Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day. Rainforest.

Memorial Day
The iconic Baltimore oriole that summers in your backyard migrates south for an exotic winter vacation in the rainforests of Central and South America! Become of a Fan!;jsessionid=51A5E42BCD526A84A83C44B8B01A587E.ctg-a?siteId=4&link=ctg_trs_home_from_ars_home_sitenav

Thank you for clicking! Today, your free click helped protect 11.4 square feet of rainforest habitat for wildlife.

Please tell your friends!


Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Get Up, Get Moving During Long Trips. My Brother & SIL Arrive.

With all this traveling going on for the holiday:

10 Ways to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis

"Sitting for extended periods of time in an airplane, train, bus, RV or car can increase your risk for DVT. Therefore, when traveling on long trips, Dr. Mosca suggests getting up and walking around to stretch your muscles at least once every two to three hours.
If you're worried about your DVT risk, Mosca also recommends addressing your concerns with your doctor before you travel. While it's unlikely that you'll develop DVT during your travels, experts at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) say that your risk increases if you have other risk factors for DVT or if your travel time will exceed four hours."
There are many simple things you can do in your everyday life to help stop blood clots from forming and reduce your risk of deep vein thrombosis."    Page 6 of 12     « Previous | Next »

More about avoiding DVT:

Today is a special day!!  My Brother and Ssiter-In-Law arrive!!

This morning, Jay helped me put the area rugs back down in the Hall, put the furniture back on it, and he hung the Hall drapes back up.  
Ray got the door lock working properly on my front door, so you don't have to bang it, and then painted the door going from my dining room into the workshop.  When the contractors had built that half of the house, (we built the first half before my DH got sick), they had used an off white paint on the doors and trim that turned a horrible yellow tinge.  That is what we are covering up.

Then I got the call and email I had been waiting for, from my daughter, Wendy.  My wonderful brother Nigel, and his gorgeous wife Pamala were arriving at Houston Intercontinental Airport at 12.30 PM from England.  I haven't seen them for about 15 years.  Since we last met, our mother and our brother, and my DH have all died.

Wendy and her husband picked them up at the airport, and we all met at the Panda Chinese Buffet on Greens Road, near the airport.  It was so wonderful to see them again.  I forgot my camera, but I did take a picture with my phone. Just have to figure out how to get it into My Computer now!

We stayed yakking RVs and trucks at the Panda for over two hours, as they are buying a dually truck here, and want to buy a pop-top cabover camper, go tour Alaska, and then take that all back to England.  Since they sold their business they are now Fulltimers, again. Yeah!!  So they will be traveling Europe and N. Africa again, like they used to, years ago, before they had to settle down to raise their kids.

When Nigel and Pamala got married they immigrated to Australia, and both their children were born there.   After seven years, they returned to England, and traveled Europe when the boy and girl were younger and home schooled them.  Nigel had built them a very comfy fulltime coach. 
Then time came came to settle down, and put their kids through high school and college in England, so they started their business which turned out to be a big success, but as always, the boss is always working.  Both children are now married, so they sold the business.   Now these very special folks are free to wander again.

They have a brand new American fifth wheel for their full time home, that they custom ordered and had shipped to England with the European 220v. electricity, and they need to take back a bigger truck for it.  They have a Dodge dually over there, but it isn't quite big enough to tow their new 5er.  So I had done some searching on as I like their search engine, and printed out some ads for them to see.  The reason they want a pop-top cabover camper is that they have a great big American slide-in right now, for their shorter trips, and pop-tops sell well in England, when the time comes.

This is indeed, a very special day.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holiday Grilling & Cancer

This Memorial Day Weekend a lot of people will be barbecuing, but did you know that can cause cancer if not done right?

