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Stop Using Crass Language. Teaching Your Child to Use Technology. SPEAK OUT AGAINST TOXIC PHTHALATES IN FOOD. Update. RIP Roni.


For “Scripture Sunday:”

Stop Using Crass Language

Using foul language does not make you look smarter or wiser. Stop doing it.

Two young men talking to each other by the ocean.Cole Hutson/Unsplash

“The use of curse and swear words are so commonplace in today’s world that people are no longer shocked by it.

A recent meme I have seen posted more than once lists four things highly intelligent people do. One of the four is they use foul language. This claim was shared, commented on and taken as truth even though no study or empirical evidence was given.

When I was a child, the use of curses and swear words was seen as a lack of education, and rightly so. Most of us were told that a person who resorts to swearing does not have the vocabulary to speak their mind–so they resort to “shock” speech.

It has become so commonplace in today’s world that people are no longer shocked by it–but to state that it shows a higher intelligence is an unbelievable turn from former ways of looking at it. Will young people who see this meme think like Eve that it is something to make you wise? Or at least to appear wise? The deceiver does not have to change his tactics; we still fall for the old ones.

I was taught such language was crass. The definition of crass is “without refinement, delicacy, or sensitivity; gross; obtuse; stupid” ( Anything that flies in the face of common decency and the tenets of God’s Word becomes the opposite of intelligence. A vast majority of swear words–even some where it is not immediately obvious–use various forms of the name of our Lord in a disrespectful manner.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20).

Our society is becoming more crass and less concerned with refinement. Set your heart to avoid falling into this pit and be the light this world needs so badly”.   From:


The Importance of Teaching Your Child to Use Technology

With the Internet and fast pace of technological innovation, it's important to instill in our children wisdom in navigating the world“

A young boy using a mobile device.Gaelle Marcel/Unsplash

“It’s important to teach a child to seek the input of those who have more experience—people who can really help them navigate.

"The world is a very different place than it was just a couple of decades ago. Technology and the Internet influence society now at levels none of us could have imagined back then. Our children and grandchildren are proficient with this technology, and many seem to rely on it as much as the air they breathe.

There was a time when communicating was done with a phone or by writing a letter, but today you can instantly communicate with a text or instant message via the computer in your pocket. It’s not just kids–many adults have also become accustomed to this luxury. Technology is so important to young people that many parents now use access to it as a reward or punishment.

The benefits of all this interconnected technology are clear: access to vast educational resources at the touch of a screen. But on the flip side, it’s also full of graphic content not suitable for adult eyes, let alone a child’s eyes. God told the prophet Daniel that in the days right before Christ returns, knowledge will increase (Daniel 12:4). But as we can see, not all knowledge and information is good.

Trying to limit and control access to all the bad can prove nearly impossible. Kids are usually far more tech-savvy than their parents. I have talked to several who admitted that their parents had no idea what they were looking at online. They said there is always a way around whatever blocks a parent may install. The parents, however, are usually oblivious and quite sure they have it all handled.

As more people redefine their morality apart from God and the Bible, we must be ever more intentional in instructing our children how to perceive and navigate the world. Proverbs 22:6 tells us to “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” That includes diligently teaching them how to process, understand, plan for and deal with events that take place in the world. It means teaching them how to think critically about information that they read and confirming what’s true and what isn’t. It means teaching them the wisdom to analyze situations, and giving them the skills they need to avoid future problems.

It’s important to teach a child to seek the input of those who have more experience–people who can really help them. It doesn’t come naturally to anyone, no matter what age; we resist relying on other’s wisdom. It is necessary for all of us to learn to be humble enough to listen to those in the know. The book of Proverbs is very useful for small teaching moments. (Proverbs 15:32, Proverbs 12:15). Using Scripture can really help us prepare our hearts for accepting good counsel (see also Proverbs 3:5-8; Proverbs 16:18,Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 14:7).

Perhaps the best way to sum it all up is: Teach a child to pray for guidance and lean on God for understanding."  From:



“The FDA received an outpouring of comments from the public voicing concern about phthalates, harmful chemicals used in food packaging and processing equipment.

No matter how healthy your diet, it’s nearly impossible to steer clear of toxic chemicals called phthalates. These hormone-disrupting chemicals are used in the plastic packaging covering meats and cheeses whose fats can promote leaching of the chemicals into the food. Phthalates are also in plastic tubing and equipment in food processing plants and in the plastic gloves worn by food workers. Recently, Earthjustice and our partners petitioned the FDA to get phthalates out of our food supply. We asked our supporters to write to the FDA, too, and received an overwhelming response.

The FDA received comments from nearly 200,000 people, all of whom strongly urged the agency to withdraw its approval for the 30 phthalates that are used as food additives. Phthalates have been linked to a host of harmful health impacts including severe genital birth defects in boys, lower IQs, impaired reproduction and cancer.

Many commenters were concerned about the effects phthalates have on children — and rightly so. Growing bodies are extremely vulnerable to toxic chemicals. Exposure to even small doses of chemicals during developmental phases can have lifelong effects on a child.

“As a retired teacher, I have seen firsthand the effects that many things that enter our food stream have on the learning ability of children. Please help protect the future of this country, by protecting the future intelligence of new generations, by repealing any approval for phthalates as food additives.”– D. A., Canon City, CO

“I'm 5 months pregnant with my first baby and the last thing I want is to harm her before she's even born. I'm doing everything I can to keep her safe and healthy but with all these things in our food I feel so helpless sometimes. We need this for every baby past and future; we need to stop harming our children. ”– A.C., Fontana, CA

Many commenters mentioned their battles with cancer and other diseases, and their desire to spare others similar pain.

“I am a breast cancer survivor and have tried to keep myself free of phthalates by avoiding cosmetics, fragrances, nail polish, etc. and using glass storage containers. But I was unaware that these products were in our foods, too. Please protect the public.”– J. S., Plover, WI

“Between my endometriosis, my uterine fibroids (which have caused constant disruptions and pain all of my adult life and had to be surgically removed twice), and my breast cancer (which required a mastectomy and 4 different surgeries), I am keenly and distressingly aware of the health costs of hormone-disrupting chemicals. Please get them out of our food sources.”– A.E., Chicago, IL

“As someone who once had cancer, I really don't need a rematch; I might not win this time. The last thing I need is phthalates in my food.”– B. B., Flushing, NY

Other commenters were troubled by the lack of transparency around chemicals in our food system and reminded the FDA that the American people need this agency to put public health first."        Complete article at:



My helper and his fishing buddy went on their boat last weekend, they fished all day and night, so my helper didn’t wake up to come to work on Monday.  But they had caught a 49 lb catfish on the trotline so they thought it was worth it.  They took it back to his friend’s place here on Lake Conroe, fried the catfish steaks and ate them.  Now, I wouldn’t have had anything to do with that scavenger catfish, because of Leviticus 11:10.  New Living Translation
”But you must never eat animals from the sea or from rivers that do not have both fins and scales. They are detestable to you. This applies both to little creatures that live in shallow water and to all creatures that live in deep water.”  Catfish are bottom feeders, eat dead things, and don’t have scales and fins, so I don’t eat them. 

