continued, and the exiled Dalai Lama won widespread international support for the Tibetan independence movement. In 1989, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in recognition of his nonviolent campaign to end the Chinese domination of Tibet.”



As I said in my previous journal, my daughter and I had our Saturday phone call with the distressing news that a relative has cancer again.  It was found out that a prescribed medicine she had been taking for diabetes caused this. Big Pharma putting profits ahead of people again.  Of course, I had to spout off about her going on a better diet with more fresh veggies, and NO processed, or GMO foods. 


"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." Hippocrates.

“Doctors give drugs of which they know little, into bodies, of which they know less, for diseases of which they know nothing at all”. – Voltaire

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” - Thomas Edison

“All that man needs for good health and healing can be found in nature, it is the job of science to find it.” - Paracelsus, Father of Pharmacology, 1493-1541

“…the estimated total number of iatrogenic deaths—that is, deaths induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures— in the US annually is 783,936…….while 553,251 died of cancer.”  – Gary Null, et al., Death by Medicine
“Leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can heal the patient with food.” – Hippocrates, 420 BC

“When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct medicine is of no need.”
- Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

“Our lives are not in the lap of the gods, but in the lap of our cooks.” - Lin Yutang

“Let nothing which can be treated by diet be treated by other means.” – Maimonides

“[It shall be] a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that ye eat neither fat nor blood.” - Leviticus 3:17

"Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink.  Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see."  So he agreed to this and tested them for ten days.  At the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food.  So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead. To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.” -  (Daniel 1:12-17) NIV


Then I got ready for church.  The Bible Study was about Jesus’ Miracles of Healing.  Key text Mark 2:1-12.  He healed the paralyzed, lepers, blind, deaf and mute. Also about the woman who had so much faith that she just wanted to touch the hem of His garment, and knew it would heal her, which it did.

The sermon was about Spiritual Food, and how one should always put God’s wishes and commandments before even those of your family.

The potluck was great, as usual, with good fellowship, and unleavened bread with our meal. It will be the ‘Days of Unleavened Bread’ until Monday.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Z-Pak Risks. History of Chemo. Exposing The Fraud. No Live Easter Bunnies. Keep SS # Safe. Tsunami, 2 Yrs Later. Car Seats. Dirt & Bugs! Reagan Shot. Queen Mom Dies.


For “Summary Saturday”.  News, Some New, Some Old:

Zithromax and Januvia: Two Commonly-Prescribed Drugs Now Shown to Be Killing Patients

Zithromax“The US FDA is investigating a potential link between a commonly used class of diabetes drugs known as DPP-4 inhibitors and pre-cancerous changes to the pancreas. Additionally, previous studies have also indicated a connection of thyroid, colon, melanoma, and prostate cancer

FDA is adding a new heart-risk warning to the label of Zithromax (Z-Pak), a commonly used antibiotic used to treat bronchitis, pneumonia and other serious infections that can trigger lethal heart arrhythmias

Research found that Zithromax increases your chances of dying from a cardiovascular event by 250 percent within the first five days of usage, compared to taking amoxicillin. Those who already have heart problems are at even greater risk of dying from the drug, which parallels Vioxx that had killed 60,000 people by the time it was removed from the market in 2004

All antibiotics, and especially the more potent ones like the Z-Pak, decimate your gut flora, which in turn leaves you with a sorely weakened immune system until the beneficial bacteria in your gut has time to repopulate. If you must use an antibiotic, make sure to reseed your gut with probiotics, either from fermented foods or a high-quality probiotic supplement.”  Complete article at:



The Shocking History of Chemotherapy!

“How did chemotherapy become the first option for treating cancer? Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez discusses the history of the drug. You won't believe how it became the first option for patients. Dr. Gonzalez also talks about the so-called 'War on Cancer' and how cancer fundraisers are completely misguided in their missions.”

More at: and :


Exposing the fraud and mythology of conventional cancer treatments


“Treating cancer is BIG business in America -- in fact, it's a $200 billion a year business. Yet 98 percent of conventional cancer treatments not only FAIL miserably, but are also almost guaranteed to make cancer patients sicker.
What's worse: The powers are suppressing natural cancer cures that could help tens of thousands of people get well and live cancer free with little or no dependence on drugs, surgery and chemotherapy.
The treatment of cancer in the U.S. is one of the most bald-faced cover-ups in medical history. Enough is enough! You deserve to know the truth about the criminality of oncologists and about the dangers of chemotherapy, conventional cancer treatments and the cancer "business."”   More at:



"Fighting for the REAL cure"


How could anyone do this to a child?

“Chemotherapy kills more than cancer. Want proof? Did you know that 9 out of 10 oncologists would refuse chemotherapy if they had cancer? That's up to 91% -- a huge percentage that clearly shines a light on the truth: chemotherapy kills. Conventional oncologists are not only allowing this to happen, but they're also bullying many patients into chemotherapy and surgery right after their diagnoses.”  Much more at:


Buying an Easter bunny? Many end up abandoned

"Pet expert warns that bunnies are 10-year commitment.   Remember: A Rabbit is NOT a Child's Toy!!

Please do not buy a rabbit while so many languish in local shelters!

images[7]“The overpopulation of rabbits is one reason not to buy an Easter bunny. Do not support the greedy pet store industry that pumps out new bunnies for every holiday! Pet store bunnies are often sold at only three weeks of age. This is way too young! They are not weaned until they are 8 weeks old! Only then, after they have had enough of their mom's milk to develop a healthy immune system, can they leave their mother. Many of these pet store bunnies cannot even eat on their own; they are sick and often die.”  More at:


How Christian is Easter?