"Do you usually grill meat until it has grill marks or charcoal on it?
There’s only one drawback to that: Grilling meat (beef, pork, veal, lamb, chicken, turkey, and, to a much lesser extent, fish) is hot work, and high-temp cooking creates heterocyclic amines* (HAs), which may increase the risk of several cancers. True, broiling or pan frying can raise the cooking temperature above the danger point of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but grilling makes it far too easy to reach HA-creating heights.
The first thing you need to do is discover your current grilling savvy. Answer the questions below, and give yourself 1 point for each yes and 0 for each no".
Questions and answers :

(*heterocyclic amine (HEH-tuh-roh-SY-klik A-meen)
A chemical that is formed when meat, poultry, or fish is cooked at high temperatures, such as frying, broiling, and barbecuing. Heterocyclic amines are carcinogens (substances that may cause cancer). Also called HCA.) From:


Sugarboy-2-1 Sugar boy has decided that he loves his little bed, I don't think he has ever had one before.  Poor baby!
He is very quiet so I brought his bed into my bedroom last night, and he just slept soundly all night.  He had bowls of water and dry food on a placemat next to it. 
Very different from Sparky who insisted on sleeping ON my bed, which I didn't really like.  Bobcat even slept on my bed last night, in her same old spot, so she is comfortable around him.
I took him outside when I got up about 5.45APICT0003-1M and he did his thing, and then came back in, and laid in his bed.  He ate his breakfast when I fed the cat's theirs, and seems quite content.  He stayed in his bed watching us work, and he is no trouble at all.

Ray finished painting a couple of places of trim in the Hall, and then he repainted my blue front door.  I took the Hall drapes down and washed them, but we didn't get them back up yet.

The prescription that my Medicare didn't cover was Maxifed DM, and when I called they said that none of those sort of meds were covered, and to get some Mucinex DM.   Jay and his mother were going into town so they got me some.  I hope I don't cough tonight!.

Maple-29May10-2-1 We were fiddling with my Red Maple, as it was leaning, so we put some rope through some pieces of garden hose, tied it to the post, and got it straightened up.

It has grown! That is it, about 2' taller than the pergola, today.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Volunteer at THE Rally. KY K-9 Dog Show. Prizes. New Sugarboy!

“What is The Rally?The Rally is the biggest and best RV event of the year and is sponsored by the Good Sam Club, Coast to Coast Resorts, Camping World President’s Club, Trailer Life and Motorhome magazines and Woodall’s Publications. Novice and experienced RVers get a chance to meet industry experts, find great bargains on RV products and enjoy camaraderie with fellow RV enthusiasts.”
Where, when?
Signup for updates on The Rally 2010! Click Here!

July 22 – 25, 2010 Louisville, KY.

“Entertainment... Seminars... Exhibits... New Rigs... Area Tours... Fun... It's the biggest event of the year for the RV enthusiast and the 2010 event will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, July 22-25.
It's more than just an exposition - it's an experience, - it's the Greatest RV Rally in the World and it's coming to Louisville, Kentucky aka Main Street U.S.A. - a vibrant city bursting with heartland charm and southern hospitality.”

Kentucky K-9s Dog Show.
"Road trips are more fun with great companions, and no one makes a better travel partner than man’s best friend. At The Rally, guests can enter their canine pals in the “Kentucky K-9s” Dog Show or add to the family during Pet Adoption Days.
The Rally Dog ShowProud dog owners can show off their pet’s tricks at the 7th annual Dog Show. The “Kentucky K-9s” show is a great way to get the entire family involved. Dogs will compete in categories such as Best Biscuit Balance, Southern Culture Costume Contest, Silliest Pet Trick, Doggie Musical Chairs, and more. “Kentucky K-9s” is set for Friday, July 23, from 10 a.m. to Noon, followed by an awards ceremony. For more information, rules, and to register your pooch, visit"
More at:

Club/Pub Days Gifts and Prizes, at The Rally.
"Clubs and publications featured at The Rally will treat guests to special daily entertainment, gifts, prizes and activities – just another reason in a long list to attend this year’s centennial celebration!"
"There is so much to see and do this year at The Rally. If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? You will not what to miss out on all of the fun! For more information, visit  ."
More at:

Day and other Rally Passports:

Linda was supposed to bring the little homeless Chihuahua at 7.30 AM, and she was late.  I usually work (online) from 6.00 to 8.00 AM, and then I get bathed, dressed, clean boxes, and feed the animals, so I clocked off at 7.00, so I could do all that before she arrived.  Rushing around got me huffin' and a'puffin' all over again.  I had been up a lot in the night with clogged sinuses, and chest congestion, even though I have started on the prescriptions.

But not only did she bring the Chihuahua, but 3 just weaned kittens.  As she had borrowed a carrier to bring them, I made them comfy in one of my cages, and fed them some canned cat food made into a gruel, and fixed them up with a little bed, diluted evaporated milk and litter box. (Straight cow's milk can give kittens the runs, and then they dehydrate.)