Finally, the water can be turned on in the mini-house (guest-house).  All the leaks are fixed and the toilet works.  But we did find that there is a dripping tub faucet, so we turned the water off again until we can fix that.  The kitchen plumbing is done with shut-offs, even though the sink, dishwasher, and fridge with ice-maker are not in there yet.  The water lines are run into the laundry room, and there will be a 3/4 bath in there too.  But that will happen later.  Just to get the first part functional is great.  We worked on the attic floor over the bathroom ceiling so that the plumbing vent pipe could be run up through there, and also so that we can install the new bathroom exhaust fan.  When I bought it, I made sure that it was really quiet, as the one I had sounded like a 747 taking off. 

At 7.30 AM Monday my neighbor, Roni died of cancer.  Everyone is glad that she is now out of pain and in peace.  Roni was very artistic and she would rather make mosaic table tops, paint oil pictures, make stain-glass windows, draw pastels, or any kind of art, rather than clean the place up or work on it.  Here, I have three walkways that she paved for me, one is over 20 years old and is still as level and true as the day she laid all those pavers.  It’s all in the leveling and packing of the sand foundation.  Unfortunately, she had become diabetic, then all the medicines and sticky buns that she ate affected her mind, and she wasn’t well at all for the last few years.  “You are what you eat, and what it ate.”

Then I found out that she had left her property to me.  It is a big mess, so each day I spend a little time picking up trash from the yard and tidying up the outside of the place.  The inside can wait now that the contents of the fridge have all been thrown out.  Today, we loaded a bunch of old metal into my van, including her broken cook stove that has been in the yard for months.  Our Property Owners Assoc. was always complaining to her.  Her shack of a house is really only good as a storage shed, but there is an RV hookup there as she used to live in a travel trailer.  So once it is cleaned up the property should have some potential.  No wonder I have a sign that says “So When Do I Get To Retire?”  I have more to do that any old lady should have to do.  But I suppose that is what keeps me feeling young.

I made three dishes for the church’s Saturday potluck.  Potato and Veggie Kugel with Ricotta, Butter Steamed New Red Potatoes, and Beef Bone Broth and Veggie Soup.  The first two went very quickly, but the bone broth just sat there.  Are people afraid to eat Bone Broth? It is one of the most nutritious things that you can eat.  The pastor’s wife couldn’t be there once again, as her knee is still bothering her.  In fact, not as many as usual showed up, you never can tell how many will be there.  So I made the potluck for a small crowd, and didn’t add a bunch of things out of the church kitchen’s freezer.

The Pastor read three Psalms to start, 121, 122, and 123.  The Bible readings were Exo.21:1-24:18, 2 Kings 11:17-12:17and Hebrews 9:6-10.   The Teaching was about The Passover which will be in April this year.    The chapel was freezing, the temperature outside was only in the 60’s but they had the air conditioning on!  The ceiling fan above me was going so fast that it was rocking and it made a draft right upon my head which made my ears and sinuses clog up and my nose run.  I do not like cold days.

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Trump Takes Over—Now What? When Respect is Gone, Rebellion Prevails. Update.


For “Scripture Sunday”:

Trump Takes Over—Now What?

 Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

“After eight years of liberal policies and programs dominating the American political and social scene, could a new presidential administration make a difference in America’s direction?

A lectern with a Trump poster on the front.AEvenson/Thinkstock

Interesting times are ahead as America struggles for its identity and future in a population divided between fiercely opposite and contradictory visions. Will the new president follow through on his promises?

America and the world watched transfixed as the roller coaster 2016 U.S.presidential campaign finally came to its conclusion on November 8. The surprises and revelations continued right up through election night when billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the presidency.

Perhaps not since Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860 has a U.S. election laid bare the deep divisions among Americans. It became, more than any other election in recent memory, a contest between two visions of America. Supporting Mr. Trump were those who saw him as a political outsider not beholden to the power elites, a candidate with a new vision for America that rejects the overreach of a hyper-liberal agenda that attacked traditional Judeo-Christian values.

Hillary Clinton, a social activist since the late 1960s, campaigned on a promise to continue the Obama vision of federal government solutions to most of America’s problems at home and subordination of U.S. interests abroad as a recipe for peace and stability while continuing his progressive social agenda of government health care, support for gay rights, and open door immigration policies.

The clash of values escalated tensions between the heartland’s traditional values and the progressive vision popular on both the East and West Coasts. Liberal progressives even admitted as much. “We have two cultures in this nation,” said MSNBC political analyst Nicole Wallace. “Millions of Americans feel alienated by the cultural elites on both coasts. They are tired of being talked down to.”

Donald Trump tapped into the anger and frustration of millions of Americans fed up with a progressive, socialist, ever-bigger-government path and growing government hostility toward traditional American values.

Election post-mortem

For much of his campaign, Mr. Trump did not sound “presidential.” And his repeated attacks on the prevailing philosophy of cultural progressives enraged the mainstream media, who in spite of their claims of objectivity could not resist bashing the Republican candidate at every opportunity.

Many voters took note of the media piling onto Mr. Trump mostly for things he said, some of which were indeed egregious, while largely ignoring Mrs. Clinton’s actual misdeeds. Afterward, some mainstream journalists admitted as much. “We in the media considered his remarks worse, but it is obvious the average voter did not see it this way. They saw her email scandals as equally incriminating,” admitted MSNBC’s Wallace the night after the election.

In the election post-mortem, some observers pointed out how the Democratic Party, long seen as the friend of the working class, appears to have turned on its base of voters by promoting economic policies and regulations that effectively closed American factories, moved millions of jobs overseas and imported millions of immigrants to compete with American workers for scarce jobs. Mr. Trump campaigned on a platform of building a wall along the southern border and bringing jobs back to American shores.

With personal wealth of more than $3 billion, Mr. Trump was able to self-finance his primary campaign and much of his presidential campaign. His disavowal of financial allegiance to any political party or interest group proved intoxicating to millions of voters disgusted at the huge campaign contributions to both Democrats and traditional Republicans from special interests.

How will he govern? What is his agenda?

With his election accompanied by Republican control of both houses of Congress, Mr. Trump is seen to have at least a two-year window of opportunity to bring about the changes his administration seeks. Leading U.S.conservatives are urging him to act without delay.

“The historic opportunity he and the Republican Party have been given by his stunning victory of November 8 will not last long,” wrote conservative commentator Pat Buchanan in a Nov. 10 column. “His adversaries and enemies in politics and the press are only temporarily dazed and reeling. This great opening should be exploited now.”

Reinvigorating the economy?

