Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Don't Care If It's Good For Me!

This morning it was chilly again. I will be glad when the weather stabilizes to warm, so we can start work on the vintage motor home. I bundled up to take Debo out. The sun warmed everything up to the 60's in the afternoon so Bobcat could go on her porch.

It seemed a good day to start Snack and Missy on their 3-day de-worming. I don't have trouble getting the yellow creamy stuff down them, not like the picture! I just put my hand over their head, get my finger and thumb each side of their mouth, and press their teeth open, and plop it way down their throat with a syringe with no needle. Quickly close their mouth so they can't spit it out, and stroke their throats until they swallow. Just like a dog, except a dog will lick it's lips after it has swallowed medicine.

Ray arrived to work for a while. He has an Upright Hoover Carpet Cleaner just like the used one I just bought, and so he checked it out for me. It didn't leak, and the suction was good as an upright, and with the little tool, so I don't have to take it back. He cleaned it up, and took it upstairs to store in my attic. While we had Pepper locked up, we took a bunch of other stuff up there that I have been wanting out of my way for a while. We cleaned and re-stuffed the air cleaners. He glued a little piece back on my tiny food processor, we will see if it will hold. We Lysol-ed an arch baby toy thing that I got the other day, as it is going to a baby down the street. There are so many little jobs stacked up on the workshop table that it is great to get a few of them done.

I let Missy stay in the house with Bobcat and me last night, and she settled down at the foot of my bed. But I did lock her back up after the de-worming this morning, as she can't have food for 2 hours. Also as we are working, running in and out to the workshop, I didn't want her to get out.
Just an odd job day.

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