Friday, January 16, 2009


It stayed too cold for Bobcat to go on the porch today. It didn't hardy warm up, and was overcast all day.

Today, Jay's mother had to go to the Medical Center for some more tests before her surgery on Monday. No, not the liver transplant yet, this will be on her lung with the spot.

As Jay also had a doctor's appointment today in Conroe, she asked me to take him. I had a list of things to get there, so I didn't mind. I took Debo down there when I picked up Jay, and let him run around on the leash for a while. It is good for him to go to different places. I had to stop back here on the way out, as I had to feed the cats that had been de-wormed two hours before, and to put the dog up.

After I dropped off Jay at the doctors, I went to the only feed store, in this area, that carries Feline Leukemia vaccines, not just the regular shots, as we knew that the two outside cats should have them. I had my insulated bag with dry ice pack with me.

I also knew that this particular feed store carried the "Taste Of The Wild" cat food that I had heard about. I looked at the ingredients of it, and another one, but chose the another one, "Exclusive", Made with Real Chicken, as it is "pH Balanced and Magnesium Controlled" and has Omega 3 and 6 in it. I found out years ago, and have the vet bills to prove it, that the proper pH in cat food is very important, or they can get urinary tract troubles, which is very common in cats, and caused by their diet. I wouldn't be looking at dry cat food after all this talk about it being bad for them, but Snack just will not eat canned or pouch cat food.

When Jay finally came out of the doctors, as we were near three thrift shops, we looked in them. I bought a like new Farberware toaster oven. Yes, another one. We went further south to eat at Taco Cabana, and to visit the Goodwill Store down there. I had been looking for one of those automatic deodorizer dispensers for the dog room, but I found a like new air cleaner there.

They also had a shedder, which I have been needing since mine quit. I have had to tear off my name, address and any account numbers off papers for quite a while. Then I would put them in the waste bin with a plastic bag that I use for the used litter, before I put litter in it, of course. I knew no one would dig in there for my info!
That was a safety trick I learned when on the road RVing, and had a dog. If you don't have a pet, put the little torn out pieces of paper with your info into a coffee can, or plastic bag, with your used coffee grounds, tea bags, or vegetable peelings.

We stopped at the Dollar General, Radio Shack, insurance company, picked up Jay's prescriptions, etc. We were trying to hurry, so I didn't get everywhere on the list, as I was worried about getting back to Debo to let him out.

Tomorrow, a warmer one, is another day.

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