Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lovely Carriage Horses of NY.

Help Protect the Working Horses of New York City
Help Protect the Working Horses of New York City
Goal: 70,000 • Progress: 68,119

Sponsored by: ASPCA
"A bill being considered by New York City, Intro. 653, would drastically weaken the oversight and implementation of proper care for the city's long-suffering carriage horses -- and even allow the industry to self-regulate through a third-party arrangement if it so chose.

These horses work for their living, and deserve to have clean stalls and bedding, proper food, and appropriate care. Protect these iconic animals -- tell New York City Council members to oppose Intro. 653. Sign the petition and tell a friend!"
More info ...

"Many people have been to New York City and have seen carriage horses going up and down the streets.

You think it would be fun to take a ride on one, you think these animals love their job, you think they're well're wrong.

Behind the scenes, these animals are over-worked, under-fed and and even beaten or sent to slaughter when they can no longer do their jobs. These horses are neglected and the city life has a harsh effect on them. Many fall victim to neglect and abuse such as the horse in the picture right.......

There are several health hazards that affect these horses such as traffic, noise, exhaust, hard concrete, as well as the industry's proven unwillingness or inability to provide for horses.

They often are prone to lameness and hoof deterioration because of long hours spent pulling carriages over rough surfaces.

Horses have even collapsed while on the streets. In the heat there is a lack of water offered to them and overall safety is an issue that also puts them at risk. Horses can spook, causing crashes and injuries to both horse AND human."

More at:

"A recent bill passed by the City Council (Intro 35) granting 5 weeks vacation to NYC carriage horses received a great deal of attention in the press, with news anchors chuckling over such an extravagant benefit.
They routinely work at least 9 hours a day, pulling a vehicle that weighs hundreds of pounds, on hard pavement, while breathing exhaust from cars, buses and taxis.

At the end of the day the horses return to their tiny stalls in stables housed in former tenement buildings on the far West side of the city, or as Jon Stewart once called it, "The sad-eyed horse carriage district."

The cramped space doesn't allow these enormous animals to lie down or to move about freely and get the daily exercise that equine veterinarians agree they need.

It is no surprise then, that when comparing the 2005 health certificates of the horses with the 2006 certificates, investigators from the Comptroller's office found that 42% of them had conflicting descriptions of the same horses, including age, color, breed, name and gender.

With such shoddy record-keeping, who will ever know if the horses get their much talked-about vacation?" 
More at:


Ray got the kettle and china teapot down from the top shelf for me, as Pamala and Nigel are on their way.  They will want a cuppa as soon as they get here!

Then he painted some pictures frames gold, as I wanted to hang some of my family pictures on one wall.
Then he cleaned the inside windows of the Puddle Jumper and vacuumed it out.  Nigel might want to use my van once their rig has been dropped off at the shipper in Galveston who will ship it to England.

Puddle-Jumper- (Small) So I might let the Puddle Jumper back out on public roads again.  The AC no longer works, but it is cooler now.  I feel uncomfortable driving a vehicle that small on the freeways, so I might be "Blue Road Penny" for a while.  It has not left this subdivision, not even for gas, in about 18 months!

Jay was on the step ladder stapling more flowers under the pergola, and then moved some of my Monet pictures around in the living room, to make room for the family ones.

Jay needed to go into town to the bank, and we stopped at Dollar General to buy some laundry detergent and stuff.

A busy day.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ornithologists. Hunter & Airstreams. Hemangiosarcoma

I love to watch birds, but I don't know many of their 'professional' names.

You might not like vultures, but they are part of Mother Nature's chain.  The non-electric garbage disposals.

This was sent to me by a certified Master Naturalist, today, which happened to be quite a coincidence due to what followed.

So, today as I was driving into town, I saw several buzzards soaring around high in the sky. 

At any rate, vultures or buzzards,  those scavengers that circle overhead when something is dead or dying.  I hoped that none of the local cattle or horses had succumbed.

Then I saw road kill, I think it was a rabbit, but there was also one of these great big birds and it was dead in the road, too.  I hope it didn't smash someone's windshield, but it seemed more like it had been run over.
The wing span was several feet, and it had been a beautiful bird.  I was also sorry for the little 'wabbit'.

I was on my way to see Hunter Hampton.  She was at Castaways RV Park near me.  She comments on a couple of RVing lists that I read, and also has her own list:

FSR Hunter.jpg
I used to have Airstreams, from 1962 16' Bambi TT, 24', 26' to 31 footers, and a lovely 36' Airstream Landyacht Class A, which was sold a couple of years ago.
Hunter fulltimes in her 25' Airstream travel trailer with three large dogs.  They are so sweet, and I petted and talked to them, while Hunter and I chatted for a couple of hours.  Her oldest one, Tucker, was up on the couch with me.  He is a Belgian Sheepdog,  and when she gets back to her farm in Florida, he will herd the sheep out of the barn for her. 

She also has a vintage Vagabond travel trailer at the farm as a guest house.  It looks like the 2-door 47 Westcraft Coronado 47 Westwood Coronado 006 (Small)I sold a little while back.

Apart from Airstreams and our love of animals, we had another thing in common.  Both our best doggies had died due to hemangiosarcoma, which is cancer of the spleen, and it becomes fatal in a very short time.

Sometimes their people don't even know their dogs have it, and suddenly find their dog dead.   But Hunter and I knew there was something wrong with our wonderful "sons", and even though we quickly took them to the vet, we lost them shortly afterwards.  When Hunter had her dog's spleen removed, he was only given 6 weeks, and made it for five of them.  My little Levi's was inoperable, so he had to be PTS within a week.
More at:

I have also had an Avion and a Silver Streak, and I often wonder why anyone would want anything but a 'silver bullet'.  They don't leak, they last forever, and even if you don't have the right hitch, (preferably a Hensley), they still tow like a dream. 
I surely knew the difference when I towed my son's 27' slab sided trailer compared to my 31' Airstream.  I couldn't wait to drop that thing, whereas I hardly knew the big Airstream was there.

Ray and I had got a couple of little jobs done this morning, before he had to leave.   We put new carpet on the metal steps to Pugsy, the vintage motor home.  I keep carpet on them so that animals won't get their toes caught in the slots, also so they are non-skid for people.  We punched holes in the carpet and anchored it with zip-ties through the slats.

Pathway edge003 (Small) In front of the house, I had pruned back an unruly bush which has blue flowers on it just about year round.  I don't know it's 'professional' name either.   
We added some hooks and green rope to go around the bush, so it won't trail all over the walkway again, like it did last year.