As has been the case in most recent U.S. presidential elections, economic issues were again at the forefront of concern for most voters.

A return to strong economic growth is at the core of Mr. Trump’s economic plan. Through a program of tax cuts on corporations and individuals, regulatory reform and other economic incentives, he wants to increase the growth rate of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product to 3.5 percent per year from the present rate of 1.5 and create 25 million new U.S. jobs over the next decade.

His tax cut plan, outlined on his website, would focus tax cuts on working and middle-income taxpayers. According to his plan, a married couple making $75,000 a year with two children would see their annual income taxes drop by 30 percent. His carrot-and-stick approach to corporations would cut corporate tax rates from 35 percent (one of the highest rates in the world) to 15 percent (to encourage corporations and jobs to move back to the states), but hit American companies operating overseas with a 10 percent tax on repatriated earnings—strong coercion for them to move back.

Mr. Trump also placed the blame for the loss of American jobs on globalization policies that he says have “pushed American jobs out of the country.” He has pledged to protect U.S. jobs and create new ones with policies that encourage new business formation while encouraging existing businesses to maintain their U.S. workforces. His plans also include rolling back unnecessary regulations that cost corporations and their customers billions of dollars.

In campaign speeches across the industrial heartland, he severely criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and its ideological cousin, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), as job killers. He has vowed to renegotiate trade deals on terms more favorable to America, while also threatening stiff tariffs on companies that move jobs overseas and bring their products back into the United States.

Could these plans reinvigorate the stalled U.S. economy? Some conservatives have spoken against protectionist measures. Others point to how bad things have been, with economic growth averaging an anemic 1.55 percent the last eight years and tens of millions of Americans being out of work or underemployed.

Resurgence of traditional values?

In his presidential campaign, Mr. Trump spoke to the concerns of millions of Americans who feel their traditional values have been trampled by a wave of progressive thought over the past several decades. Even many who saw him as morally objectionable nevertheless voted for him as what they considered the better alternative.

By all accounts, left-leaning judges and the U.S. Supreme Court have been the ideological ally of the progressive movement. President-elect Trump’s administration will have the opportunity to change that with the immediate appointment of a conservative to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February 2016. Mr. Trump may have the chance to increase the conservative stature of the court with the replacement of three other Supreme Court justices over age 80, two of whom take liberal stances. But it remains to be seen what he will do.

In the national debate over abortion, pro-life advocates see hope for the eventual overturning of the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that has led to the murder of some 60 million unborn children in America. Proponents of traditional values will work to find just the right case to again bring the issue before what they hope will be a more conservative, pro-life court.

“We are going to appoint great Supreme Court justices … These will be justices of great intellect … And they will be pro-life,” Mr. Trump said at a gathering of Christian conservatives in June 2016. During the campaign he released a list of 21 conservative judges he could nominate for the court.

Mr. Trump has voiced a strong commitment to the Second Amendment right to bear arms. His campaign platform calls for “national right to carry”—legalizing open-firearms carry in all 50 states. Using familiar Trump-style language, his website says, “Law enforcement does a tremendous job, but they can’t be everywhere all the time.”

Rebuilding national defense

On the campaign trail, Mr. Trump pledged to put American interests first, a position dear to millions of Americans but anathema to the left and those who feel America should simply “play nicely in the sandbox of nations.”

His platform calls for a resurgence of the U.S. military, reversing a trend that has seen a gradual reduction of U.S. Army forces from about 550,000 when Barack Obama took office in 2008 to a projected 460,000 by 2017. He has called for an immediate 85,000-troop boost to the Army, rebuilding the U.S.Navy to 350 ships, and growth of the Marine Corps to 36 full-strength battalions. He plans to pay for this by eliminating wasteful defense procurement practices and unnecessary federal programs.

In foreign policy, Mr. Trump has said that his administration would end current policies of regime change and nation-building, while working with Arab allies in the Middle East to erase the ISIS threat. He wants a new approach to Russia, thinking that he can work with Russian President Vladimir Putin to ease tensions. (However, some are quite troubled at the idea of a Trump-Putin friendship.)

Mr. Trump made illegal immigration a central campaign issue, focusing especially on illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America. While many observers are skeptical of his plans to build a wall along the border with Mexico to prevent illegal immigration, most see his call for stricter vetting of immigrants as gaining traction under his administration.

It is his position on the immigration of Muslims into the United States that has drawn perhaps the greatest fire. In the face of recent terrorist attacks by Muslims in Europe and the United States, Mr. Trump has called for tougher background checks on immigrants from predominantly Muslim nations. President-elect Trump sees his role as commander in chief as doing what it takes to maintain national security, both internally as well as around the world.

Strengthening of Europe?
While not as widely reported, Mr. Trump has argued that America’s NATO allies in Europe and such Asian allies as Japan and South Korea shoulder more responsibility for their own defense, including paying what he terms their fair share of military costs.
His rhetoric has European leaders worried. Coming on the heels of the late June 2016 vote by the United Kingdom to exit the European Union (see “Brexit: What Does It Mean for Your World? ” in our September-October2016 issue), European leaders have stepped up their calls for a European defense force, one composed of soldiers from all or most of the EU nations.

This has prophetic implications. For nearly half a century, Beyond Today and its predecessor publications have predicted the rise of a major power in Europe, one formed as an outgrowth of the present European Union.

With a population in excess of 450 million and a larger combined economy than that of America, this superpower could act as a roaring lion on the world stage, exerting power and influence across the globe. Bible prophecy reveals, in Revelation 17, that such a power would be mainly controlled by 10 national leaders who “give their power and authority” to a strong dictator the Bible refers to as “the beast.”

Interesting times ahead

One thing is for sure: Interesting times are ahead as America struggles for its identity and future in a population divided between fiercely opposite and contradictory visions. Will the new president follow through on his promises? Will the nation make real changes for the better, or continue its pattern of decline?

The nation and the world will be watching the new Trump administration. In turn, you also need to be watching Europe and the world, taking particular note of how the American people and other nations and leaders react to potential major shifts in American policy. The future of the nation—as well as your personal future—could depend on it!"




When Respect is Gone, Rebellion Prevails

We must learn to practice honor and respect for those in authority—even if we disagree with them.

imageShow respect to those in authority and pray for them so you will be blessed.

imageAs I watched the looting, rioting, burning down of buildings and setting of cars on fire, I was so saddened. They did not get the verdict–or recently the president–they wanted, so they decided to destroy innocent people’s places of business, putting people out of work. Some were quoted as saying it looked like a war zone.

So where did all this anger and destruction come from? They will say it was from a verdict they did not like or the selection of the current president. But the real reason behind all this destruction comes from Satan. Satan is the author of destruction and when a mind is controlled by him, there is no sound reasoning. They are his tool for destruction.