“Easter customs mix pagan myths, rituals, symbols and practices with just a little truth. What's wrong with this picture?

I was fooled the other day. I thought I had a bargain, but come to find out, when I opened the container, there was hardly anything in it. Now because of the size of the box, I ended up with a lot less than I thought I had. It actually cost me more than I realized.

Are you an easy target for nice packaging? What about your religious beliefs? Deceptive packaging is what's wrong with the way many worship God today!

Easter is the most important holiday for hundreds of millions of people around the world. But, is Easter's packaging costing you more than you realize?

Notice carefully what historian Will Durant wrote: "Christianity did not destroy paganism; it adopted it."” 

Transcript: at:


Japan fishing crippled 2 years after tsunami

(CBS News) TOKYO - “The people of Japan just marked the second anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that caused the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown. The meltdown forced the evacuation of some 170,000 people. Now the radiation leak is also forcing many fisherman to abandon their livelihood.”


5 Places Where You Should Never Give Your Social Security Number


“Every time somebody asks for your Social Security Number, you probably give it up without thinking because you've always done it. Here's why that's bad:”


Playing It Safe With Kids And Cars

imagesCAT0JN6L “Did you know 3 out of every 4 car seats are used incorrectly? According to, parents haven't been doing enough to keep their kids safe on the road, which has resulted in vehicle crashes becoming one of the leading causes of death for children between 1 and 13 years old.”   More at:


Dirt, Bugs, and Raindrops, Oh My!

“We have shifted our culture from one that is engaged in a healthy, interactive, and imaginative way to one that is inwardly facing, sedentary and expecting things to be fed to us.”

A child born in the last two decades has spent most of his youth indoors, surrounded by the roof, four walls, and floor of his home. Protecting children’s safety is of course paramount. But when childhood is a sanitized, climate-controlled environment it does our children no favors. They become like fairytale characters, locked in high towers for their own protection, conditioned to fear the very things a child’s instinct draws them to, from digging in dirt and mud to feeling the sun on their face.

The outdoors is a wonderful teacher, offering kids so many important, good lessons, such as how to respect and care for nature, how to be resilient in the face of challenge and imperfection, and how to use your imagination to make your own fun.

Here are some top fears kids (and grownups) have about playing outside and some information to combat them:”     More at:     From Wildlife Promise


On This Day:

Ronald Reagan is shot by John Hinckley, Jr., Mar 30, 1981:

“John Hinckley, Jr. shoots President Ronald Reagan outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C.  Hinckley was armed with a .22 revolver with exploding bullets and was only ten feet away from Reagan when he began shooting. Fortunately, he was a poor shot and most of the bullets did not explode as they were supposed to. Hinckley's first shot hit press secretary James Brady and other shots wounded a police officer and a Secret Service agent. The final shot hit Reagan's limo and then ricocheted into the President's chest.

Hinckley's path toward the assassination attempt began in 1976 when he saw the movie Taxi Driver. Robert DeNiro's Travis Bickle stalks a Presidential candidate in the hopes that he will somehow impress and rescue a young prostitute played by Jodie Foster. Hinckley, who spent seven years in college without earning a degree or making a friend, added Foster to his list of obsessions, which also included Nazis, the Beatles and assassins.

In May 1980, Hinckley wrote to Foster while she attended Yale University, traveled there and talked to her on the phone at least once. Soon after, he began following President Jimmy Carter. In October, he was arrested at airport near a Carter campaign stop for carrying guns. However, the Secret Service was not notified. Hinckley simply went to a pawnshop in Dallas and bought more guns.

For the next several months, Hinckley's plans changed daily. He pondered kidnapping Foster, considered killing Senator Edward Kennedy and began stalking newly elected President Reagan. Finally, he wrote a letter to Foster explaining that his attempt on Reagan's life was for her. He kept abreast of the president's schedule by reading the newspaper.

After Reagan was shot and nearly killed, there was a great deal of confusion at the upper levels of government. In the most notable incident, Secretary of State Alexander Haig told the press that "I am in control here in the White House, pending return of the vice-president," under the mistaken belief that the chain of command placed him in charge.

Hinckley was later not found not guilty by reason of insanity.”


From me:  I was visiting my folks in England at the time, and it was a great shock.  I still have some British newspapers about the Reagan shooting.


Queen Mother dies, Mar 30, 2002:

images[7] “Possibly the most popular member of the royal family, the Queen Mother, who is Queen Elizabeth's mother, was known for her good health, her energy, and the seriousness with which she took her responsibilities. She died in her sleep on March 30, 2002. She was 101. Although she turned 100 years old on August 4, 2000, she continued to carry out official duties. In 1997, for instance, she attended 58 official engagements.

Born the Honourable Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother was descended from the Scottish royal family. In January 1923 she married an old childhood playmate, the Duke of York, son of King George V. They had two daughters, Elizabeth, the present queen, and Margaret, who died Feb. 9, 2002, at age 71.”



Patio-door-to-screen-porch The weather has been great so neither heat nor AC is needed, which meant I could leave the living room’s patio door open to the screen porch, with just the screen closed. 