The Chihuahua which she had named "SugarBoy", as Sugarboy-2-1he looks the same color as her late "Sugar", was quite happy to investigate my back yard, and do his thing, and come back in.  After she left, I tried to put a collar on him, so that he could go in the car with me to get Jay, and that is when he freaked.  He obviously does not like collars, so we played ring around kitchen island, until he went in the grooming room, so I shut the door.  I gave him a comfy bed, a pink toy, and that's where he stayed. 
As it happened I didn't have to get Jay, as he called to say he was going to the Medical Center with his mother.

I called Animal Control, which is connected to the Humane Society, and they had another call in this subdivision, so they picked up the kittens.  I knew what would happen to them, but I couldn't keep them here, as they didn't look in that great a shape, so I couldn't have them around my foster cats. 
Our local SPCA,  which is 'no-kill', can't take any more cats, we don't have enough foster homes.  Every shelter has too many cats for adoption right now, it's that time of the year.   
When will folks get their pets, especially cats, spayed and neutered. 
EVERY LITTER BIT HURTS.  "Don't breed, when there are so many homeless pets already."

Right on time 9.00 AM Ray arrived, and painted a lot of the trim around floor, the front door and patio door in my Foyer (be-'for ya' get in) or Hall if you prefer.
This leads to my living room on the right through a patio door, or the grooming room is through another single glass door straight ahead. It had got a bit dingy looking over the years.  Then he painted the living room side of the patio door trim too.  I don't know why, but the other patio door on the front of my living room, that goes to the screen porch doesn't get that grubby.  But that is not a way out, as there is no way to the outside on the screen porch.  (Well, there is a tiny one, but it is kept locked.)

Sugarboy-5-1I even had Prime and Patches loose in the grooming room, and they ignored Sugarboy.  He is very quiet, very timid, and I had him on my knee for a while while typing this, hoping that he will gradually settle in, and get more confident.   He has been very good about doing what he is supposed to do outside. 

Sugarboy-6-1 I don't know what I am going to do with him, but I couldn't have Linda trying to pawn him off to just anyone at gas stations.  He needs to be neutered, his teeth cleaned, and if he is re-homed he needs to go to folks who have passed a background check, like any shelter does.

It is now 94.6°, at 5.44 PM, and has been rather a busy day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

SlideOut Tips. Dr. Visit.

iiCan't find where to lubricate motor home slide out?
"A webcast viewer asks Gary for advice about where to locate the slide out mechanism on his motor home so he can lubricate it. "

Avoiding slideout damage
We found this tip at
"After seeing the damage caused to slide out rooms in friends' motor homes when they had not removed the safety devices before trying to extend the rooms, I developed a simple reminder for myself.
I made a small laminated card with the word "Yes" on one side and "No" on the other. I attached small strips of hook-and-loop fastening material on each side of the card and another piece on the in/out switch for the slide out. This lets me know when the room is safely extended, or when the room is in and the safety bars are in place. Now I just need to remember to reverse the card at the appropriate time!" --R. Marrinson

Have a stick or piece of string, the depth of your slide out (s), to measure outside before deploying it into a tree!

Keystone owners manual says not to step on your slide outs when in travel mode:

"I have a 2004 motor home with a slide out problem. The slide will only travel 1/2 to 2/3 of the way and stop. It doesn't matter that it's traveling in or out." More at:


Bill's Hints

"Inspect the hydraulic systems of slideouts occasionally for any sign of hydraulic fluid. There should never be any oily spots below the mechanism. Repairs should be made at the first sign of a leak." --From Trailers and Fifth Wheels Made Easy.

This morning, I was so short of breath that I didn't even know if I could drive.  That is a horrible feeling.  Between that and the coughing, I felt pretty weak.  Anyway, Jay and I took off about 9.00AM for my doctor's appointment.
The nurse took my pulse, blood pressure (both good) and temperature, (which was below normal).  The doctor listened to my chest and couldn't hear any abnormality, but by then I had managed to cough up a lot of the phlegm, and could breathe easier.
BCI Hand Held Pulse Oximeter with Finger Probe
Then he said he was going to check my oxygen content, to see if he had to send me to the hospital.  Oh, gee, I didn't want to go there. 
I didn't know how they were going to do this, and expected to have to breathe into a machine or something.  But a nurse came in with a little handheld machine, put my finger in that attached finger holder, and in a couple of seconds it was done!   It is called a 'Hand Held Pulse Oximeter With Finger Probe'.   Mine reading was 93, and if it had been 90 or below I would have been hospitalized, so they could give me oxygen.