Pamala and Nigel just Skyped me and they are in Duncan, OK.  They should be here tomorrow evening.  Can't hardly wait to see them, and hear more about their trip to AK.

That's enough excitement for one day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Save the Serengeti. Pine Needles!

"The government of Tanzania has announced a major commercial route across the Serengeti National Park, in the direct path of the greatest land migration on earth.

Such a highway would destroy the integrity of a priceless World Heritage that has been protected by the people of Tanzania since the birth of their country."

"The people of Tanzania have protected the Serengeti for the role it plays in their culture since the birth of their country. Now their government plans to sever it with a 31-mile, two-lane highway.
For those of us who are used to the six-lane highways stretching thousands of miles across the U.S., one little road might not seem like a big deal.

However, this project has been mapped out right across the migration path of over a million wildebeest and other animals.

Wildebeest numbers will plummet if they can't reach the Mara River in Kenya, impacting the food chain from the top down.

Lions and other predators would face a food shortage.

Without wildebeest grazing to maintain the grasslands, leading biologists warn that grass fires could destroy the region and turn it into a source of carbon emissions."
Save the Serengeti : Fund an Alternate Route & Development Programs

Excerpts from Petition Text:
"I urge your organization to help save the Serengeti:
Building a commercial highway through the Serengeti National Park will put this priceless World Heritage in grave danger. The stakes are high – the Serengeti, once gone, will be gone forever.

Help build a coalition of international support to fund an alternate route:
The government of Tanzania has a responsibility to work for development and welfare of its people. But with your support, it does not have to sacrifice its most precious wilderness, its income from tourism, or its heritage of conservation.

Ultimately, this issue is a test case for the 21st Century: Do we have the wisdom and the will to create development programs that benefit people while still protecting our world’s great natural treasures?
If we can't save the Serengeti, what can we save? "

More and petition at:


Apparently there is more at stake according to:
"The Serengeti is an Important Bird Area and a World Heritage Site under siege– and the World Heritage Committee is meeting and this proposal is on their agenda. The Serengeti is in the spotlight again."



Well, I doubt if you will find any pine needles in the Serengeti, as most of them are here.

Jay got up on the conjoined roofs of the house, RVport, guest house, and screen porch.   He took the 'bucket on a rope' up the ladder too, so we could send anything he needed 'topside'.
Ray and I knotted sturdy electric cords together, plugged in one end, and sent them up attached to the electric blower.  Jay Nigels-pics-my-place-4 blew the pine needles off all the roofs, and gutters.   Ray and I were steadily raking and hauling pine needles to the lit burn pile.
Ray had never been here when Jay and I done this before, and he had no idea what big a mess comes down off all these roofs.

After I had taken Jay home, Ray and I cleaned up the walkways, my front porch and RVport with the blower.  It still took us a long time to get it all picked up.    But it looks so much better.

It was a beautiful day to be working outside, not hot or humid.   I even did some weeding out front.

All-three-on-porch The windows and doors are open, airing out the house. 
All three cats spent their day on the screen porch.
The patio door to their screen porch from the living room is open so they can come in the house if they wish.

My brother Nigel called last night, they have 'done' most of the east side of Route 66.   Now they are making their way here from a lovely campground they found between Tulsa and OKC, at I think he said Bristow, OK.  He said it is so special that they were going to spend a second night there.

So great not to have to run the AC again, today

Monday, September 27, 2010

Moms! Great Weather.

Teaching your kids and grandkids:

"If your children have grown out of some of these stages, it is still not too late. Our child energies are always a part of us. They will feel the love you have for them as their parent and greater love will be shared between you.

Newborn ( 0-9 months old):
Developmental Need: To be validated for "being who you are."
"Welcome to the world, we've been eagerly waiting for you."
"We have prepared a special place for you."
"All your needs are important to us. We will provide for you willingly."
"God smiled the day you were born."

Infancy ( 9 – 18 months old):
Developmental Need: Supported in exploring, sensing and doing in the world.
"It's okay to be curious, to want, to look, to touch, and to taste things."
"We will make it safe for you to explore."
"We love you just the way you are."
"We are here to take care of your needs. You do not have to take care of ours."

Toddler (18 months – 3 years old):
Developmental Need: Supported in learning to express in your own true voice your thoughts, ideas and feelings about life.
"Its okay to say what you think and feel."
"How you think and feel is important to us."
"We love you even if we think differently."
"We love it when you share your ideas."

Preschooler ( 3 – 6 years):
Developmental Need: Coming into your own identity and power.
"It is okay for you to test your boundaries and find out your limits."
"We will set appropriate limits for you to keep you safe and help you find out who you are."
"We like your energy; we like your curiosity about life."
"It's okay for you to think for yourself, and we will think for ourselves."

School-Age ( 6 – 12 years):
Developmental Need: Fitting in, having structure, knowing and learning.
"You can be your own unique self at school."
"There is no one you have to please."
"It's okay to learn to do things your own way."
"It's okay to think about things and try them out before you make them your own."

Adolescence ( 13 – 18 years):
Developmental Need: Separating and creating independence from family.
"You can take all the time you need to grow up."
"You can know who you are and learn and practice skills for independence."
"You can grow in your maleness and femaleness."
"You can still feel dependent at times."

Affirm your children often with these validating phrases. Affirm your own inner child to finally receive love, respect, and support.
Fulfill your sacred obligation of being the safest, kindest, most loving, affirming parent you can be. You cannot give a child too much validation. God created us to be loved and validated."


It even felt kind of chilly when I was out with the dogs for their 'last call', last night.
The weather is so lovely, and not humid.  The cats have been out on the porch, and I have had the windows and doors open all day, so far. 
Our forecast is for more of the same:

Such a change, I guess Autumn is finally here.

Not much going on, I just did some cleaning, and groomed Misty today.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Microwave Hazards.

Why did the Russians Ban an Appliance Found in 90% of American Homes?

"The purpose of this report is to show proof - evidence - that microwave cooking is not natural, nor healthy, and is far more dangerous to the human body than anyone could imagine. However, the microwave oven manufacturers, Washington City politics, and plain old human nature are suppressing the facts and evidence. Because of this, people are continuing to microwave their food - in blissful ignorance - without knowing the effects and danger of doing so.