I was hoping that I could entice “Blondie” the pretty little feminine looking blonde cat, onto the screen porch.  But first I needed to clean everything, and keep Terry out of there.  Terry might still be contagious from his URI.  He isn’t fond of being on the screen porch, so I wasn’t depriving him of a favorite place.  He prefers to look out of my bathroom window, lay curled up on my bed, or sit under a dining chair.

So a trip to Kroger was first on the list, as I had to buy another 40 lb box of scoopable litter, and it’s only $8.00 there.  Of course, I bought other things, and managed to cross nearly everything off my list.

After lunch, I disinfected all the blankies, all the surfaces and the litter box that are on the screen porch.  

Porch door-2At evening feeding time, I unlocked the little door that goes out onto my front porch by the door, leaving it open.  Blondie’s dish was put on a small table in the open doorway.  I watched from inside the living room while he/she came up on the table, ate their dinner, said a meow of thanks, turned his back to me, and promptly sprayed on the screen!  So much for that,  no “Blondie” for me.  I am so grateful that even though Terry isn’t fixed yet, he doesn’t spray.  He is still sneezing, poor thing, so I can see another trip to the vet coming up.

During this morning’s Saturday phone call, my daughter told me that another close relative who was thought to be in remission from cancer, sadly has it again all though her soft tissue.  It was caused by a prescribed diabetes medicine that the FDA is now banning.  How long are we going to be guinea pigs?  These chemicals can’t be good for our bodies, and just line Big Pharma’s pockets.  I don’t even like having to take this Prednisone for my sinuses to stop me from coughing, but I make sure I take a Probiotic and Greek yogurt to help keep my gut flora healthy. 

Blondie came back this morning, so of course I fed him, but we can’t have these stray un-fixed cats hanging around, one cat makes 400 cats in 7 years.  So we will have to start setting the trap on Monday.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Autism to Anorexia, It's All About the Gut. GMO’s Toxic to Human DNA. Second Brain. Sugar. Sodas. Mariner 10. GM Chief Fired.


For “Foodie Friday”:

From Autism to Anorexia, It's All About the Gut

From Autism to Anorexia, It's All About the Gut

“Whether you suffer with a chronic illness, psychiatric disorder or psychological condition, the first thing to check is your belly.  "All diseases begin in the gut," says Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D., a leading expert on the subject of autism as well as other learning disabilities and digestive disorders.  In her work, she heals both mind and body by focusing on the health of the belly.

At her Cambridge Nutrition Clinic established in England in 1998, Dr. Campbell-McBride traces the connection between neurology and nutrition as well as digestion and the functioning of the rest of the body. "The digestive system holds the root of our health," she says pointing out the extensive role that gut flora plays in disease prevention, including protecting us from invading pathogens, detoxification, facilitating the digestion of food as well as the absorption of vitamins and minerals like calcium and zinc, and actually producing B vitamins. In addition, between 84-88% of the immune system is housed in the gut lining, she says, which would equal the size of a tennis court if opened up and laid flat.

"There cannot be cancer in the digestive tract if the gut flora is healthy," asserts Dr. Campbell-McBride, a medical doctor with postgraduate degrees in both neurology and human nutrition. But in today's society, many people are walking around with impaired gut flora due to steroids, prescription medications, alcohol, stress, a poor diet of processed foods and sugar (which actually feed abnormal gut flora), disease, age, bottle feeding of infants, toxic chemicals, pollution and radiation.

Gut Health and the Autism Epidemic

According to Dr. Campbell-McBride, as a population we are degrading healthy gut flora more and more every generation. Mothers who have been on the Pill or antibiotics or a poor diet for long periods develop abnormal gut flora and pass it on to their children. This, she believes, has led to an epidemic of eczema and autism, noting that 20 years ago the autism rate was 1 in 10,000 children and today is 1 in 88.”       More at:   Written By: Margie King, Health Coach


How GMO Farming and Food Is Making Our Gut Flora UNFRIENDLY

How GMO Farming and Food Is Making Our Gut Flora UNFRIENDLY

“Two studies published in the past six months reveal a disturbing finding: glyphosate-based herbicides such as Roundup® appear to suppress the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, leading to the overgrowth of extremely pathogenic bacteria.

GMO Herbicides May Lead To The Overgrowth of Harmful Bacteria, Including Deadly Clostridum Botulinum

Now a new study published in the journal Anaerobe titled, "Glyphosate suppresses the antagonistic effect of Enterococcus spp. On Clostridum botulinum," confirms this herbicide's ability to adversely affect gut bacteria populations (i.e. generate dysbios).[i]  In an attempt to explain why Clostridum botulinum associated diseases in cattle have increased during the last 10-15 years in German cattle, researchers theorized that since normal intestinal flora is a critical factor in preventing Clostridum botulinum colonization in conditions such as infantile botulism perhaps the ingestion of strong biocides such as glyphosate found in GM cattle feed could reduce their natural, lactic acid bacteria dependent immune defenses as pathogenic microbes.

They reported on the toxicity of glyphosate to Enteroccocus, the most prevalent lactic acid bacteria species in the gastrointestinal tract of cattle, and concluded "Ingestion of this herbicide could be a significant predisposing factor that is associated with the increase in C. botulinum mediated diseases in cattle."

Of course, the implications of this finding extend beyond the health of cattle or poultry. The majority of American consumers who don't even have the legal right to know through truthful labeling if they are eating GMOs, are consuming non-organic, Roundup Ready soy, canola, cottonseed or soy on a daily basis, and therefore are being exposed to glyphosate residues year round; additionally, animals fed Roundup sprayed GMO plants will bioaccumulate glyphosate and/or glyphosate metabolites, adding to the consumer's bodily burden of these gut flora-altering, highly toxic chemicals. 

