Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Cat. Sunny, Cool Day

It was still too cold for Bobcat to go out on the porch until about 1.00PM when the sun came around there. A lot better than yesterday, and it will be in the mid 70's tomorrow.
My poor privet hedge can't make up it's mind whether to shed it's leaves or sprout new ones, so it is doing both!

When I opened the grooming room door at 6.30 this morning to open the shades and turn on the TV, Snack bolted past me, and has been in my bedroom ever since. So I will have to catch her to put her to bed in the dog room again tonight.

Yesterday, Linda said that the cat, Missy, that I bathed the other day, and her dog were driving her nuts, and she couldn't keep Missy. So I said that as long as she brought a cage that could be kept up on something, that I would take care of her until she can go for a check up with the others. So Missy arrived this morning. Here she is, a fluffy tortoiseshell. The door is open but she stayed in her cage. As she is declawed, we assume that she is also spayed, but that has to be verified before she can be adopted. She will also have to be vaccinated, as we don't have her shot records. I have to keep cages up off the floor as it is too hard for me to get up and down to tend to their food, water and boxes. My SPCA boss said that as Missy had been outside for those six months since she was deserted, that I have to keep her away from Snack and Pepper, as she could have contracted Feline Leukemia or FIV. Outside cats have to be vaccinated against those diseases.

Usually the cats are loose in the grooming room, but I have to lock them up when there are dogs here, or when we go upstairs into the attic, so I have to have cages for them. My kennel cages are all at ground level as they are used as beds for boarded dogs to sleep in. As Missy is going to have to stay locked up for a while, I sanitized the biggest cage, and got it ready for her. The little cage that Linda brought, will have to be for Pepper who is loose most of the time. He really made a mess this morning when I was getting ready for Missy. I had a litter box of new scoopable litter ready to put in the big cage, Pepper jumped up to see what I was doing, dumped it all over the floor, and then spilled Missy's water bowl all over it!! I locked him up in Snack's house or he would have "helped" me clean up the mess. He is getting a little bit too much for me.

Blogspot finally let me post pictures today.

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