He wrote three prescriptions for me.   As I had managed to get the eye drop medicine that he prescribed for me last week straightened out with my HMO, that was waiting for me at our local Kroger pharmacy.  So I asked the receptionist if they would call these in too, so that they would be ready by the time we got back to our town.

So now we were free to go shopping.  I deliberately found shady spots to park the van, as the sun was really beating down on us today.  That meant quite a bit of walking, which is good.   We went to 4 thrift shops.  I found a bag to make into a map bag for the back of the driver's seat.  First car I have had, that didn't have one. 
I bought an oscillating Pelonis ceramic heater with thermostat.  They were the original ceramic heaters, and are supposed to be the best.  Jay bought some jeans, and I grabbed three sleeveless cotton tops on sale for 50 cents each.
Jay had a 'two-fer' coupon, so we got a sour dough hamburger each.  I never did have time to eat mine, too busy tending the reins of the van, so it was put in the little 12 v. fridge in the van.   It will be my supper, not that I care for hamburgers.

We stopped for gas at our Kroger, and there was that same lady trying to get someone else to take the little Chihuahua she had offered me yesterday.  Poor little doggie. She had found him, a couple of months ago, starving, very timid and scared.  But her landlord won't let her have two dogs, and also hers has just come into season.   I called her and said that I would take him, and she is supposed to bring him in the morning, but I don't know if I will get him or not.  He is supposed to be very good and housebroken.

At Krogers I had to get some canned cat food, bananas and tissues, but I had forgotten my list, so that was all I remembered.  The prescriptions were ready, but one of them wasn't approved by my HMO, again!

So that will mean some more phone calls today!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hide yourself from Web searches. Cute Pics.

For you who understand all this:

"You can hide yourself from Web searches.
There is a section for "Search" under Facebook's privacy settings page, which is accessible from the top right corner of the Web site under "Settings." If you click the "Allow" box next to "Public Search Results," the information that Facebook deems publicly available (such as photo, fan pages and list of friends), along with anything else you have made available to everyone, will show up when someone looks up your name on a search engine such as Google. The stuff you've limited access to in your profile will not show up.

cat-child-eating This is useful if you want people you've lost touch with, or potential work contacts, to be able to find your Facebook page. If you'd rather not be found, uncheck this box.
A second setting, controlling searches within Facebook, lets you refine who can find you once that person has logged on. Limit searches to friends only if you think you have all the friends you need and don't want anyone to find you when they type in your name to Facebook.

cat-child-fish Beware of third-party applications.
Quizzes and games are fun, but each time you take one, you first authorize it to access your profile information, even if you have made that available only to your friends. You're also letting the app access some information on your friends.
Under "Application Settings," Facebook lists all the apps you have opened your profile up to. If you no longer want to authorize access to "Which Golden Girl Are You?" you can always remove it by clicking on the "X" next to its name. Apps you use regularly, such as Facebook for Android if you update your status from your mobile phone, should stay.

cat-babysitting Next, by clicking on "Applications and Websites" on the privacy settings page, you can edit whether your friends can share your birthday, photos and other specific information. Remember that applications can access your "publicly available information" no matter what.
The security firm Sophos recommends users set their privacy settings for two of Facebook's own popular applications, notes and photos, to friends only.

Go over your list of friends.
Cat-and-deer (Small) The average Facebook user has 130 friends. But many people interact with a much smaller group when commenting on status updates, photos and links. So it doesn't hurt to occasionally review your list of your friends to get an idea of just who can view your status posts, vacation photos and funny links you've shared over the years. Don't feel obligated to add anyone as a friend, even if that person adds you first. For professional acquaintance you don't want to snub, send them to a LinkedIn profile you can set up. Some workplaces and schools have rules about Facebook interactions between bosses and employees or students and teachers.