GMO Herbicides Kill More Than 'Weeds,' Are Broad-Spectrum Biocides

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum biocide. It does not discriminate by killing only the "weeds" that compete with the genetically modified plants resistant to it.

In fact, it has been found to be toxic to human DNA at concentrations 450-fold lower than presently used in agricultural applications.[ii]

When combined with adjuvants and other so-called 'inactive' ingredients, the glyphosate-formulations are far more toxic than their component ingredients taken in isolation.[iii] Nor are the toxic effects limited to plants. A 2012 study published in the journal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment found that Roundup herbicide has DNA-damaging effects to fish after short-term, environmentally low concentration exposures (6.67 μg/L, or, 6.67 micrograms per Liter).[iv]  For a comprehensive list of the toxic effects of Roundup and glyphosate visit our research page on the topic: Glyphosate formulations.”     More at:


Second Brain - Manage your gut and gut flora

NaturalNews) “Your mind is your most important asset, but it can become your worst enemy. And your gut may be your most important organ when it comes to mental health.

The awareness of intestinal flora deficiencies as the root causes of a wide spectrum of mental problems is constantly expanding. The gut is often called the "second brain". This is something you can easily manage.

The relationship of friendly gut flora to pathogenic bacteria needs to be rather lopsided, around 85% good guys to 15% bad guys. When it goes the other way, all sorts of physical and mental problems arise.
Mentally, disorders ranging from ADD to autism in children and depression to mental fogginess in adults have been connected to intestinal flora imbalances that create inflammation of the gut and elsewhere. This is known as the "gut-brain axis".

There are many environmental and dietary issues that kill our friendly bacteria. The whole idea of killing bacteria has been overdone in our culture.

Pasteurization, irradiation, processed foods and sugar are the main culprits.”   Learn more:



“This is the unhappy truth about soda:
It wasn't so bad when soft drinks were the occasional treat. But now sugary drinks are the number one source of calories in the American diet. With one third of America overweight and another third obese, it's a wonder anyone is still swallowing what the soda companies are selling.”

“Big soda companies have billions of dollars to tell their story, but we have each other. Oh, and we have the truth. Help The Real Bears spread the truth about soda by sharing the film.”


The Effect of Soda on Your Body

“ABC News goes to the lab to see what sugars do to the body.”

Go to the lab to see what sugars do to the body.


On This day:

Mariner 10 visits Mercury, Mar 29, 1974:

“The unmanned U.S. space probe Mariner 10, launched by NASA in November 1973, becomes the first spacecraft to visit the planet Mercury, sending back close-up images of a celestial body usually obscured because of its proximity to the sun.

Mariner 10 had visited the planet Venus eight weeks before but only for the purpose of using Venus' gravity to whip it toward the closest planet to the sun. In three flybys of Mercury between 1974 and 1975, the NASA spacecraft took detailed images of the planet and succeeded in mapping about 35 percent of its heavily cratered, moonlike surface.

Mercury is the second smallest planet in the solar system and completes its solar orbit in only 88 earth days. Data sent back by Mariner 10 discounted a previously held theory that the planet does not spin on its axis; in fact, the planet has a very slow rotational period that stretches over 58 earth days. Mercury is a waterless, airless world that alternately bakes and freezes as it slowly rotates. Highly inhospitable, Mercury's surface temperature varies from 800 degrees Fahrenheit when facing the sun to -279 degrees when facing away. The planet has no known satellites. Mariner 10 is the only human-created spacecraft to have visited Mercury to date.”


White House ousts GM chief, Mar 29, 2009:

“On March 29, 2009, Rick Wagoner, the chairman and chief executive of troubled auto giant General Motors (GM), resigns at the request of the Obama administration. During Wagoner's more than 8 years in the top job at GM, the company lost billions of dollars and in 2008 was surpassed by Japan-based Toyota as the world's top-selling maker of cars and trucks, a title the American automaker had held since the early 1930s.

On March 30, 2009, the day after the White House announced Wagoner had been asked to step aside, President Barack Obama stated that GM would have to undergo a fundamental restructuring in the next 60 days in order for the government to consider loaning it any more money. On June 1, 2009, GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy was a move once considered unthinkable for the company that was founded in 1908 and became a giant of the U.S. economy in the 20th century. GM pursued a strategy of selling a vehicle "for every purse and purpose."  By its peak in 1962, GM produced 51 percent of all the cars in the U.S. However, according to The New York Times, during the 1960s the automaker "began a long and slow process of undermining itself" as it failed to innovate fast enough in the face of competition from foreign car manufacturers.”



The Prednisone doesn’t seem to be helping my sinuses, and sometimes it keeps me awake, so after coughing quite a bit during the night, that made me oversleep to 7.00AM.

I knew I had to go shopping before I ran out of canned cat food.  This hungry Terry-cat sure eats a lot, but doesn’t gain weight.  He is such a gentle, sweet cat and doesn’t fight me giving him his meds.  He enjoys lying on my bed and snuggles right up to my feet, but doesn’t realize that he makes my sinuses block up, then that makes me cough.  It’s not his fault, so I want him to enjoy his stay here, and even though I know I can’t keep him, I still needed food for “Blondie”. 

