Friday, January 23, 2009

Groomed Muffie

Another lovely, warm, tank-top day.
I took this picture of Orange Glow watching the TV last night.
He is really enjoying being inside, and sometimes just lolls with his feet in the air, wanting his tummy rubbed. Shay comes over twice a day to let him loose in the middle room, and he just sits on her knee just lovin' on her.

As he doesn't have a scratching post to get the ends off his nails, I clipped them tonight. That is why cats scratch on furniture when their nails get too long. Keep them trimmed, and they won't do it. When Bobcat scratches on her sisal post, I know it is time to clip off the ends of her nails. If I don't do it, she doesn't walk as well, and there will be the little ends of her nails on the carpet at the bottom of her scratching post.

I groomed my worst little terror today, Muffie. She is so good about most of her clipping, but will bite when I get to her feet and back legs. I have her Dad's permission to muzzle her, but I found out that talking to her gently helps. Some groomer must have really terrified her.

I had Debo, the dog, out in the back yard while I was grooming her, as I didn't need her to have any distractions that would make her wiggle even more. He was so quiet most of the time that I had to call him a couple of times through the open window so that I would know he was still there. Most of the time I could see him enjoying being outside and laying in the sun.

Ray got some more of the pine needles raked up, and we are waiting for a no breeze day to get rid of the burn pile.

Apart from looking up things like Cat Scratch Fever and cat diets, that was my day.

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