Create custom friends groups.
If you have friended a lot of people, sort them. Think of the groups you interact with in real life — co-workers, college buddies, girlfriends, grandma and grandpa — and organize your Facebook friends in these groups, too. Go to "All Friends" under the "Friends" button up top, click on "Create New List" and fire away. Then decide what aspects of your profile, and which status posts and photos, these people will have access to. Or, simply create a "limited" list for acquaintances or distant relatives and limit their access.
Customize your status posts.

cat-CPR. Type "I'm hungry" into your status update box. Click on the little lock icon. You'll see a range of privacy controls pop up, letting you either allow or limit access to the post. If you want, you can even hide it from everyone by clicking "Only Me" under the custom settings. Click on "Save Setting." Repeat with each post, or create a default setting for most updates and increase or decrease privacy as you see fit.
Let your friends know you have boundaries — in person."

This is what FaceBook has to say:




cat-asking-for-cookie (Small)"Status Update Box"….I don't know where, or what that is!! 
I don't understand all that, as I am not very FaceBook literate.  I just set my Facebook to the best privacy I could.  I still think it is a way for the paid people search sites to find people, and then charge you for the info.  
My son sent me a thing that said he 'liked' me, but I don't know how to do it back to him!  I would get rid of FB all together, but I can keep in touch with my family in England through it.

Ray washed the minivan, and Puddle Jumper.  Jay cleaned the area rugs, and I mopped and 'glo'-ed the linoleum, taking care that all the corners were scrubbed.  It doesn't do to splatter a mop around the parts that you can see, and leave the corners all grubby!  We are gradually getting the Spring Cleaning done.

This pollen, humidity, or something else is making it difficult for me to breathe, so I am short of breath, which makes it difficult for me to get anything done.  My sinuses are still acting up, especially at night, so I am going back to the doctor tomorrow.

I was offered another Chihuahua, but told her I couldn't get it until after I had been to the doctor tomorrow.

This was a record 93 degree day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Would You Use To Build Your House? Still Spring Cleaning.

A house made out of plastic bottles. Photo: The Ecological Bottle House

"Hoping friends and neighbors will see their home as a commitment to caring for the planet, the Santa Cruz family built their home's entire structure and all of furnishings (including the bed above) within from plastic bottles, aluminum cans, Tetra Pak boxboard and other recycled goods."
More at:|htmlws-main-n|dl9|link6|

This one is made of glass bottles:


Then, the man up the road from me, in Huntsville, TX, who makes houses out of anything, even bones:

Well, my house is just made of common sticks and lumber, but is still has to be spring cleaned!
Only two rooms of the house are carpeted, so Jay cleaned the living room carpet.   I vacuumed my bedroom really well, and got some more food down Maddie, their finicky Yorkie, while he cleaned the recliner in the living room, and then he cleaned the bedroom carpet, too.
Ray vacuumed my van, but it didn't get washed as his back started hurting.

So we still have to clean the area rugs, then mop-and-shine the other room's linoleum floors, but we had had enough for today.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Many Sunscreens & Cancer. Clean Sofa. Finicky Yorkie

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, I thought you might want to know about this:
WASHINGTON (May 24) -- "Almost half of the 500 most popular sunscreen products may actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer because they contain vitamin A or its derivatives, according to an evaluation of those products released today.

The white goop, creams and ointments might prevent sunburn. But don't count on them to keep the ultraviolet light from destroying your skin cells and causing tumors and lesions, according to researchers at Environmental Working Group."
In their annual report to consumers on sunscreen, they say that only 39 of the 500 products they examined were considered safe and effective to use.

News about Vitamin A. Eating vitamin A-laden vegetables is good for you, but spreading vitamin A on the skin may not be. New data show that tumors and lesions develop sooner on skin coated with vitamin A-laced creams. Vitamin A, listed as “retinyl palmitate” on ingredient labels, is in 41 percent of sunscreens. Avoid them.

Ingredients matter. Avoid the sunscreen chemical oxybenzone, a synthetic estrogen that penetrates skin and contaminates the

Look for zinc, titanium, avobenzone or Mexoryl SX. These
substances protect you from harmful UVA radiation and remain
on the skin, with little if any penetration. Also, skip sunscreens
containing insect repellent – if you need bug spray, buy it
separately and apply it first.