Satan is the supreme rebel who encourages rioting. He was the first rioter! Think about that. He encouraged the fallen angels to rise up and fight with him against God. Pride was Satan’s downfall! He looked and beheld his own beauty. He felt he could do a better job than God. So he inspired one-third of the angels to rebel and join him in the fight against God. Satan did not respect God and His authority, so therefore he encouraged rebellion! (Isaiah 14:12-15;Revelation 12:4).

What a blessing for mankind that Satan failed in his attempts to take over God’s throne. So now Satan works hard to deceive and influence mankind to join him in rebellion against God by stirring up disrespect and division.

The opposite of rebellion is respect and honor. First, you must respect God, who is in charge of the universe. And then you must treat others right by showing them respect and honor. That means no matter how much you disagree with those in charge, you will do no harm to them or their possessions.

Did you know that God requires us to show respect to those in authority? Paul states: “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished. For the authorities do not strike fear in people who are doing right, but in those who are doing wrong. Would you like to live without fear of the authorities? Do what is right, and they will honor you. The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong. So you must submit to them, not only to avoid punishment, but also to keep a clear conscience” (Romans 13:1-5, New Living Translation).

We should all be showing respect for all those in authority! That would include school teachers, leaders, employers, presidents and yes, policeman. That can be hard at times when we see corruption and unfairness, but here is the key. We can pour our hearts out to God for those you feel are abusing their authority. And, of course, you should never stay in an abusive situation.

Notice that if we show respect we can lead a quiet and peaceable life! Paul wrote to Timothy, “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior” (1 Timothy 2:1-3).

Wow! We can only have peace knowing that God is in charge of the leaders He is allowing to rule, and in His time, He will take care of it!

Isaiah 40:28 says, “Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.” 

So show respect to those in authority and pray for them so you will be blessed."   From:



Well my helper showed up on Tuesday, so we got some more work done for a couple of days, then he went fishing again, which is his main purpose in life. but he says that he will be back tomorrow.  We cleaned the two rooms of carpet in my house, fixed the water leaks in the mini-house (guest-house), and installed a very fancy ceiling fan in the living room there.

Roni, the neighbor dying of pancreatic cancer, was taken to hospital again.  This time in really bad shape.  She had been found passed out and in pain, so 911 was called.  They took her to the nearest hospital, so I visited her a couple of times, but she was just lying there groaning.  She wouldn’t eat for them, but I got some jello and ice cream down her.  Then she was transferred to a nursing home in Huntsville (TX), and Hospice took over.  Her sisters arrived from their respective states and we went to Roni’s ratty old shack to see what could be done. Everything was so messy that we were wearing gloves and using hand sanitizer frequently.  Poor Roni hadn’t done much to the place since she was sick.

I took some really strong horse-feed sacks down there to empty the fridge and freezer into them, and stapled them shut.  Hopefully the local wildlife and stray dogs won’t rip into them before the trash man comes.  Roni will be gone soon, her body is shutting down.  The sister’s took any family things that should be saved, and told me to help myself to anything.  I took ladders, levels, heaters and a shop vac.  Reclaimed the microwave that I had given her also,  we can use that for reheating coffee in the mini-house after it has been Lysol-ed!  Then we put up No Tresspassing signs and I padlocked the door.  

imageBut Roni’s little cat is doing fine after her spay surgery, even thought she was pregnant she was feeling quite chipper the next morning.  She is a really sweet tiny tortoiseshell cat, only 6 lb, too young and small to have had and raised 4 babies.  She is a little lover and getting over her shyness.  imageShe is no longer called Confused smile  “Squeakers” which might have been off-putting to potential adopters, she is now “Puddin”.  This is because she looks like a British Christmas Pudding.  Dark brown with orange spots (dark rum pudding with light colored sultana raisins.)  Roni’s other two cats are doing well in SPCA’s Cat Habitat in Petco.   It was so great that I could rescue all three of them or they would have become homeless strays, littering all over the place.  One cat makes 400,000 cats in SEVEN years.  Every Litter Bit Hurts.  Please spay or neuter your pet.

My van was put in the shop to get it ready for inspection, as it had the engine light on.  O’Reilly’s put their computer on it, and they said it needed a new gas cap, which I bought.  I reset the computer by taking the battery loose for 10 minutes, and the light went off.  But there was another emission valve that it needed and I had to get the rear brakes done, too.  I didn’t know that Roni’s sisters were going to pay for the repairs, they said it was because of all the things that I had done for Roni over the years.  That was so sweet of them, I hadn’t expected that.

For the church potluck, I had planned on making a Vegan Wheatberry Chili with Black Beans, Sauteed Onions and Bell Peppers so that our vegan lady could have some, but she texted me that she wouldn’t be there for a few weeks.  So I added some chicken, real chicken bone broth and seasonings.  It never became chili as I didn’t have any chili powder, but it was all gone in no time flat.  Eveyone liked it.  Also ran a couple of cucumbers and an apple through my Salad Shooter, added some Non-GMO mayo, dill and seasonings, and that was well liked too. 

The pastor’s wife was still absent with her bad knee, but she is able to stand on it now, so Pastor Bobbie said that she will be there next Sabbath.   The Bible readings were Exo. 18:1-20:23, Isa. 6:1-7, and 9:5-7.  The Teaching was given by Pastor Bobbie for the first time in three weeks, as he had been at home tending his wife, and it was about Spiritual Tests.  “Be Patient and Let Yahweh do His Work.”

I may be wrong, but I think this is still February, but you would never know it here, these have been air conditioning days.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee. Alternatives to Valentine’s Day. Islamic Terrorists...Update and Glycemic Index.


For “Scripture Sunday”:

The Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee

Coronation photo for Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Wikimedia Commons, Credit: Library and Archives Canada.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, coronation portrait, June 1953.

“This year people around the world will recognize Queen Elizabeth’s sapphire jubilee. Her reign is the latest episode in the long history of a special throne.

Feb. 6 marks the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne of Great Britain.

Celebrations of the queen’s sapphire jubilee were held throughout the Commonwealth, including a 62-gun salute at the Tower of London. She is considered the monarch reigning over 16 nations and the titular head of the Commonwealth of Nations (which includes 52 sovereign states). She is deeply respected by many around the world.

Never before in British history

Since the Battle of Hastings in 1066, when William the Conqueror defeated King Harold II and took the throne, a jubilee in celebration of 60 years on the throne has only occurred twice: for Queen Victoria, who reigned over Britain and the Empire for 63 years, and for Queen Elizabeth II in 2012. Elizabeth is now the first British monarch to reach her sapphire jubilee!

The start of the queen’s reign

King George VI died in February 1952; and as is the custom, his firstborn child succeeded to the throne. Princess Elizabeth was just 26 years old and married to Prince Philip. They had been blessed with two children by then, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

So her long reign began. The date of her coronation was June 2, 1953 (it took that long to prepare).