Jay wanted to go with me, so Misty and I had our walk down there.  We didn’t even leave until 10.30.  First, we went to unload the paper re-cycling, but the thrift shop was closed for the holiday.  On to the next one, and Jay found things to buy there.  At the third thrift shop, I found a new filter for my air cleaner, (that saved about $30) and two big food storage containers (50¢ each) for my vinegar-washed produce when I am getting it ready for the juicer.  We had to stop at Walmart to get some filters for Jay’s aquarium, so I bought a few things there.  Then to Petsmart for the cat food, and it was getting so late that we didn’t even stop at a grocery store.  I don’t and won’t buy food at Walmart, they have nothing that I want.

I had intended to take Terry back to the vet after lunch, he only has one dose of antibiotic left, and is still sneezing.  But when I called to find out which vet would be there, I found out that they are closed until Saturday to re-do their floors.  That would have been a nearly 50 mile round trip if I hadn’t called.

Morning and evening, “Blondie”, the sweet, scared, little blonde abandoned cat comes back and meows for food, but I can’t get near him/her.  We know who dumped the poor thing when they moved.  Another neighbor didn’t want it near their place and has been shooting at it with a cap pistol, so no wonder it is scared.  It comes to my screen porch and looks in my window, pleading.  I hope that by feeding it each day, it will see me as a friend, and let me get close.  That’s how I got one of my very best cats, my white one, once he trusted me, we bonded like glue.  Abandoned pets are always so grateful to have a new human friend.  I am going to open the little hidden door on my screen porch, put it’s food there, and see if I can entice it in today.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

RVing To Mexico. Wind. LEDs. RV's Height. Berries. Toads. Water. Toilet Seal. FT IRS. Heater. TT Brakes. Nearby RV Park. 1938 Curtiss Aerocar. Missing The Grandkids? Eisenhower. Three Mile Island. Lovely Gate-guarding Visit.


For “tRaVersing Thursday”, or RV Day:

Mexican border crossing basics.  by Rene Agredano 

Agua Prieta border crossing. Photo by“Visit any of the popular RVing discussion forums like Mexico Forums and you'll find that Mexico is still a popular destination for adventurous RVers. If you're thinking about traveling through Mexico with your RV here are some preliminary steps to ensure a smooth border crossing.

Tourist Entry Requirements
Are you planning to visit Mexico for cheap prescriptions or dental work? Tourists who enter the country by foot or by car and stay within 20 miles of the Mexican border for less than 72 hours do not need a visa or vehicle permit. However every temporary tourist over the age of 16 needs a U.S. Passport or less expensive (but more restrictive) Passport Card, while children need an official copy of their birth certificate or naturalization paperwork. If you're staying longer than three days you will need these documents along with a tourist permit that allows stays up to 180 days. Tourist permits are available through Mexican consulates in the U.S. or at an immigration office on the border.

Vehicle Entry Requirements
RVers who drive into Mexico must obtain a temporary vehicle import permit and pay a refundable deposit based on the age and type of your vehicle. If your vehicle is leased you must provide a notarized permission slip (preferably in Spanish) that allows you to bring the vehicle into Mexico. Permits can be purchased online here, at a Mexican consulate office or after crossing the border. Purchasing Mexican auto insurance is strongly advised. Vehicle permits must be surrendered upon exiting the country.

Whether you obtain your permits ahead of time or at the border, always have two copies of every official document. Do your trip pre-planning by visiting reputable travel sites such as Mexico Mike and you're sure to have a safe, fun adventure.”


From me:  When I went to Monterrey, Mexico, I had to get a permit at the Mexican Consulate for my dog, too, and had to show paperwork that she was healthy, and that she was up to date on her shots.  My hamster went too, but he didn’t need a permit!


When RVing, make the wind your friend, not your enemy editor Chuck Woodbury has tips about how to deal with the wind while RVing, both on the highway and in the campground.


HOW TO: Convert Fluorescent RV Lights to LEDs

“Being frequent boondockers, the RV Geeks are always looking for ways to conserve resources. Even though their RV came equipped with some fairly energy efficient fluorescent lighting, LED lights are the reigning champs of miserly power consumption, using about a third the power of a fluorescent. In this video and article they show you how to convert a 12-volt fluorescent fixture into low-power LED lighting.”  Read the article and watch the video.


Know your RV's height

Post a note on your dashboard showing the height of your rig in both feet and inches. When out of the country, post it in meters. Be careful at older service stations: clearance signs may not have kept up with repaving jobs that raise the height of the drive. In the USA, most bridges in the West are high enough for an RV to pass under. But be careful east of the Mississippi where many old bridges will rip your RV's roof right off if you try to pass beneath them.


Look up before leaving a campsite if parked under a tree

“ editor Chuck Woodbury has a tip about something you should do when leaving a campsite where you stayed underneath a tree.”  “Berry watch!”


Advice about towing a vehicle behind a motorhome

“Walter Cannon, Executive Director of the RV Safety and Education Foundation, offers advice about safely towing a vehicle behind a motorhome.”


"Your RVs internal water system is rated for about 50 pounds of water pressure. Unless you are certain that you have a pressure regulator built-in, always add one to your hose before connecting it to your pressure fitting. Install it on the water source end of your hose." From Motorhomes Made Easy


When calculating your RV's load, don't forget water weight

“Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon. A filled 40-gallon fresh water holding tank adds 332 pounds to your RV. Depending on the type and size your RV, the added weight and the movement of the water can be a concern when traveling. You should only take the amount of water that will be required to get to your destination and then refill as required. Don't forget your gray and black tanks too. Try not to travel with full holding tanks if at all possible.” Mark Polk


Drinking water from tank?