Here is another thought about drivers and cancer:


This morning Ray mowed, weed whacked and fixed a little heater.  One more thing off the workshop bench.

Jay got the carpet cleaner out of the attic, and cleaned my sofa, couch, davenport, whatever you want to call it. 

Jay had brought Maddie, the little Yorkie with him, as they still can't get her to eat.  I gave her some NutriCal, and also made a slurry of good dog food, and got some of that down her, too.  She fought that a bit, but she is strong, so she must be eating something somewhere.  Maybe they are just not used to how little a 3 lb dog eats.

I was vacuuming again, as we were going to clean the carpets, too.  I moved furniture, vacuumed all the nooks and crannies in the house, and washed some rugs.  That kinda wore me out.
Jay wanted to leave Maddie here with me, but I am not up to that today!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

World Turtle Day.

Western Pond Turtle

Celebrate World Turtle Day

"Turtles are one of the most endearing and symbolic of America's native wildlife. Turtles not only fascinate each passing generation of children, who find endless wonders under those hard shells, but they also continue to serve as a timeless role model in children's literature: the slow and steady turtle, whose patient progress always wins out against his fast but feckless competitor.

Yet the turtles' lofty status hasn't prevented humans from abusing the creature. In fact, all land, freshwater, and sea turtles are facing imminent threats to their survival, simply because of human activities. Turtles are the reptile most affected by the pet trade, not to mention the food and traditional medicine industries. Many turtle species also suffer from the effects of pollution as well as from the destructive effects of industrial fishing operations.

Despite these hardships, May is a busy month for turtles. Many have recently emerged from winter hibernation and are beginning their search for mates and nesting areas. For this reason, May 23 was designated World Turtle Day."
More at:

Sunday is World Turtle Day
World turtle day "According to Native American lore, the turtle symbolizes strength, longevity, and perseverance. And now the quiet and gentle animal has its own day on the calendar: May 23, which is this Sunday.
World Turtle Day was started a decade ago by American Tortoise Rescue, a nonprofit that works to protect all tortoise and turtle species. The yearly tradition celebrates turtles and encouraging people to learn more about how to protect the ancient reptiles.

To celebrate the day, why not spend May 23 outdoors, check out a few library books about turtles, or send a free turtle-themed e-card? There’s even a fun online quiz that can reveal your famous turtle alter-ego. However, our friends at the Humane Society hope that you remember turtle and tortoise species every day; they provide 12 ways to help protect these graceful creatures throughout the year."
--Sarah A. Henderson  From:


"The little glassy–eyed creatures may look cute and harmless, but small turtles can make people very ill. Turtles commonly carry bacteria called Salmonella on their outer skin and shell surfaces. People can get Salmonella by coming in contact with turtles or their habitats."  More at:

However, our friends at the Humane Society hope that you remember turtle and tortoise species every day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prefer Your Pet? Dancing Dog. Groom For Gulf.

woman dog"When traveling, it's natural to miss everyone at home, including your pets. But a recent nationwide survey by Pup-Peroni indicates that a significant portion of the pet parent population (33 percent) actually miss their pets more than their significant others! And it's not that these people just aren't feeling the romance; 60 percent find their pooches to be more dependable than their human pals.
The survey results showed that:
89 percent say their pooches are more excited to greet them when they come home than their significant others
89 percent believe there have been moments when their dogs tried to comfort them in times of need
74 percent think their dog's body language or facial expressions let them know how their pet is feeling
72 percent prefer to blow off steam by taking a walk with their dogs than with a close companion
70 percent believe they have "shared a look" with their dogs on at least one occasion
69 percent believe their pooches know when they are feeling happy
67 percent believe their pups sense anger
67 percent confess that when they travel, they're more likely to feel guilty about leaving their dogs behind than family and friends
62 percent believe that their dogs are more dependable than their human best friends
58 percent think their dogs know when they're sad
41 percent say that their furry friend is more likely to "notice" they've had a bad day than their best human friend
34 percent report that at least once, they've had an entire "conversation" with their dogs without saying a word
9 percent say they know exactly what their pooch is thinking".
More at:|htmlws-main-n|dl8|link6|
The reason I don't do Tiny URLs is that I want you to see where it came from.  You never know where a Tiny URL is going to take you!
Dancing Dogs:
'Simon Cowell might seem like a big ol' meanie, but beneath that skintight shirt beats the heart of a dog lover. The "Britain's Got Talent" judge says he's picked as a potential winner of this year's competition, and she's a furry, four-legged rescue dog named Chandi. "