A huge turnout

If you watched the celebrations five years ago in June 2012, you saw hundreds of thousands of people (who braved somewhat miserable weather) line the banks of the River Thames and watch a flotilla of a thousand boats of every possible kind pass under Tower Bridge and salute the queen. By any standard, this event broke many records.

Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, would have been impressed with her legacy of family. Four generations of royals enjoyed these four days.

An ancient throne

In biblical history there is something very special about the throne that Queen Elizabeth is custodian of. The line of occupants goes back for many centuries past William the Conqueror. In fact, it goes all the way back to King David of the nation of Israel.

In Genesis 12 a promise was given by God to Abram (later Abraham) that through him all families of the earth would be blessed. This promise was expanded on and passed down to the following generations.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (later named Israel) would produce the descendants that would inherit the promises. Jacob had 12 sons who became the patriarchs of the 12 tribes of Israel. Then two of his grandsons were given very specific and special blessings.

Promised birthright blessings

The birthright blessings were passed onto Ephraim and Manasseh—two of Israel’s grandsons (Genesis 48:17-22). Manasseh would be a great single nation and Ephraim’s descendants would become a company of nations. When was this fulfilled in man’s history?

We believe that the United States represents Manasseh today, and the company of nations is represented by the United Kingdom and the British Empire (now Commonwealth) that together make up the part of the world that the queen is head of.

King David

King David was appointed by God to rule Israel, and he received a promise from God that there would always be a ruler on the throne (2 Samuel 7:12-16).

A careful study of the Bible and history shows that this throne is actually the one that Queen Elizabeth occupies today. It is the throne of David.

A prophecy in Jeremiah 30:9 tells us that God will resurrect David to be king over all 12 tribes of Israel. This time he will rule under Jesus Christ, who has promised to return to become King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the Kingdom of God on earth (Revelation 11:15-18).

A lesson for us all

At a coronation the sovereign is anointed (following the command given by God in 1 Kings 1:38-40). This practice has been followed by the English for over 1,000 years.

A thread throughout the queen’s reign has been her deep sense of duty. She has carried out her responsibilities with sincere dedication, supported by her husband, Prince Philip. Many have commented on her self-discipline and devotion to her position. One commentator said that this came from the sense of vocation she felt having been anointed at her coronation—in other words, realizing this was from God.

Lord Horatio Nelson said at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 that “England expects that every man will do his duty.” It seems Queen Elizabeth was raised to think that way, and perhaps all of us should pay careful attention to our personal responsibilities as well.

God keeps His promises

Now Queen Elizabeth has passed Queen Victoria as the longest reigning monarch. How much longer will she serve Great Britain and the Commonwealth as queen? The lives of our leaders are in God’s hands. But we can rejoice, knowing that God keeps His promises, and the greatest one is that He will send the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, back to this earth to establish His Kingdom forever and ever.”

For more about Britain in prophecy and the royal family, read:


3 Romantic Alternatives to Valentine’s Day

3 Romantic Alternatives to Valentine’s Day“As Valentine’s Day draws near, many will celebrate romantic love. But what about true love? Here are three ways to escape the superficiality of Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, millions of people have already made plans for romantic getaways, ordered flowers or chocolates and started writing valentines. For the holiday that is supposed to epitomize romantic love, it is very materially based and commercialized.

Can a married couple express true love in better ways than heart-shaped chocolates and bland, poorly worded cards? You bet!

Origins of Valentine’s Day

Where does real romance that is related to true love come from? A solid, healthy relationship. The old adage of “we could talk for hours” should still be one of the most romantic things to us. Before we discuss the meaningful alternatives to Valentine’s Day, consider why we should seek alternatives in the first place.  Valentine’s Day is based on a very bizarre, ancient fertility festival called the Lupercalia. This festival was celebrated in mid-February in ancient Rome. The ancient Romans would sacrifice an animal on the Lupercalia and then use the hides to whip females in order to supposedly increase their fertility.

Another component of the festival was matchmaking. Males and females would be paired up at Lupercalia by a lottery and then would remain partners for either the duration of the festival or for a year.

The Roman church later replaced the Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day in honor of a martyr named Valentine. But the popular celebration maintained the romantic and sensual elements of the pagan festival.

The fact that Cupid, a Roman god of love, is associated with this day is even more proof of its deep roots in ancient Roman paganism.


Marriage is a beautiful institution created by God, and there are much better ways to build and celebrate it than a celebration like Valentine’s Day!

Here are a few ideas to celebrate your love for your spouse—without doing it on Valentine’s Day!

1. Get romantic at unexpected times.

Though anniversaries are great times to celebrate your love for each other, romance does not have to be tied to a calendar date. Giving gifts, writing meaningful notes and going on romantic getaways are all great for a marriage—and they can be done at any time of the year! In fact, these things are much more meaningful when they are spontaneous and done out of sincere appreciation and love.

It is somewhat shocking that so many people wait until a holiday inspired by fertility rites and a Roman god to actually show how much they love their mates. We are told not to worship God through pagan practices (Deuteronomy 12:31), and we also should be careful to not degrade love by mixing it with perverse paganism.

Gifts and romantic gestures done at unexpected times and for no other calendar reason will always be greatly remembered and treasured by those receiving them.

Ideas: Be consistent with little gifts, candies or gestures throughout the entire year. Plan something with lots of “us” time involved that is not tied to any specific date. Just do it because it’s good for the marriage!

2. Talk to each other every day.

Yes, it may sound simplistic—but it is actually a huge thing! It’s important to speak to one another.

Where does real romance that is related to true love come from? A solid, healthy relationship. The old adage of “we could talk for hours” should still be one of the most romantic things to us. The wonderful thing about the giving of gifts and the dinners, trips and adventures together is the closeness that should result from them. This closeness is mainly shared through conversation.

No, not from a three-line French poem that someone memorized to impress a date. No, not the seemingly wonderful wisdom of “be my valentine” (meaningless, if you think about it!) scratched on cheap candy. It comes from real words and the development of a connection between two people who truly love each other.

Ideas: Have a set time every single night where the television, computer, phones and everything else are turned off—so you can talk with the person you love. Walk and talk. Eat and talk (not at the same time!). Sit and talk. Exercise and talk. Whatever you are doing, make sure talking is involved.

3. Put 1 Corinthians 13 into practice every day.

It’s nicknamed the Love Chapter for good reason. This chapter comprehensively lists what love is and what it isn’t. We can use this chapter as a daily, monthly or yearly project to improve our marriages. God wrote the book on love, so His Bible should be the primary place we go for guidance in expressing proper love within marriage.

Here are some ways 1 Corinthians 13 can be put into practice to improve our marriages:

  • Love suffers long: When our mates do something that really bothers us, we should let it go or work on improving the problem together.
  • Love is kind: We should do something kind for our mates without being asked—often.
  • Love does not parade itself: We should be sure to tell our mates how much we love them privately—we don’t need to use Facebook to demonstrate our love for our mate!
  • Love is not puffed up: We should always be ready to admit when we’ve done something wrong.
  • Love does not behave rudely: We should make sure our marriage is characterized by considerate behavior toward each other.
  • Love does not seek its own: We should willingly and joyfully do something we have no interest in, but our mate enjoys.