Nevertheless, some excellent scientific data has been gathered regarding the detrimental effects of microwaves on the nutrients in your food:

  • A study published in the November 2003 issue of The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture found that broccoli "zapped" in the microwave with a little water lost up to 97 percent of its beneficial antioxidants.
  • By comparison, steamed broccoli lost 11 percent or fewer of its antioxidants. There were also reductions in phenolic compounds and glucosinolates, but mineral levels remained intact.
  • A 1999 Scandinavian study of the cooking of asparagus spears found that microwaving caused a reduction in vitamin C.
  • In a study of garlic, as little as 60 seconds of microwave heating was enough to inactivate its allinase, garlic’s principle active ingredient against cancer .
  • A Japanese study by Watanabe showed that just 6 minutes of microwave heating turned 30-40 percent of the B12 in milk into an inert (dead) form."

More at:

CLICK here for the FULL STORY


Microwave Safety

"Our basic recommendation is that, where possible, use alternative appliances such as small fan ovens (which also heat up very quickly) or just take more time for defrosting and cooking by conventional means.
But when a microwave oven is your only option, prefer longer cooking times at lower power settings, and rotate, stir or reposition food frequently to obtain the most even result. Allow the recommended standing time after cooking.

Low-frequency Radiation from Microwave Ovens

Most people worry about leaking microwaves but are quite unaware of the low-frequency EMF, which in the case of a typical microwave oven can be very extensive. (e.g. 40 mG at 60 cm).  See our EMF Table for comparison with other appliances.
Even if microwave ovens emitted no microwave energy, this level of low-frequency EMF would cause the microwave oven to rank high on any list of dangerous EMF sources.

So keep your distance while it is working. The field strength at 1 metre (3 feet) is hundreds of times smaller than at 5cm (2"). For greater safety, keep a distance of 1.5 metres (5 feet) away.




Baby's bottles should NOT be heated in a microwave:

Heating the bottle in a microwave can cause slight changes in the milk.

In infant formulas, there may be a loss of some vitamins.

In expressed breast milk, some protective properties may be destroyed.

How a nurse warmed up a blood transfusion in a microwave, and it killed the patient.    More at:



When I bought a microwave tester, I found out that my old microwave was leaking radiation.  So I bought a new microwave oven, tested it, and that door was leaking radiation, too.

I returned that microwave, and finally, I got one that didn't.  So don't assume that your microwave is safe just because it is new.

The article said that coffee doesn't taste the same when it has been re-heated in the microwave, and I agree.  But sometimes that is how I have to reheat it.  

I noticed during storms when the power was out, that coffee reheated in a pot on the stove, still tasted like good coffee, so there must be some truth to that.




It was a cooler this morning, and it was quite pleasant being outside.  Ray painted the back door with the new paint.  No more fooling with that.

We both cleaned up the workshop, and vacuumed the floor mats in there.  It is surprising how many pine needles, and how much dirt, gets tracked in there from both doors.   I raked up more pine needles outside the workshop, and pulled grass that was growing between the pavers in the walkway.


Then a neighbor wanted a ride to Kroger's Pharmacy, so as I was out of bananas, I took her into town, and we picked up a few bargains.


We tried to drive without the AC, but it was still very warm once the van had sat in the sunny parking lot, so we had to resort to AC again today.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Renovating? Reduce, Reuse, ReStore

"One man's economic disaster is another man's swanky new kitchen island. According to a story in the Charlotte Observer, home owners looking to upgrade their countertops or bathroom vanity can find $90,000 worth of high-quality marble and granite at their local ReStore.

Owned and operated by the nonprofit home-building organization, Habitat for Humanity, ReStore outlets raise money for future Habitat projects by selling donated goods and used building materials, in this case, overstock inventory from a recently closed business called Charlotte Marble and Granite.
The ability to waltz into a used building supply store and walk away with near brand new countertops is rare.
At ReStores, you're much more likely to find second-life furniture, decorating supplies, home appliances and building equipment like pipes and wiring rather than pristine building materials. Since ReStore wares are sold at 50 to 70 percent off the retail price, the good stuff goes fast in a normal economy and even faster during depressed times when everyone is scrounging to save a buck."

In your area?


That was my mission today, to donate some building materials to the Habitat for Humanity Store, in the next town.

Ray and I made sure all the articles were clean, intact, re-useable, and had loaded them in the back of my van.

Jay wanted to go, as he needed to buy some window screens there.  He knows I carry a compact 10' tape in my purse as standard equipment!  As it is way down at the south end of Conroe, we knew that there would be some visits to other favorite places in that area.

While I was dropping off the donated items, Jay bought the two window screens the right sizes.  I looked at what they had for sale, but didn't buy anything.

We would have gone to China Buffet, but it was a bit early to load up on a big meal so we went to Taco Cabana for a filling good taco for $1.09 each. That was to sustain us while we went to the Salvation Army Store. 

Jay bought some lovely new suede fur lined boots for $4.00, and two matching brass ashtrays for 50c there.  I found some comfortable shoes, until I found out they were both for the right foot.   Never could find the 'left set'.  All my comfy shoes are getting old, so I only wear them around here.  (I had my foot crushed during the bombing in London, so one foot is very picky!)

We like that Salvation Army Store, but we don't even bother with the Goodwill Store in Conroe, as their prices are the same as new stuff at Walmart!

I had to get exterior paint for my house, and that set me back $30 a gallon at Lowe's.  Gee, I remember when you could buy a 5 gallon pail for that!  There were a few items on their 'scratch and dent' table, that I needed also.

Jay told me about a little Phillips TV/DVD player he had seen in Sam's Club.  I have wanted an AC/DC/battery TV that would work anywhere, in case of hurricanes.  We found them, but I would have to pay an extra 15% because I am not a member.  Anyway, I wanted to check on the reviews about them first, as I got burned buying one a couple of years ago.  They let me return it, but of course, the technology is very different now.

We should have gone to the grocery store, but I wasn't wearing comfy shoes, and we had had enough for the day.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Free Days Tomorrow. Visiting National Parks Without a Campground Reservation.P & N.

By Bob Difley
metolius river2"The slowly fading recession seems to have energized campers this season as campground usage is up and reservations become harder to nail down.

This becomes a particular problem with those of us who procrastinate, make last-minute travel decisions, or find ourselves wherever our RVs lead us–and most of the time without campground reservations.

But don’t let that discourage you from visiting the national parks, you just need to practice some tricks and tips for increasing your odds of securing a campsite.

