Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Dog Troubles. Thrift Shopping.

It was 60 deg. on the porch when I got up, so I let Bobcat out there, then I took Debo, the dog, out right away. He is so energetic now that he is getting good food and care. I brought him back in, and left him loose in the dog room while I had my coffee and checked emails. Bad mistake, I should have put him back in the big German Shepherd cage. Half an hour later he had torn the stuffing out of a dog bed, and pooped on the floor.

Today was the day to go into the next town. With a big struggle I got the dog in the carrier in the back of the truck, and drove down to Jay's place to see if he wanted to go with me. I had my retractable leash on the dog and let him run around down there for a while. Jay had other things to do, and I had another big struggle getting the dog back in the carrier. I just didn't want his muddy feet inside my truck, and I finally won. I sure do miss my Puddle Jumper, as that is my 'dog toting vehicle'. I hope they can find the part for it soon. When I got home I left him loose in the back yard while I tended the cats, but he was yelping to come back in the house. I had to let him in or he would have disturbed the neighbors, so locked him back up in the big cage again, before I took off for town. I couldn't leave him loose in the dog room chewing on things. At one year old, they tend to do that.

In the next town I did what little bit of shopping I had to do, and then went thrift shopping. I found a very cute blouse, some kitchen utensils, and another toy thing for Pepper. It is one of those baby arch things that has danglies, and he likes playing with them. For some reason, I went all the way south of town to the Goodwill Store. Blow me down, I bought a $200 upright Hoover Carpet Cleaner for $20! Something guided me there, as my old one is getting older, and I have been looking for another one.

I travelled one way and came back the other, to see if I could see any minivans at different car dealers, but even though I saw some, I didn't stop. I only stopped at HEB because I wanted to go to the bathroom, and the place was packed. They have such wide shopping baskets that it was difficult to navigate around them all in the store. I did get some shrimp though, as I like theirs.

Back home I came in the house, and looked through the glass door into the dog room. Debo was laying, all four feet in the air, stretched out fast asleep in his bed, with nary a care in the world. When an animal has their tummy exposed like that, you know that they are content and secure with their surroundings. Of course he woke up, was so excited to see me, and I took him out.

The weather was windy, but not cold, high of 63, but it dropped quickly during the day.

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