You can see the loving interaction between them.
Have your pet "Groomed for the Gulf" 
"If you're interested in helping protect the environment and the aquatic and bird life now at risk in the Gulf of Mexico, here's what you need to do:
  • Have your pet groomed by your regular groomer or at your local PETCO
  • If you use your regular groomer, ask them to collect all the clippings and put them in a plastic storage bag (if you have your pet groomed at PETCO they will automatically do this for you)
  • Drop your pet's fur/hair clippings off at your local PETCO grooming salon; or
  • Go to follow the instructions on how to donate.  
WebVet's recommendation is to find a PETCO in your area and drop your pet's fur off at the grooming salon. 
The important thing here is that all pet owners join forces to help save the environment and, most importantly, the wildlife that is being so negatively impacted by this oil spill. 
What's more wonderful than animals helping to save animals?"
More at:

The little Long Coat Chihuahua shed a lot, and I didn't realize it until I emptied my upright vacuum.  I have a bag full of it to donate.  I have had poodles for the last few years, and they don't shed.  (PS.  I still love my little Hoover Nanolite, it really sucks it up.)  I am sure there was some cat hair in there too.  I wanted to get all the cut hair too, so that I could take it to Petco.   
So Patches and Prime watched me vacuum every nook and cranny in the grooming room and Middle Room, today.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Check that Cough. Shortness of breath? Medical Day.

"Stephen Schueler, MD, is an emergency physician, teacher, and author. Although he designed the Symptom Checker to feel like a real emergency room intake interview, it is a computer program and not a live doctor."
If you have a cough, the free system checker will give you an idea what is going on.

If you have shortness of breath two specific breathing techniques can ease it..  These instructions are for people with COPD, but they apply to everyone who gets shortness of breath.  I know I get it once in a while.

1. Pursed-lip breathing:
"Pursed-lip breathing is basically breathing in through the nose and out through pursed lips. This technique is particularly useful when your shortness of breath flares up, and when you exercise.
Practice this technique by inhaling through your nose, making sure to keep your mouth closed. Then purse your lips and exhale softly for at least twice the amount of time as your inhale. Doing this forces you to use the correct breathing muscles and ensures you exhale as much air as possible so that it does not get trapped in your lungs. With less air trapped in your lungs, more oxygen will be able to get into your bloodstream.
2. Diaphragmatic Breathing.
Diaphragmatic breathing is a breathing exercise that helps to strengthen your diaphragm, which is the most important muscle used in breathing. Your diaphragm is located under your lungs and helps you expel air from your lungs when you exhale. When air gets trapped in the airways in COPD patients, the diaphragm has difficulty functioning properly and eventually becomes less useful.….."
Full Instructions at:

Jay and I both had medical appointments today.  He had arranged his to be on the same day, so that I could take him, as his mother still isn't up to par since her liver transplant.

First stop was Jay's doctor's appointment, he has some congestion in his chest.  I dropped him off, and went a couple of miles to the Conroe Hospital to get my old mammogram.  I had been phoning, emailing and faxing back and forth all week trying to have it ready for today.  They didn't know anything about it, didn't even know the person I had been told to contact.  So their left hand doesn't know what their right hand is doing. The lady I spoke to, is going to take care of it, though, and send my old mammogram to the new place for them to compare.  When I had to change health care plans, I had to change doctors and other service providers.

I went back to get Jay, and they were running late, but we finally got out of there. I drove down to The Woodlands, and we were early for my mammogram appointment.  I had packed us a lunch in the little 12v. fridge, so we had a picnic in the van under the shade of a tree, but it was still hot.  What happened to Spring? 

Even though I was early, I signed in with the receptionist, and then filled out all the paperwork with another  lady.  She escorted me to a dressing room, to don their lovely gown, and a robe.  After putting my belongings in a locker, I was ushered to another lobby, with 10 other ladies all sitting around in robes, waiting their turn.  After quite a long time one of the techs came in and apologized as they were running 45 minutes behind. 