Many of our national parks (NP) are adjacent to or surrounded by national forests (NF) that will have alternative camping options, ranging from improved campgrounds to boondocking in un-designated campsites. You can use these options for first night camping followed by a strategy of obtaining a NP campsite the next day, or as your main campsite from which you can visit the NP by tow or toad, returning each night to you NF campsite.

It would be all but impossible to obtain a campsite in the NP after a day’s travel, arriving in mid-afternoon or later, since most NP fill well before noon, even on week days. A NF campsite will probably be your best bet, since most private campgrounds or RV resorts will lie outside the forest on private land and well away from the NP. They are also often filled by reservations for the summer months and have few–if any–first-come spots.

Follow these tips for your best chances of getting a campsite when you have no reservation and with minimal hassle and stress.
  • Research the adjacent NF for campgrounds, identifying those that will fit your rig, and the location of the area office. "
More at:

More free days slated for national parks, federal lands

"The Interior Department has announced more free admission days to round out the balance of the year. Here’s the schedule:
September 25 (Public Lands Day)
November 11 (Veterans Day)"
Free at Smithsonian, too.    Saturday 25th. Sept.

"To receive your free Museum Day Ticket please enter your information into the fields below. Your Ticket will be emailed to you after you submit your information. Please remember to print and bring your ticket to your selected participating museum."


Ray arrived to work and I left him trying to clean the gasket that goes under the luggage carrier on Pugsy, while I drove down the road to pick up Jay.  We haven't been up on the roof of Pugsy, the vintage motor home, to re-install it yet.  The gasket had old caulk and junk stuck on it.   Even though it has been soaking in soapy water for days, it is still difficult to get it all scraped off.

Pamala, my sister-in-law, and my brother Nigel, are now on the last leg of their "Trip of a Lifetime".

It was May 30th. that Pamala and Nigel flew into Houston from England.

They bought the Dodge 3500 5.7 diesel dually in Houston, and the Lance cabover camper near Oklahoma City.

They flew over the Grand Canyon in a chopper.

They have been on Route 66 from OKC to California.

They saw where our mother was born in San Francisco.

Then they crossed Canada, up to Alaska, crossed the Arctic Circle.

They have seen lots of National Parks, National Forests (and Walmart parking lots) all along the trip.

Then they went to Guelph, Canada to visit relatives.

On to a speed boat ride at Niagara Falls, and now they have left Chicago to do the other part of Route 66 from there southwest to Oklahoma City.

Then they will drive south back to here, the full circle.

They have been to rodeos in OK and Calgary.

They went 'muddin'' at Delta Junction Fair.

They should be here within a week.

Ray washed the Puddle Jumper (little station wagon) as it never did rain here.  Jay and I attacked my two rooms of carpet.   I did a thorough vacuuming, and he wielded the carpet steam cleaner.  There are always chairs, coffee table, etc. to be picked up and moved out of the way.  That was my job, too.  He also cleaned the couch with the upholstery tool.  So it should be all spick and span, ready for my guests.

Paco, the foster Chihuahua, and old Misty, the rescued poodle, didn't know where to put themselves out of the way of the noisy machinery today.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Food Expiration Dates. Ah, Back To My Own Bed

What do they really mean?

(Photo: Getty Images)

"Are you one of those people who pour the milk down the drain on the expiration date?

Expiration dates on food products can protect consumer health, but those dates are really more about quality than safety, and if not properly understood, they can also encourage consumers to discard food that is perfectly safe to eat.

A recent poll of more than 2,000 adults showed that most of us discard food we believe is unsafe to eat, which is a good thing, of course, but it is important that we understand what food expiration dates mean before we dump our food -- and our money -- down the drain or into the garbage. On average, in the U.S. we waste about 14% of the food we buy each year. The average American family of four throws out around $600 worth of groceries every year. 


Which five foods are most often feared as being unsafe after the printed date? According to, we are most wary of milk, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, yogurt, and eggs, and the site offers these helpful explanations:

  • Milk: If properly refrigerated, milk will remain safe, nutritious, and tasty for about a week after the sell-by date and will probably be safe to drink longer than that, though there’s a decline in nutritional value and taste.
  • Cottage cheese: Pasteurized cottage cheese lasts for 10-14 days after the date on the carton.
  • Mayonnaise: Unopened, refrigerated Kraft mayonnaise can be kept for 30 days after its expiration date or 3-4 months after opening, the company told ShelfLifeAdvice.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt will remain good 7-10 days after its sell-by date.
  • Eggs: Properly refrigerated eggs should last at least 3-5 weeks after the sell-by date, according to Professor Joe Regenstein, a food scientist at Cornell University. Note: Use of either a sell-by or expiration (EXP) date is not federally required, but may be state required, as defined by the egg laws in the state where the eggs are marketed.

The “Use-By” Date

The “use-by” or “best if used-by” date indicates the last day that the item is at its best quality as far as taste, texture, appearance, odor, and nutritional value. The decline after that is gradual. The use-by date refers to product that has not yet been opened.

The “Sell By” Date

The “sell by” date is not really a matter of food safety, but a notice to stores that the product should be taken off the shelf because it will begin to decline in quality after that date."

More at:




Ah!  Bliss!  Back to my own bed, all made up and comfy again, so I got a good night's sleep.   We all love our own beds, hence so many RVers!


Ray and I did quite a few jobs today.   He finished mowing and weed eating, and he put another coat of paint on the back door, but we have decided that there is something wrong with the paint.  So I have to buy more.


The wireless doorbell wouldn't work, again.  Yesterday when I put new 'D' batteries in the base unit, it worked for a while.    We put another new little battery in the push button part, even though the one in there tested good, and have it working again, but I don't know for how long.  I could buy a new bell, but it took such a long time to find one that didn't interact with the two-way radios going by on the busy road behind me.


My phone had been acting up for a couple of days.  If someone called, it would just sound like repetitive little chirps.  The answering machine wouldn't come on, so I thought it must have gone bad.  No, it hadn't, I disconnected that, and it still chirped.  We went to the outside box and sprayed all the connections with contact cleaner.  No, that's not it.  We came inside, sprayed and checked each phone in the house.  We used Ray's cell to check them, as he has more minutes than I do on my $20 a month Senior plan.  

Finally, I took my printer/fax off that phone line, and that fixed it.  I used to have two phone lines coming in here, but the fax hasn't worked since I disconnected the second line.  It was handy to use dial-up when the unstable cable went out, and still have my house phone working.   The cable company says they have all the glitches repaired now, so I had it disconnected.