"Is it safe to drink the water from your tank if its water level has been volatile over a period of years?" Reply or read what others say.


How to inspect an RV for water damage
“Water leaks on an RV can cause extensive damage and can be extremely costly to repair. To protect your investment and your wallet you need to take the time to REALLY inspect for water leaks. Read more.”  Tech Tips from Mark Polk


Stop that SeaLand toilet seal leak

Many RVers have the popular SeaLand RV toilet. Sad to say, like other RV toilets, occasionally the SeaLand gets a bit cranky and begins to show signs of age. A typically reported problem is the water in the bowl vanishing mysteriously, sometimes accompanied by an unwelcome blast of odor from the holding tank. Here's what some creative RVers have done to clear up a seal problem. Read more.”


RV Income Tax Help. “If you're a full-time RVer, here is where to head to learn about income tax issues. Excellent!  While traveling on the road, oftentimes it is difficult to find competent income tax advice. This site has been designed for you.”


How long will a heater run on battery power?

“Rich Miller, the Wanderman, ponders "How Long Can I Run My Heater On Battery Power Alone?" Read what he learned from his research.”


Bill's Hints    Trailer brakes
“Applying trailer brakes manually will usually dampen a sway, and cause the trailer to follow the tow vehicle rather than to jack-knife.” From Trailers and Fifth Wheels Made Easy


Gas prices keep going up. But don't let that keep you at home.

“Is there a campground or RV park close by? Consider heading there for an outing — whether for a day, week or longer. The cost of fuel to get there will be minimal even with the higher prices. And, yippee! You will be away from home and in your RV. So life will be good!” 


Unique vintage fifth wheel now up for sale

“Looking for an unusual fifth wheel? Here's the 1938 Curtiss Aerocar, and it comes complete with its own tow vehicle. It's not cheap, but, heck, you could spend a lot more for an RV these days. But one thing is for sure. Not many other RVs will attract as much attention in the campground. Read more and see photos.”


Full-time RVer anxiety. Leaving Parents, Children, and Grandchildren Behind

“Being removed from loved ones for long periods is difficult to imagine. But with email, social media, and reasonable long-distance rates, being far away doesn’t mean you have to be out-of-touch. With a computer on board, you have an even better option: voice and video calls over the Internet. Now that we have a grandchild, we bought a good web-cam and earphones for our laptop (both inexpensive). Using Skype (one of several free downloadable programs) we have unlimited free video calling to anywhere in the world. All we need is a wi-fi Internet connection. I just love seeing my one-year-old grandson’s face light up when he recognizes his “Oma” on the computer screen.

Another good fix for the “Missing Your Loved Ones Blues” is inviting them to join you for a week in a sunny, fun location. Many full-timers report that, although they don’t see family as often, their visits are now longer and more memorable. Living in your RV, it’s usually not a big deal to visit family, parking either at their homes or a nearby RV park, and stay for days or weeks at a time because you maintain your own separate space, are self-sufficient, and not under-foot the same way.”  From:


On This Day:

Eisenhower dies, Mar 28, 1969:

“Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United States and one of the most highly regarded American generals of World War II, dies in Washington, D.C., at the age of 78.

As supreme commander of a mixed force of Allied nationalities, services, and equipment, Eisenhower designed a system of unified command and rapidly won the respect of his British and Canadian subordinates. From North Africa, he successfully directed the invasions of Tunisia, Sicily, and Italy, and in January 1944 was appointed supreme Allied commander of Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of northwestern Europe. Although Eisenhower left much of the specific planning for the actual Allied landing in the hands of his capable staff, such as British Field Marshall Montgomery, he served as a brilliant organizer and administrator both before and after the successful invasion.

After the war, he briefly served as president of Columbia University before returning to military service in 1951 as supreme commander of the combined land and air forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Pressure on Eisenhower to run for U.S. president was great, however, and in the spring of 1952 he relinquished his NATO command to run for president on the Republican ticket.

In November 1952, "Ike" won a resounding victory in the presidential elections and in 1956 was reelected in a landslide. A popular president, he oversaw a period of great economic growth in the United States and deftly navigated the country through increasing Cold War tension on the world stage. In 1961, he retired with his wife, Mamie Doud Eisenhower, to his farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He died in 1969 and was buried on a family plot in Abilene, Kansas.”


Reactor overheats at Three Mile Island, Mar 28, 1979:

“The most serious nuclear accident in United States history takes place at the Three Mile Island plant near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on this day in 1979, when one of the reactors overheats. Fortunately, a catastrophic meltdown was averted and there were no deaths or direct injuries from the accident.

The plant operators, with no experience in emergencies, made key errors. Another valve was opened to allow water from the nuclear system into a waste tank. But this water ruptured the tank and radioactive water flooded into the reactor. Even worse, an operator shut off the automatic core-cooling system. The result of all these events and mistakes was that radioactive steam poured out of the plant. Additionally, radioactive water had to be released into the Susquehanna River. However, area authorities were not notified of these events until nearly three hours later.

Even when news of the accident was released, it was downplayed. But within days, radiation levels were elevated over a four-county area. Furthermore, the plant's operators were still trying to get the situation under control. Pennsylvania Governor Richard Thornburgh directed that pregnant women and small children be evacuated from the area. Finally, on March 31, plant workers were able to address the problems and ended the threat of a meltdown. The area was deemed safe on April 9.