The Love Chapter, though about a much deeper love than just romantic love, is filled with guidance on how to treat the love of your life. Read it often.

One 24-hour period involving candies and ancient fertility symbolism does not come close to the fulfilling and meaningful love God wants us to enjoy.

Isn’t it time for you to ditch Valentine’s Day and demonstrate true love God’s way?”

To learn more about how to build a happy marriage, read our study guide “5 Keys to Improving Your Marriage.”


Religion of Peace
Atrocity of the WeekRemember

Atrocity of the Week 
Uganda: Muslim Mob Beats,
Rapes Christians in Church

Put the Numbers in Perspective -  Islamic Terrorists...

...killed twice as many people in one month (5000) in November, 2014) than were killed in in 350 years of Inquisition (2000-3000).

...murder more people everyday than the KKK has in the last 70 years (26 since 1945).

...killed more civilians in two hours on September 11th (2977) than in the 26 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland (2236).

...massacred more Iraqis on a single day in June, 2014 (1566) than the number of criminals executed by America in the last 40 years (1423).

...killed more Americans on American soil than the combined militaries of Japan and Nazi Germany in WWII.

...slaughter more people everyday than were killed during the entire Salem Witch Trials (12).




Nothing has been done to the guest house this week.  Never saw my helper again, even though he called and said he would come by on Friday to pick up some of his stuff, he never arrived. 

As I didn’t have a helper, I was busy doing different reseach on the computer, taking care of animals, and helping Roni, the neighbor with pancreatic cancer.  I cooked her some homemade organic food, and took some food for the cat that is still there.  One day Roni had the cat she calls ‘Squeakers’, in her arms, knowing that the cat needed to be vaccinated and spayed.  So we popped her in a carrier and she is now here in a third cage that my neighbor SPCA foster mom had loaned me.  I needed one more with a side door as mine had Stripes and Speckles, Roni’s other cats, in them.  Squeakers is not used to being in a cage, but she has the shy temperament where she would find the most inaccessible place to hide if I let her loose in the room.  As she is pregnant, she might not show herself again until she had multiplied!  She is scared of people, but she lets me pet her and has let me hold her.  So, for now, she has to be caged so that I know where she is and can give her the deworming meds for 3 days.  Still trying to think of a better name for her.

Stripes and Speckles had their neutering surgery and are recovering nicely.  They had to be caged for several days so that they wouldn’t jump up or down on things and hurt their stitches, but then they were allowed to be loose and play in my house.  Later in the week they were taken to stay in the SPCA Habitat inside Petco, Conroe for a month.  SPCA volunteers go daily to tend to the cats in the Habitat. They are on display there for adoption, and cats usually get adopted during that time.  Both are really sweet kitties and will be a great joy in their adoptive homes.  My favorite, Speckles just loves it there.  All the attention from the shoppers is right up her ally.  If they don’t get adopted while they are in the Habitat, then they go back to live with their foster parents.  Each animal has it’s own webpage, too, so sometimes they get adopted that way.

So I still have the great big cat, Napoleon, Squeakers and the ‘come-along’ bobcat-looking cat that lives on my front porch, he is called “Rumpy for “Rumpelstiltskin”!   Napoleon is more work as he is messy, scattering litter and food all over my bathroom.  That’s where my little electric ‘broomstick’ comes in handy.

Some of the research I have been doing is about the glycemic levels of sugar and sweeteners. This was because I saw one of the younger ladies at the church putting FOUR spoons of sugar, THREE spoons of Coffeemate (ladled with HFCS) in her coffee, and then eating donuts.   No wonder she is pudgy!  She surely will be riddled with health issues if she carries on like that.

“Sugar-containing foods in their natural form, whole fruit, for example, tend to be highly nutritious—nutrient-dense, high in fiber, and low in glycemic load. On the other hand, refined, concentrated sugar consumed in large amounts rapidly increases blood glucose and insulin levels, increases triglycerides, inflammatory mediators and oxygen radicals, and with them, the risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses,” Dr. Ludwig explains. 

“The glycemic index for sweeteners is a function of three things:
1. The amount of carbohydrate present. 
2. The type of carbohydrate present. 
3. The presence of other substances (soluble fiber for example) that slow metabolism of carbohydrates.

Glucose has a glycemic index (GI) of 100 and fructose is 25. Sucrose (Ordinary sugar) which is made up of a combination of these two has a GI of 65. 

“Sugar alcohols tend to have very low GIs. In particular Erythritol has a GI of only 1, and it is a safe low calorie sweetener that occurs naturally in some fruits and mushrooms.

Both the natural zero calorie sweeteners such as Stevia, and the artificial ones such as Saccharin have no glycemic index. They do not raise blood sugar at all. This brings up another issue: The human body is programmed to react to the taste of sweet things.

Studies have shown that insulin is secreted by the pancreas soon after the sweet taste is experienced on the tongue, whether the substance contains calories or not. The body is fooled by the zero calorie sweetener. It expects glucose to hit the bloodstream and it gets none. This may result in increased appetite soon after.

Some studies have indicated that zero calorie sweeteners do not help reduce weight, and this may explain the reason. However this does not take into account several useful aspects of zero calorie sweeteners:

1. They do not cause a blood sugar spike and this alone is beneficial to health.
2. They are suitable for diabetics who would otherwise have a limited choice of sweet things.
3. They are harmless to teeth.
4. All things being equal they contain no calories and should be of assistance in a diet plan.”


Over the years I have found out that artificial sweetners like Aspartame, in the Blue packets, are like toxins and are so very bad for you. CSPI has also issued aspartame a rating of "avoid."  Since methanol in aspartame has no natural binder, nearly all of it turns into formaldehyde in your body. Formaldehyde (which is used in, among other things, paint remover and embalming fluid is a poison several thousand times more potent than ethyl alcohol.) From: )  And Splenda (Yellow Packets)  (Yes. Sucralose (Splenda) bears more chemical similarity to DDT than it does to sugar. From: people find out that their headaches or fibromyalgia were caused by them. 

Saccharin (Pink Packets) isn’t so bad, (“No chemical additive for food has been tested in as many laboratories, for as long a period, in as many species of animals (including man) and in successive generations, and yet has been found to be as innocuous as saccharin.”   From:   and it is readily available when you are out and about, but Non-GMO Erythritol seems to be a better choice to have at home: .