Now that Jim, the mechanic/welder has been so slow working on the cargo/stealth trailer, due to his bad knee, it can't be returned to the side lot for now. 


Pamala and Nigel, my sister-in-law and brother from England, have already left the Niagara Falls area.  Here is Pamala in the cabover camper they bought for this "Trip of a Lifetime". 

They should be heading to Chicago to pick up the east end of Rte 66, and arriving here in about a week. 

They will have to park at my other Full Hook-Up beside the workshop, as their rig is too tall to go in my RVport.  Probably just as well, it will be next to the tools and Nigel wants to work on his rig here, before they ship it to England.

We had marked with blocks where Jim was supposed to put the trailer on the side lot where it would be away from the power lines, so we can get up on the roof and check out the AC.


Now, the trailer will have to be parked in front of the workshop, so we put the blocks away today.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Puppy Mills. Shopping. Travasak.

In fact, as you read this, there is very likely a puppy from a Missouri puppy mill staring out from a cage at a pet store near you.

"A new measure will help save thousands of puppy mill dogs in Missouri.
But the puppy millers want to keep business as usual.
Will you help us defeat them?

September 22, 2010
The attacks have started.
This November, voters in Missouri -- the nation's number-one puppy mill state -- will vote on a measure that will stop puppy mill abuses. It's called Proposition B, and it would establish common sense standards for the care of dogs.

But last week, the puppy mill industry launched its campaign against Prop B with robo-calls to households across the state spreading lies about this measure. We can't let those attacks go unanswered.
Will you help us deliver the facts to Missouri voters -- and help save thousands of puppy mill dogs?

Missouri is home to approximately 3,000 puppy mills, about 30 percent of all the puppy mills in the country. And this massive industry is going to fight to keep business as usual, so they can continue to cram dogs into small and filthy cages, deny them veterinary care, expose them to extremes of heat and cold, and give them no exercise or human affection.

These puppy mills are cruel and the way these dogs are treated is wrong. And this dirty business affects all of us, because Missouri's puppy mill dogs are shipped all over the country, sold to pet stores and directly to consumers over the Internet!

In fact, as you read this, there is very likely a puppy from a Missouri mill staring out from a cage at a pet store near you."

Please help us with a special donation today to counter the false claims of the puppy millers -- and urge Missouri citizens to vote YES! on Prop B this November.


Ray came over to re-paint the back door and mow.

I picked up Jay and we headed into the next town.  We stopped at JC Penneys and I bought a new vinyl cover for my memory foam mattress.

We got all the workshop trash unloaded at the dumpster.  Then we took the metal that the 'metal man' hadn't been around to collect, to the metal recycling. That brought $29.   Gee, that's over half a tank of gas for my van!  We are in the wrong business.

We stopped at several thrift shops, and each bought something at each store.  The thrift shops have all been re-stocked and there were new articles to see.  They are bringing out their winter clothes, even though it is still in the humid 90's.  I managed to find a cute cotton black and white summer dress, and some nice drapes for my motor home.

My favorite purchase is a red long sleeved button-down Disney shirt with 7 Dalmatians embroidered on the front, and 7 on the back.  I expect I will wear it a lot this winter, you know how you have favorite comfy clothes that you like to wear over and over.

We had 'two-fer' coupons, so we ate Grilled Chicken at Burger King.  The bun was like a muffin, but I still gave half of mine to the birds in Kroger's parking lot.  We picked up a few items, and gassed up there, before driving home slowly in pouring rain.

But, as usual, it hadn't rained a drop here at home.  The Puddle Jumper is all dusty so I had left it outside, hoping the rain would wash it off!

Jay helped me get the heavy memory foam mattress inside the new vinyl zippered 'envelope', as I couldn't have done it by myself.  Now, if an animal up-chucks or something on my bed, my mattress is safe.  I started keeping my bed protected ever since Bobcat had her bladder crystals eight years ago, but yesterday was her first accident since then.  I think it was the surprise of being attacked by Patches.  Then I also remembered that I had put a bit of food with her Special Diet food that wasn't labelled "Reduces PH, and Low Magnesium" which is essential for her.  So I quickly remedied that.

Last night, knowing that I had to buy a vinyl cover before I could make the bed up with the thick foam topper, mattress pad, sheets, and comforter, I just threw a homemade Traversak style sheet on the bed:  
They are so handy for RVs with 'awkward to make' beds.

Now, I have my bed all made up today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flu Shots? Bobcat's Accident.

If you don't have the bandwidth to see the 35 minute video, here it is in pdf:


Flu Vaccine Does Not Prevent Death in Elderly, CDC Director Admits

"Clearly, what the pharmaceutical industry would love for you to believe is that the flu vaccine is going to somehow magically protect you from dying from the flu, when in fact the evidence couldn't be more clear -- It doesn't work at all in the elderly! And the data is flimsy at best when it comes to children and adults.

In fact, in April, Michael Osterholm, director of the national Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), publicly admitted that flu shots don't work in the elderly.

We also know the flu vaccine is fraught with side effects and health complications, so many people are literally receiving zero benefit and all risk when getting this vaccine!

There is a massive attempt to defraud and deceive people to generate profits from flu vaccines. Fortunately, we are able to penetrate this veil of misinformation, as we did so effectively last year. And this year, we want to start early by warning people about the new plan... "

More at:


Humane Society's View of Origins of Swine Flu:

"Crowding pigs into factory farms likely led to the emergence of the H1N1 swine flu pandemic. So far, millions of people have been infected and thousands have died. Learn the inside story on the origins of swine flu and ways we can help prevent flu pandemics in the future.

The price of factory farmed meat doesn't reflect its true cost. This pandemic may be part of the price we're all paying for products from filthy industrial pig factories.

Pigs are often forced to live in huge warehouses, crammed together, awash in their own waste, and constantly stressed by their cruel treatment. These conditions provide a breeding ground for diseases that can then spread to people.

Flu shots and frequent hand washing can help protect you this flu season, but the best way to reduce the risk of future outbreaks may be to follow the advice of the American Public Health Association and declare "no more factory farms.""

More at:


Video: Sick or Injured Pigs Are Routinely Slaughtered

pigs crowded in a holding pen

"CNN and CNN Headline News are airing exclusive stories on an HSUS investigation that captured standard yet cruel mistreatment of pigs at an Iowa slaughter plant.