The Three Mile Island accident also exposed the lack of an appropriate evacuation plan for the area.  In the years following this accident, there has been an ongoing controversy over whether the increased radiation released at Three Mile Island led to an increase of cancer and infant mortality in the surrounding areas.

Cleanup continued until 1990, but it was too damaged to be rendered usable again. In the more than two decades since the accident at Three Mile Island, not a single new nuclear power plant has been ordered in the United States.”



Arlene (Leno) and Kyra (Trix) from RV-Dreams Chat Room came here to pick me up so we could visit Lynette and Greg (Nette and Mac) at their gate guarding position out in the boonies, way north and east of Huntsville, TX. 


Me, Arlene, Greg, Kyra.

We had an enjoyable lunch, and chatted all afternoon in full-time RVers, Lynette and Greg’s lovely fifth-wheel.   I played with their lovely silver tabby cat, Jinx, who didn’t make me cough.   He was very well trained and didn’t even try to go out when they logged in the trucks. He would sit at their open doorway, like he was inspecting each load. Kyra, Me, Lynette and Arlene, March. 27, 2013 near Huntsville, TX

Kyra, Me, Lynette and Arlene

You can almost see how much pollen was there, but it didn’t affect me.

Their fifth-wheel trailer is set up like a guard shack, and there are bells which sound if a vehicle is approaching from either way. The trailer is powered, 24/7, by an enormous diesel generator on a trailer, and their non-potable water is on another trailer, and then there is some sort of retaining tank for their gray and black water.

All this is just like having hook-ups, and it is all owned by the gate guard company, and portable.  You can hardly hear that big generator even though it was close to the trailer.  Lynette and Greg have to be there 24/7 also, so they split the 24 hour shift, but one has to be there all the time, so they can’t go anywhere together. That would get old.  The closest store is quite a long way away.  Not many trucks came in, but each one has to be logged in and out, but the rest of the time Lynette and Greg can do whatever they want inside their trailer.  Lynette has been doing a lot of crocheting!

At home, as soon as I was near Terry, the cat here, I started coughing again. 

It was interesting to see how it was all set up, and even more so to be with old friends again for another day.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rusty Blackbird. Lead Kills Birds. Fishing Tackle Kills, Too. d-CON Fight. Natural Pesticides Help Bees and Birds. Last V-2s. Khrushchev.


For “Winged Wednesday”:

Rusty Blackbird

Rusty Blackbird by Mike Parr

“The Rusty Blackbird is a medium-sized blackbird with a slender, slightly decurved bill, matte black plumage (in males), and pale yellow eye. They are North America’s most northern-nesting blackbird, and a characteristic breeding species of boreal forests. In winter, they gather in small flocks, sometimes mixing with Common Grackles, Red-winged Blackbirds, and European Starlings. “Rusties” have a distinctive winter plumage, set off by red-brown feather edges.

This bird is one of North America’s most rapidly declining species. Its population has plunged an estimated 85 percent or more over the past 40 years, and scientists are not sure as to the exact cause.

Destruction and degradation of wetlands appear to be the chief threat to the Rusty Blackbird, both on its boreal breeding grounds and across its wintering range.

Conservation measures needed to help this species recover include further study of the bird’s ecology and natural history; finding specific causes for its disappearance; and continued monitoring of its populations. The International Rusty Blackbird Technical Working Group, formed in 2005, continues work to better understand this species’ steep decline.”

Help ABC conserve this and other birds and their habitats!

Photo: Mike Parr; Range Map, NatureServe


 Needless lead poisoning of wildlife

images[9] “We’ve effectively used federal toxics laws to remove lead from water pipes, gasoline, paint, cooking utensils and even wheel weights, and now it’s time to get the lead out of hunting ammunition for the benefit of our wildlife,” said Kim Crumbo with Grand Canyon Wildlands. “The use of nonlead ammunition for hunting waterfowl the past two decades has saved millions of birds from lead poisoning, and Arizona’s forests and wildlife stand to gain the same benefits from requiring lead-free ammunition for big game hunting.”


Eagle dying of lead poisoning.

“Because lead is so dangerous to people and wildlife, even at very low levels, it is imperative that we take this important step to transition ammunition to less toxic alternatives and remove lead from the food chain,” said Sandy Bahr with the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon (Arizona) Chapter. “The Forest Service should require nonlead ammunition for hunting on public land as an important step in limiting lead exposure for condors and other wildlife.”More at:

 Removing Lead from Wildlife and Wildlands

“Giving free copper bullets to big game begins the process of trying to eliminate bullet-related lead poisoning of the region's carnivores, raptors and, potentially, hunters and their families.”


Non-lead alternatives for fishing tackle

Non-toxic fishing tackle“Non-lead fishing tackle is not a novelty product. Ask for it at retailers and shops, and visit these tackle web sites. MPCA maintains this directory of companies offering lead-free tackle—weights of all shapes and sizes that are made without toxic lead.”

Manufacturers and products directory at:


Maker of d-CON rat poison fights EPA ban

imagesCA89J3DX“The manufacturer of d-CON, a widely sold and popular brand of rat poison, is taking the rare step of challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to prohibit the over-the-counter sale of one of the nastiest and most effective of the poisons sold to consumers.