I knew that I would have to ramrod the potluck again as the pastor’s wife still has a bad knee which has put her in a wheelchair.  She cannot be on crutches because of her breast cancer surgery.   Some of the healthy food that I cooked for Roni got me on a healthy grains kick.  So I made several ‘grainy’ dishes for the church potluck.  Wheatberry Waldorf Salad, Buckwheat with Apple and Blackberrues, Freekeh with Ground Beef and Veggies, and Chia Pudding made with flaxmilk and sweetened with ground up dates.  I have previously taken dishes made with Farro and Quinoa for the potluck many times.  Our vegan lady brought a delicious vegan rice dish with cashews in it.   I am nuts about nuts.  But as I have had a busted jaw, some nuts are hard for me to chew, so I grind the nuts up in my auger juicer with the nut butter blank in it, and mix the ground nuts with different things to make them into a spread, like cream cheese, or just put it in my yogurt. 

The Bible readings were John 6:25-36, Exo. 13:17-17-16. Judges 4:4-5:31 and Heb. 13:10-21. The Teaching was about Joshua 24, but I couldn’t hear it very well with folks trying to help me in the kitchen.  Maybe Winter is over as I had to run the air conditioning on the way home, as it was a much warmer day.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Why Should You Believe In Creation, And Not Evolution? Christian Holidays: Which? Does God Care? Update.


For “Scripture Sunday”:

The Missoula Flood – Why You Should Believe In Creation …And Not Evolution | David Rives

The Missoula Flood – Why You Should Believe In Creation …And Not Evolution | David Rives

“Why should you believe in creation, and not evolution? I mean, scientifically speaking. Haven’t we proven that evolution is a fact?

When most people hear the term “evolution” they think of one kind of animal turning into another kind of animal. This is biological evolution and it’s just one of several different kinds of evolution. Another kind is geological evolution. This is the idea that the earth is billions of years old and that the rock layers and other geological features are the result of gradual processes over millions of years. It’s an important foundation to biological evolution because without the millions of years there’s absolutely no hope that evolution could have happened. In fact, the geologic “ages” had already been proposed and were used by Darwin to come up with his theories of biological evolution.

Now, since the nineteenth century, uniformitarianism has dominated geology. This is the idea that present day processes and rates are the key to what happened in the past. But scientists are slowly having to let go of this idea, because they increasingly realize that catastrophes are a big part of Earth’s past.

One such catastrophe was the Lake Missoula flood. Now, because we begin with different starting points, creationists and evolutionary geologists don’t agree on the dating of this flood. But both agree that it happened. Actually, for evolutionary geologists it took a long time for them to accept despite the overwhelming evidence because it seemed too Biblical to have a catastrophe of such massive proportions!

So, what was this flood? Well, within a few centuries of the global Flood of Noah’s day there was an Ice Age (which is where cave-men come into the picture), and at the peak of the Ice Age, approximately 540 cubic miles of water were dammed up in Lake Missoula in Montana. That’s three times the volume of Lake Erie! Well, eventually the lake burst, rushing 400 feet deep as it carved its way to the Pacific Ocean. The fast-moving water quickly laid down rock layers and carved out canyons, including Grand Coulee, a canyon 50 miles long and 900 feet deep! And the beautiful Channeled Scablands are a further testament to how much damage a lot of fast-moving water can do.

Secular geologists believe that rock layers are laid down slowly over millions of years and canyons are carved over time by rivers. But that wasn’t the case with much of the geography in the Western United States! It was carved rapidly by a flood of water from a burst glacial lake… and I’ve talked to Ph.D. evolutionary geologists… Most trained geologists agree that it happened extremely quickly!

If a comparatively small flood such as this one could do so much damage and completely change the landscape, imagine what the global Flood described in Genesis could do! Actually, if there was a global Flood, then everywhere we look, we would expect to see miles of rock layers filled with billions of fossils. And this is exactly what we find. The evidence points to a Flood of biblical proportions, not slow and gradual processes over millions of years.

Just one more scientific reason that you shouldn’t believe in evolutionary geology. It takes a LOT of faith.

I’m David Rives, Truly, the Heavens Declare the Glory of God.”



Christian Holidays: Which? Does God Care?

by Ron Kelley

Some holidays are national celebrations, and others have religious roots. Are all Christian holidays the same? Are some really made holy by God?

Which days are really Christian holidays?

“For many people, a holiday is just a welcome day off from work to be with friends and family. But some days seem to be more significant than others, depending on culture, religion and family values. The Bible actually identifies some days as holy days commanded by God to be observed. Could it really make that much difference which Christian holidays we observe?

There are two basic kinds of holidays, national or religious. In the United States, good examples of the two types would be the Fourth of July and Christmas. The French celebrate Bastille Day and the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. No doubt there are many holidays and holy days around the world of which most of us are completely unaware.

Does it make any difference which days we keep?

National or religious holidays?

We celebrate our national holidays because of historic national events (such as America’s Independence Day, Memorial Day or Labor Day). This is simply a matter of observing the day because some national events are significant, and many businesses often close down that day. You have a day at home to relax or take the family on a picnic or go visit relatives.

But what about religious holidays?

Canada and the United States both observe a national Thanksgiving Day. Many Britons take part in a yearly thanksgiving harvest festival. Such celebrations have religious overtones, in that we take time to give thanks to our Creator for His blessings. Jews observe Purim and Hanukkah as both national and religious holidays. For more information about the observance of these days, please read our article: “Thanksgiving, Purim and Hanukkah.”

There are many religious holidays that man has set up in his desire to worship. If, however, there is a God who has established days as “holy,” then we should keep those above all others. It does make a difference which Christian holidays we keep if obeying God is important to us.

Saturday or Sunday: Does it make a difference?

Only God has authority to make a day holy,” so why have people established days of worship based on their own ideas or traditions? For example, believe it or not, even the common observance of Sunday as the day of worship was established by the Roman Church, not the authority of the Bible (which clearly commands Saturday as the Sabbath).

Notice some remarkable admissions regarding this:

  • A Catholic Church newsletter stated, “Perhaps the boldest thing, the most revolutionary change the Church ever did, happened in the first century. The holy day, the Sabbath, was changed from Saturday to Sunday. ‘The Day of the Lord’ [dies domini] was chosen, not from any direction noted in the Scriptures, but from the Church’s sense of its own power” (Catherine Catholic Church Sentinel,Algonac, Michigan, May 21, 1995).
  • “Sunday is a Catholic institution and its claim to observance can be defended only on Catholic principles. … From beginning to end of Scripture there is not a single passage that warrants the transfer of weekly public worship from the last day of the week to the first” (Catholic Press, Sydney, Australia, August 1900).
  • “Nowhere in the Bible do we find that Christ or the Apostles ordered that the Sabbath be changed from Saturday to Sunday. We have the commandment of God given to Moses to keep holy the Sabbath day, that is the 7th day of the week, Saturday. Today most Christians keep Sunday because it has been revealed to us by the [Roman Catholic] church outside the Bible” (“To Tell You the Truth,” The Catholic Virginian, Oct. 3, 1947, p. 9).