The footage from our investigation (watch it here) documented pigs who were too sick or injured to stand being slaughtered for human consumption.

CNN featured HSUS experts Paul Shapiro and Dr. Michael Greger about the pressing animal welfare and food safety problems this practice poses."




After Bobcat's bragging comment, about how well she is doing on yesterday's Bruce and Marge's blog, written by Annie, their Schnauzer: ,  we had an episode this morning.

1.Jun.10-2 Patches went for Bobcat as Bobcat was walking across my bed.  A lot of hissing, snarling, and swiping with claws extended.  I yelled at Patches, and she took off. 

When I went to make my bed, I found pee on it.  I wasn't too worried as I have a vinyl lined mattress pad over my thick memory foam topper.  Bobbiecat

But, when I went to strip off the offending bed clothes, I found that the vinyl had split, and my foam was compromised.

I picked up Jay, and we took the foam out onto a smooth table in the workshop, and sprayed it with Nature's Miracle.  Then he cleaned it with the little upholstery steam cleaner. 

Now how to get it dry?  If I have it anywhere near the foster cats they will dig their claws in it.  (I have a memory foam rug to stand on at the grooming table, and I have to hide it from them when I finish grooming.)  So we used a clean sawhorse, put a long 2x4, and a curtain over it, (to stop the foam from snagging on splinters), and draped the foam over it and a table.  It is drying nicely, but I think it will still be too damp to use tonight.  I will miss my thick memory foam topper!

This is the first accident that Bobcat has had since her bladder crystals eight years ago.  She does drink a lot of water, and the fight must have just caught her by surprise.


Then Jay and I tackled a job, ready for going to town tomorrow.  We have a big long bin under the work table outside to put big things, that are not suitable for the regular garbage man.  I found some really thick garbage bags, and we loaded all the empty paint cans, etc. in it.  We will drop it off at the community dumpster in town.

The plastic bags were loaded in the van, too.  The good ones to give to a thrift shop, and the ripped ones for recycling.  We dropped off the cardboard and paper the other day.


To save any more altercations, the foster cats have had to stay in the grooming room, instead of having any more 'house' time today. 


Monday, September 20, 2010

Precious Water.

Monkey_drinking_water_480"Even this monkey knows: Water is life. Life is water. There is no way around it.

Drinkable water for Earthlings will be a much bigger problem than the high price of oil you face today.

The cause of your water shortages is simple. There are over six billion water-thirsty humans on planet Earth.

Earthlings are using water faster than the Earth's water reservoirs can replenish the supplies. Water tables are falling on every continent as demand for water grows faster due to population growth.

Over pumping of water is now widespread in China, India and United States. These three Earthly countries together make nearly half of the world’s grain harvest. Read more about water.  "

Bird upside down trying to tap into a drinking water
Man down the street said: "Now, why couldn't my neighbor grasp this fact? Watering his lawn three times a day and once every night..
I once told him off that using water that way is excessive and contributing to water shortage but does he listen?! "

funny pictures of cats with captions


  • Sewage Recycling

  • Sewage Recycling pictures
    Sewage Recycling
    Orange County, CA has opened what is likely the largest sewage purification plant for drinking water in the world.
    From Toilet to Tap
    Now it is being recycled, that is how important is water.

  • _______________


    Ray tried to paint the back door.  The contractors had never done it.  They had installed it with just the factory primer on it.  Weird, as they had painted the rest of the doors, and we have repainted them since then.  The paint that Ray used didn't 'sit' right on it, so we had to pressure wash it off.  Back to square one on that.

    Roni, a neighbor, wanted to use one of my sewing machines.  I had already told her that they were not suitable for using on several thicknesses of denim.  She said if she liked it, she would buy it.  I oiled the newest machine, one I haven't used for years, as I like my old one better. 

    After spending time looking at the book as to how to thread the darned thread in it, and getting the blasted thread in that stupid tiny hole in the needle, I left her to do what she had to do.  I didn't know that she was trying to go through multi-layers of denim anyway, so she bent the thin needle.  Back to square one on that, too.

    Not a very productive day.

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Thank Our Wounded Warriors. "Send To Any Soldier".


    Targeting: You
    Started by: United Service Organizations
    "The United States is a nation at war. Thanks to improvements in battlefield medicine and the use of body armor, men and women are surviving wounds that would have been fatal in earlier wars.
    While they have survived, their severe injuries have turned their lives--and the lives of their families--upside down, sometimes involving many surgeries, years of therapy and a lifetime of support.

    But at home, support for those who have returned forever changed by war remains incomplete. The government provides first-class medical care for these men and women. But it is up to the nation to provide a first-class support network to ensure these patriots are given the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life.

    That's why the USO is making a special effort to help our wounded warriors rejoin civilian society through education, training, advocacy and emotional and medical support.  We owe tremendous gratitude to Americans who serve in uniform, especially those who have been injured during their duties overseas.

    Thank our wounded warriors for their sacrifices by supporting the USO right now and take the pledge."

    Want to send your support to a soldier in harm's way, but have no idea of what to send, who to send it to, or how to send it:

    Details, and lots of stories here:

    Go to
    Go to
    Go to
    Go to
    Go to


    PICT0002 PICT0003

    We didn't have much time today, but we installed the seat base on the old exerciser, and then stapled the vinyl seat cover in place over the foam.  We used a powerful electric stapler.

    While we had the cord strung out there, we trimmed the hedge, with the electric hedge trimmer.  It had started to grow more on one end.   Maybe we need to look at the underground water system, and find out if it is blocked somewhere.

    Then we took the latest little white toaster oven out of my kitchen and put back the large black toaster/convection oven in it's place.   The little toaster oven wasn't much good as an oven, it would burn the tops, even if I put foil over the food.  I was having to crank up my great big microwave/convection oven for one item.   The little white toaster oven made great toast, but I have a regular toaster, and a Black and Decker flat under-cabinet toaster, too, and that one is nice to make toasted sandwiches!   For someone who only eats two slices of bread a day, it was overkill!  The big black one will take just about any size dish, but I just don't like that black appliance in my all white kitchen.

    Maybe I will come across a nice big white toaster oven one day.

    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    74 Uses for Vinegar.

  • Weight loss.

  • measure waist
    image source
    Thanks barefoot golightly.
    "One thing that science has shown is that apple cider vinegar might help to balance blood sugar. Insulin responses have been shown to create excess belly fat. Therefore, if insulin and blood sugar are controlled, a person might lose weight.