Most of the 30 manufactures that make such products agreed to the ban, but Reckitt Benckiser Inc., the maker of the 12 separate d-CON products targeted by the EPA, challenged the agency’s decision March 6. The company asked for an administrative hearing to overturn the EPA decision. It’s the first time in 20 years that a company has defied an EPA pesticide ban, and it took the agency and many consumer groups by surprise.

“The impact of these rodenticides on wildlife is staggering,” Greg Loarie, an attorney with the environmental advocacy group Earthjustice, said in a statement. “Study after study has documented anticoagulant rodenticides in more than three-quarters of necropsied raptors, wildcats and canines. The measures put in place by EPA to protect wildlife do not go nearly far enough, and yet Reckitt is refusing to accept even those baby steps in the right direction.”  More at:




BirdNote Weekly Preview: Hummingbirds, Cranes, and Kestrels ...     Upcoming Shows

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Simple actions can save honey bees

Eliminating pesticides from your garden makes flowers safe for honey bees:

“Instead of using pesticides, use natural pest eaters such as spiders and ladybugs, picking off pests by hand and natural pesticides made from plants.”  More at:


On This Day:

Germans launch last of their V-2s, Mar 27, 1945:

“On this day, in a last-ditch effort to deploy their remaining V-2 missiles against the Allies, the Germans launch their long-range rockets from their only remaining launch site, in the Netherlands. Almost 200 civilians in England and Belgium were added to the V-2 casualty toll.

The first launches as part of an offensive occurred on September 6, 1944, when two missiles were fired at Paris. On September 8, two more were fired at England, which would be followed by over 1,100 more during the next six months. On March 27, 1945, taking advantage of their one remaining V-2 launch site, near The Hague, the Germans fired their V-2s for the last time. At 7 a.m., London awoke to a blast-one of the bombs had landed on a block of flats at Valance Road, killing 134 people. Twenty-seven Belgian civilians were killed in Antwerp when another of the rockets landed there. And that afternoon, one more V-2 landed in Kent, England, causing the very last British civilian casualty of the war.

By the end of the war, more than 2,700 Brits had died because of the rocket attacks, as well as another 4,483 deaths in Belgium. After the war, both the United States and the Soviet Union captured samples of the rockets for reproduction. Having proved so extraordinarily deadly during the war, the V-2 became the precursor of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) of the postwar era.”


Khrushchev becomes Soviet premier, Mar 27, 1958:

“On March 27, 1958, Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev replaces Nicolay Bulganin as Soviet premier, becoming the first leader since Joseph Stalin to simultaneously hold the USSR's two top offices.

In 1960, Khrushchev walked out of a long-awaited four-powers summit over the U-2 affair, and in 1961 he authorized construction of the Berlin Wall as a drastic solution to the East German question. Then, in October 1962, the United States and the USSR came close to nuclear war over the USSR's placement of nuclear missiles in Cuba. After 13 tense days, the Cuban Missile Crisis came to an end when Khrushchev agreed to withdraw the offensive weapons in exchange for a secret U.S. pledge not to invade Cuba.

The humiliating resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis, an agricultural crisis at home, and the deterioration of Soviet-Chinese relations over Khrushchev's moderate policies all led to growing opposition to Khrushchev in the party ranks. On October 14, 1964, Leonid Brezhnev, Khrushchev's protégé and deputy, organized a successful coup against him, and Khrushchev abruptly stepped down as first secretary and premier. He retired to obscurity outside Moscow and lived there until his death in 1971.”



Ray came over and we hung the pictures back on the living room wall.  Another precaution we had taken when we were hammering and prying out the nails on the garage wall behind them, when tacking down the 220v. wires. (We re-installed the panel with screws).  Then we got out the socket and open-end wrenches to take the mudguards off my utility trailer, so that we could remove the rails.  The buyer just wanted the trailer with the floor.  When the rails were off, I swept the pine needles off the trailer, so they could see that the stake pockets weren’t even rusty. They aired up the tires, and were very happy with their purchase.

In the afternoon, I took Terry, the ‘new ‘old cat, back to the other town to the vet’s office where I had got him, as he still has the sneezles.  A different vet saw him this time, and prescribed an antibiotic.  I know I am allergic to Terry, and as un-neutered males shed more allergens than neutered males or female cats, I really wanted to exchange him.  Orange male cats have a different genetic make-up than other colors.  His neuter surgery isn’t slated until the 11th. of April, and I don’t know how long I can keep this up, and I will probably still be more allergic to him than I would a female.  I haven’t had a grown male cat in the house for 15 years since I had my beloved all white one, “Honky”, and I wasn’t allergic to him. They had a sweet little old light beige female cat there who was very scared that had been an owner turn in, and I was very tempted to bring her home with me, but I knew that I have to do first things first, and take care of Terry. 

So I brought him home, and put him in the Grooming Room, which was defeating the object of having a pet cat who can live in the house and sleep on my bed.  Terry was really determined to be back in the house and was pulling violently at the door with his paws, so I let him out of the Grooming Room.  He slept on my bed, and I was up coughing most of the night. 

Also, we have a skittish blonde cat hanging around here that was dumped when it’s owner's moved.  It comes to the outside of my porch and asks to be fed, but runs away until after I have put the food out, and returns later.  I don’t know if it is a boy or girl, but it has a small head and feminine features.  Often it is better that a cat chooses you, rather than the other way around.

This is going to be an RV-Dreams mini-rally, as Arlene, Trix and I are going up to Huntsville (TX) to see Lynette and Mac today.