Rather startling admissions, right? But does it make any difference which days we keep? The Bible says that Jesus Christ is “Lord even of the Sabbath” (Matthew 12:8). And the Fourth Commandment says we are to “remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8). Clearly it matters to God whether or not we keep His Sabbath.

Breaking the Sabbath was one of the main reasons the ancient Israelites went into captivity. Notice: “Notwithstanding, the children rebelled against Me; they did not walk in My statutes, and were not careful to observe My judgments, ‘which, if a man does, he shall live by them’; but they profaned My Sabbaths [note the plural, including other holy days God established]. Then I said I would pour out My fury on them and fulfill My anger against them in the wilderness” (Ezekiel 20:21).

There are several references in the Bible to God’s anger regarding the profaning of the days He established as holy time.There are several references in the Bible to God’s anger regarding the profaning of the days He established as holy time. Try doing a word search in an online Bible on the words “profane Sabbath” and note the results.

So which days are holy according to the Bible?

Should we be surprised if God also ordained certain annual religious holy days to be celebrated?

“And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, ‘Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: “The feasts of the LORD, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts”’” (Leviticus 23:1-2). So God has implemented days on which we are to observe “holy” convocations. He lists them for us:

  • The Feast of Unleavened Bread (first and seventh days).
  • Pentecost.
  • The Feast of Trumpets.
  • The Day of Atonement.
  • The Feast of Tabernacles (first day).
  • The Last Great Day (also called the Eighth Day).

God clearly initiated these holy day observances, but where do we find He said it was no longer necessary to observe them? There is no such passage in the Bible! Rather, we find the New Testament Church observing these same holy days (Acts 18:21; 1 Corinthians 5:8; for more on this, see “Christian Festivals”).

On the other hand, there is no biblical record of these early Christians observing such Christian holidays as Easter and Christmas. The early New Testament Church did not celebrate them!

In reality, most religious holidays around the world have their origin in ancient polytheistic cultures. Today few people care if their observances have such pagan origins. Do you?”

More at:



The days go by so fast, especially as you grow older.  I didn’t even post last Sunday, and have been busy all week.  I went to see Roni, the neighbor with terminal pancreatic cancer, at the hospital which was way south of here, and took her some pastel pencils, pastel pad and clothes.

One day I went to the cardiologiost office for an Echo, and then another day I went back to see him to get the results of it, and of a bloodtest.  He said my heart looked and sounded great, but he wants me to have a treadmill stress test as soon as my insurance will approve it.  Found out that my cholesterol has gone up again, after me getting it under control a couple of years ago.  That is all diet related and it is because I have not been eating the way I should.  I have been cooking my helper’s food for him and he doesn’t like onions or garlic, two things which help get cholesterol down.  Also I haven’t been juicing greens, like I used to, so that makes a difference. 

My 12 year old foster cat, Napoleon, was taken to the vet for a blood test to see if he is diabetic.  He was also supposed to get his great big long nails cut at the vet.  I asked the vet to give him an “I-don’t-care-pill” and to tell Napoleon that I have been cutting animal’s nails for 50 years, and to let me cut them.  I petted Napoleon for ages up on that exam table while waiting, so when the lady finally came in the room with the sedative and the nail clippers, I took the nail clippers out of her hand and tipped all of Napoleon’s nails as he was perfectly relaxed sitting on that exam table.  He seems so much more content now.  His nails aren’t sticking to everything that he walks on.  He had tried so hard to scratch those tips off on a rug by my door.  That’s what they are trying to do when they are scratching things.  If you can get your cat to relax enough for you to just nip off the very tip of their nails with a fingernail or toenail clipper, they won’t scratch your furniture.

Roni’s cats that are now here, were vaccinated, dewormed, checked for FIV (Feline AIDS) and Feline Leukemia, (FeLV) then spayed and neutered.  These terminal diseases are contracted by cats who live outside.   This is why it is recommended that cats stay indoors, also to save the lives of millions of birds and other small critters that they might eat, like lizards.  The cats are still in cages, as they mustn’t jump up or down so soon after their surgery, but they can be turned loose to play in my grooming room in two days.

Then, Roni was brought home, and she has had me running hither and thither.  Either to the ATM, the store to get phone card, another store to get litter for a third cat who wouldn’t come to me, then some medicines, and it’s always something.   She is taming the third cat which she called a calico, but it is a tortie (tortoiseshell)


A domestic shorthair tortoiseshell cat with the orange and black patches.

                       Long-haired calico



So no wonder I picked up the wrong cat !  But it is best that this little one that I picked up was spayed as she was already pregnant.  We found out that she was a come-along at someone’s home and not really part of their family.  Now she will be adopted and have a real indoor home.

imageAs for work on the guest house or mini-house, it has come to a screeching halt.  The squeal of it’s brakes were heard last Wednesday afternoon.  My helper is basically homeless and just stays with different friends, but has been showering here, doing his laundry here, very often eating here (his food, my cooking), sometimes sleeping on my couch on clean sheets, and also has a lot of stuff, and tools, and fishing equipment stored here in all three of my buildings.  I asked him for a $20 electricity contribution for the 7 months that this has been going on.  He cut off his nose to spite his face and said that he would have all his stuff moved out in two days after he had rented a storage unit.

I didn’t fire him, he just quit, but he did come back on the Friday to fix the plumbing leaks and finish the wiring of a light in the new kitchen.  I offered to pay him, but he wouldn’t accept.  But he hasn’t moved anything out yet, so I don’t know what his intentions are.  I expect he found out what it cost to rent a storage unit and is trying to stay in my good books!  It is a big relief for me though, not to be tied down to working him six days a week, and finding that money each day.  This will give me more time to get more stuff listed and sold to get ahead again.  I knew I was going to run short of funds to finish repairing the guest house so I opened a GoFundMe account last year, but I was too shy to promote it.  The LORD always seems to take care of me, though.

On the 28th, the Bible readings were Gen. 6:2-9:35, Eze. 28;25-29:21, and 2 Cor. 6:14-7:1, and the Teaching was about “Leaders Having Faults”, and that man cannot rule in a perfect way.  An earthly government is not salvation, and giving Saul as an example.

I took a quinoa, grassfed beef and veggies dish, and we all had a great time afterwards in the dining hall, which should be called our ‘Fellowship Hall’.

Then this week the Bible readings were Exo. 10:1-13:16, Jer. 46:13-28, and Heb.12:12-23.  The pastor and his wife were not there, she had hurt her knee, and couldn’t come, so I had to ramrod the food for the potluck.  That meant that even though the sounds in the chapel are piped over into the dining hall, I was really concentrating on the food, not really hearing the Teaching, which was about The Rapture.  Some didn’t agree with what the elder was preaching about the Rapture, though, and there was a discussion about Revelation 20 in the dining hall afterwards. 

I took two crock pots. One with a vegan veggie soup which was all gone and got compliments, and then some veggies cooked in beef bone broth which wasn’t so popular, so I will be eating some for dinner today.