    Fat might in fact be as much a matter of hormones (insulin) than lack of activity. Of course, more than likely they go hand in hand."vinegar

    Vinegar is a liquid produced from the fermentation of ethanol in a process that yields its key ingredient, acetic acid. Ninety percent of American Households buy vinegar.
    The 4 major uses are for salads, as cooking ingredients, pickling and home canning.

    Anyway, I just thought that everyone should know about the usefulness of vinegar other than for the 4 things mentioned above. I’ve put together 61 other things with pictures about everything else that you can do with vinegar.
    I’d personally suggest using high quality white and apple cider vinegar like Heinz’s when trying the below methods. (Example : A cup of Heinz Apple Cider has 34 calories, no fat, 1.4mg of iron, and 240mg of potassium)
    The difference between white and apple cider vinegar is that white vinegar is made from acetous fermentation of alcohol and apple cider vinegar is made from cider or apple must.

    2009.06.02 : It’s now 74 uses thanks to you!! Also, for people thinking to ingest or use apple cider vinegar internally or externally on your body, get the organic one with the ‘mother’."

    The list, with pictures, is at:

    There is a lot of info there.


    Ray couldn't work, so I thought it would be a good time to finally get to Lowes and Walmart to return and buy some things.  I was tired of carrying the stuff around in the van.  I also had a bunch of boxes and paper that needed to go to the recycling.

    Jay had to pick up his mother's prescription at Walmart, so he went with me.  We got our business done at Lowes, and even went to three thrift shops, but didn't buy anything at any of them.  Claudia's prescription wasn't ready, so I took the van to get it serviced, but not at Walmart as I had a coupon for Jiffy Lube.  But they don't carry the Valvoline Max that I use, so I had to go back to Walmart anyway!

    After my dusty episode at Splendora,  the blowing out of the air filter, and resetting the computer, did stop the "check engine" light from coming back on.   But the air filter had a date written on it, and it was time to change it, so I bought a new one so that the service place could install it.
    Finally, we got home in the afternoon, the dogs were so glad to see me, and to go outside.  They had been very good, as usual.  Probably slept the whole time I was gone.

    I am sipping water with Apple Cider Vinegar in it, so I will see what that does to me today!

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Frugal Plan Ahead Meals. Storing & Reheating. 2M Cats!

    "A way for the frugal RVer to control food costs.
    Keeping food costs down can also result in keeping time spent in the galley reduced providing more time for other pursuits.
    Here's a tip for the rolling chef: When preparing meals, consider if your menu choices can be prepared in larger portions and reprised at a later date.
    Can you make double or triple portions, and put the leftovers in the freezer? You'll save on time, often on ingredients, and later, after a long day on the road, your frozen meals can be popped in the microwave or gently reheated while left in the bag and warmed up in a pan of water."

    These are planned pre-cooked meals, not left-overs, and it works in a stix and brix, too!

    I learned as a Certified Food Manager that when you refrigerate or freeze pre-cooked foods that they should be in a low flat containers, not a tall ones.  The flat low containers cool quicker, which gets the food to 38°, for refrigerators, or 0° for freezers, faster.  I prefer square ones, instead of round, because they take up less space.
    I have a stack of 25 oz Glad/Ziplock containers, and they are just about the right size.  When we packed down the motor home, we would grab as many pre-cooked meals as we needed, and kept them in the freezer.  Some would have meat, some pre-cooked veggies, some would be casserole type things.

    I have never been able to use the gas part of my RV refrigerator as it stinks, and gives me a headache.  The RV Service place tried to fix it, calling it cabinet leak, so we run with the fridge off.  Safer for the propane to be off, too.  All the frozen foods stayed frozen during the day while we were traveling.  Sometimes on a long trip we used an inverter and had it on electricity, but we rarely traveled that far in a day.  It is counter productive, as it is too wearing, so you don't enjoy the trip.  Better to check in at a CG early afternoon anyway.

    Now, as for warming the food up when we arrived.

    "For microwaving in particular, remember that microwave safe containers aren’t necessarily healthy. They just won’t melt. In general, it’s better to avoid microwaving plastic entirely and stick to glass."

    I don't reheat in the microwave, you have to stir it after it has cooked for a while before reading the temperature, and then put it back in again for a while, so I just put it in a pot and put it on the stove.  Then I can easily read the temperature with my food thermometer and make sure it is up to 160°.

    The bottom line

    "Here are some things to keep in mind when using the microwave:
    • Most takeout containers, water bottles, and plastic tubs or jars made to hold margarine, yogurt, whipped topping, and foods such as cream cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard are not microwave-safe.
    • Microwavable takeout dinner trays are formulated for one-time use only and will say so on the package.
    • Don’t microwave plastic storage bags or plastic bags from the grocery store.
    • Before microwaving food, be sure to vent the container: Leave the lid ajar, or lift the edge of the cover.
    • Don’t allow plastic wrap to touch food during microwaving because it may melt. Wax paper, kitchen parchment paper, or white paper towels are alternatives.
    • If you’re concerned about plastic wraps or containers in the microwave, transfer food to glass or ceramic containers labeled for microwave oven use. "

    Migrating chemicals

    "When food is wrapped in plastic or placed in a plastic container and microwaved, substances used in manufacturing the plastic (plasticizers) may leak into the food. In particular, fatty foods such as meats and cheeses cause a chemical called diethylhexyl adipate to leach out of the plastic. This certainly sounds scary, so it’s little wonder that a warning is making its way across the Web.
    But here’s what the e-mails don’t mention. The FDA, recognizing the potential for small amounts of plasticizers to migrate, closely regulates plastic containers and materials that come into contact with food. The FDA  requires that manufacturers test these containers and that those tests meet FDA standards and specifications.  It then review the test data before approving a container. "

    More from Harvard Medical School:

    I would rather just not put plastic containers, or even warm anything in the microwave, except coffee!
    Most plastic containers have a number stamped on the bottom, so here's the list from SCN Home Page   Seattle Community Network:

    Type 1 - polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
    May be safe if marked "microwave safe", although some recommend against food contact when microwaving.

    Type 2 - high density polyethylene (HPDE)
    May be safe, although some recommend against food contact when microwaving.