Eventually I was seen, and we got out of The Woodlands as fast as we could, to try to beat the Friday night traffic.  Jay had to pick up his prescriptions at Walmart in Conroe, so I went through my shopping list there.  Of course the prescriptions were not ready, so we had to hang around there, too.

We had left at 9.30 AM, and didn't get back until after 6.00 PM, so it was a tiring day.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

RV FIRE Tips. Just Cleaning. FAX.

"As you sit around the campfire with other RVers, you'll hear plenty of discussions on the "do's and don'ts" of RVing. Some of the most heated discussions center on whether or not to leave pilot lights lit when driving or towing your RV down the road. We've commented on this topic before. One thing we hope most RVers can agree on is this:
"ALWAYS shut off your pilot lights or any automatic lighting systems for propane appliances before you refuel--for any sort of fuel. "


"The owner, and Indiana man, inserted the gas hose nozzle in his tank, and when the pump started off, the force of the fuel flow blew the nozzle back out of the tank. Unfortunately, the nozzle was stuck in the full open position, blasting gasoline onto the concrete apron and under this Class B motorhome.
The man speculates that a pilot light, still turned on in his rig, gave the gas vapor an ignition point. While his wife and dog were able to bail out of the rig and save their lives, the rig and their possessions where a total loss."   Source:

Fire Safety Tip from Mac McCoy:      Tires and Brakes.
Tires and brakes are the culprit in almost 20 percent of fires. A dragging brake can create enough friction to ignite a tire or brake fluid. Some of the worst fires are those caused when one tire of a dual or tandem pair goes flat and then scuffs and ignites, long before the driver feels any change in handling.

At each stop, give your tires at least an eyeball check. Remember a pressure gauge reading on hot tires isn’t accurate.  Tap duals with a club and listen for a difference in sound; you can often tell if one is going soft."

Another ttFire Safety Tip from Mac McCoy:     Shake It!

Invert and shake your dry-powder or dry-chemical extinguisher monthly to loosen the powder. The jarring of the coach does not loosen the powder; in fact, it packs the powder, which may make your extinguisher ineffective.

Another good and important  read:

Knowing these facts can save lives:
Mac sells the foam fire extinguishers, which are far superior to the regular ones. "That's why I recommend the NEW foam/wetting agent and/or the NEW wetting agent fire extinguishers. These NEW extinguishers are the extinguishers of the future."
Mac The Fire Guy's site:


Wipe-your-feet-1 PICT0006-1
 Jay and I cleaned up all the pine needles from the yard, and the ones he swept off the roof from the day before, and burned them.

We also cleaned the siding on the front of the house by the front door, the entrance porch and steps.  The little red, white and blue bouquet has been on my door since 9/11.

There is usually blue indoor outdoor carpet on the steps and triangular deck, but we took it off to scrub the deck boards.  The "Wipe Your Paws" mat does a good job, but the blue carpet sure stops a lot of dirt from tracking in.

The screen porch siding got a wash, too. 
My little Red Maple tree planted to give shade to the house, (eventually), is growing. 
Last year it would give shade to one lizard, I think we are up to three lizards, now!

This morning:

Ray and I vacuumed AC filters, ceiling fans, and put new 'stuffing' in the 3 air cleaners.  We make our own stuffing from AC filters, instead of buying the ready made filters.  About three times a year we renew the carbon filters in them, too, as  you can buy sheets of it.

While we were vacuuming the back of my PC, we undid the extra phone line that I had disconnected, and hooked it up to my main land line.  The line goes to the HP All-In-One first, then back to the PC.  I put a splitter in the phone line going to the PC, and the laptop, so I won't have to switch the line from one to the other.  Getting under my desk and fiddling with anything on the back of the PC is a PITA, and knees!  Especially when the power is out.

As I am on Broadband, I only use dial-up when the cable and/or power is out, so the extra phone line was superfluous.  The phone company assured me that I can still get, and receive faxes, if I am not on the phone.

If you don't have a fax machine handy and you fax often, it might be easier to pay  and fax through email.

I am debating whether to get an Auto Alert,  but unless we have another major hurricane knock out the power for a few days, I wouldn't need it.   But if we did, I would really need it.  Anyone have one of those?  I can recharge my laptop in my RV.  
I have a new Emerson Switchboard, but never used it, as it has such terrible reviews.

I think Spring passed us by, as it feels like Summer today.