    Type 3 - PVC, polyvinyl chloride, vinyl
    Do not use in microwave. Also, PVC often contains bisphenol A (BPA)

    Type 4 - low density polyethylene (LDPE)
    (mixed commentary regarding microwave safety)

    Type 5 - polypropylene
    May be safe, although some recommend against food contact when microwaving. "Type 5" are the most commonly labeled "microwave safe". Despite this, I have observed "Type 5" containers with partially dissolved surfaces, apparently from microwave use.

    Type 6 - polystyrene, styrene, polystyrene foam
    Not heat stable. Do not use in microwave.   Do not microwave food in a styrofoam [1] container! In addition to not being heat stable, polystyrene is a potential human carcinogen and usually contains bisphenol A (BPA).

    Type 7 - polycarbonate; "other" (can contain bisphenol A (BPA); most polycarbonate contains bisphenol A)
    Do not use in microwave. (Note: Polycarbonate nursing bottles which have been boiled or washed more than 20 times or are badly scratched should be thrown out.)

    Paper - food safe but Avoid using paper coated with plastic in the microwave.
    (Some types of paper may catch on fire under some circumstances. Some sources suggest avoiding using newsprint. Paper which is not food grade may also include toxic inks.)

    Never use plastic storage bags, grocery bags, newspapers, or aluminum foil in the microwave.
    If you use plastic wrap in a microwave, read the label -- use only materials marked "safe for microwave". If it doesn't say "microwave safe" there's no reason to presume it is! Most wraps also require a one-inch or greater space (2.5 cm) between the food and the wrap.
    More at:


    When I went to Splendora the other day, I was out in the country, and when I was backing out of the dirt driveway, a thick cloud of dust blew all over the front of my van.  The "check engine" light came on immediately, but I didn't look into it until today.  I had just recently had that fixed, and bought new sensors.

    Ray and I took the air filter out, and it seemed clean, but we blew it out with the compressor anyway.  Then we disconnected the battery, to reset the computer.  While we had the terminals undone, we cleaned and sprayed them, and checked all the fluids, except the tranny.

    I wasn't going to go back inside to get my purse and drivers license, so I didn't start the van up to see if the "check engine' light had gone out.   If it does come on again, it usually waits until I am a mile or so from the house!

    While we were working on the van, a young skinny orange tabby male cat come wandering up, so we crated it, so I could call Animal Control to come and get it.  Then a gray young cat came, followed by a white one, and another orange tabby one, then another orange tabby.  They were not all the same age, but they were all starving, and were grateful for some food.  They were all tame, so someone must have dumped them.  So by the time Animal Control arrived, I had five stray cats for them.

    One cat makes 400,000 cats in ten years, so I saved 2 million  homeless cats being born today.

    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Last Week's Flash Flood at Pedernales, TX

    For those of you who have traveled the I-10/I-20 West, and only think of TX as being a flat desert of miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles! 

    They missed the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

    "Water is the central attraction of many Texas state parks - often just a lake, with no special interest beyond general fishing, boating and swimming, but Pedernales Falls is much more dramatic.

    The park contains 8 miles of the Pedernales River as it meanders through the limestone hill country of the Edwards Plateau northwest of Austin, and includes the falls where the waters drop 50 feet over successive limestone layers via an impressive series of cascades and pools.

    The river flows through a shallow, rocky canyon past much pleasant scenery and plenty of places to explore - the park also has hiking trails, swimming pools and abundant nature."

    More at:


    This video was made by Ken Kramm, a certified Master Naturalist.

    "I thought you would enjoy seeing highlights from our 5-day camping trip to Pedernales Falls State Park.  The flash flood was scary.  It demonstrated the power of nature.  

    Everyone at the park was helpful and friendly...from the park employees who warned that a storm was coming, to the rangers who checked on our safety when we took refuge in the bird blind, to the volunteers who cleaned the restrooms, picked-up trash, fed the birds, etc."

    "Flash Flood at Pedernales Falls State Park, Tx"

    "We experienced a flash flood when tent camping at Pedernales Falls State Park, last week. The River quickly changed from being a placid stream to a raging torrent -- eventually cresting seven feet above flood stage due to Tropical Storm Hermine.

    Trails around our tent became temporary streams leading to the River. We took shelter in the bird blind and stayed dry.

    The birds weren't so fortunate. They were wet and bedraggled.
    Water receded quickly after the rain stopped and the wildlife resumed their normal activities.

    We hiked the trails and went birding. It was fantastically beautiful. The forest was rejuvenated by the storm.

    We didn't want to leave, but our five-day vacation was over.
    Click on the Pedernales Falls State Park website for more information about this beautiful location:
    Photography by Ken Kramm: Canon Vixia HF S20 high-definition camcorder, Canon PowerShot SX10 IS camera."


    His blog is here:


    Yesterday and Today:

    I was so busy, tired, and sore yesterday that I didn't write a blog, just posted:

    From Pidge's comment, that was a good thing!!  Thank you, Pidge.


    truck-damage1-1 I put a lot of miles on me and my minivan yesterday, driving down to my son Kevin's office and taking one of his drivers to Splendora, TX to pick up one of my son's trucks that was not supposed to have left the yard during his absence.  

    Found out that they had dented it, too!   They had 'borrowed' a towable stump grinder, too!  Thought they were going to make some money on the 'QT'!  (

     Log-hauler2-1After that, I did a several of hours of paperwork and copying at the office.  While I was there, I quickly took pictures of the trucks so I might remember which one was which, and whether it was for the trucking part or the tree part of the business.


    When I got home there was a call that someone had come to look at one of the Mobile Home Toters that my son had for sale. They had come all the way from Laredo, TX, 375 miles, to buy it, and no one knew about it except one of the drivers.   He doesn't live near the office, and hadSold-totern't told anyone else!!  The buyers couldn't find any one at the office, so I had to do the 60 mile round trip again.  Thankfully they bought it, so we are through with that. 

    My son has returned and is now able to take back control of his trucking company, and all it's problems, thank goodness!


    Today, I woke up sore and still tired.  But I seem to get sore every time I drink water and lemon, which I had last night.  My brother Nigel, who has arthritis, told me once that lemon is bad for folks with arthritis, but I didn't know I had it.  I am usually not sore anywhere, unless I put my back out.  And a chiropractor fixes that!

    A neighbor wanted me to take her shopping in our little town, and I told her it would have to be a life or death emergency for me to leave the house today.    Half an hour after I said that, the 'emergency' rang the door bell.  It was my son, so I had to go into town anyway, so I picked up the neighbor and off we went.

    We got her shopping done, so I hope I can take it easy for the rest of the day.

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010