Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not Much Going On Here, Too Chilly.

It is still chilly, and in the 40's and 50's. Not very conducive to getting much done outside.

I picked up Jay as his mother, my friend, is still in the hospital. He went up on the roof over the guest house and store room, to re-attached some panels that had come loose. It looks like we might have to do some work to that area when the weather gets better.

Jay's mother should be home tomorrow, so as he was acting right, I let him take MaeMae home with him for the night. He commented how she always smells better when she is here. I showed him articles about how corn in their diet makes them smell more 'doggy'. I wish they would feed her different food. They pay a lot for her food, thinking they are doing the right thing, but don't look at the ingredients. Most of the time it is the advertising to promote the food that drives up the price, just like a lot of things.

Snack still isn't eating right, so I crawled under my bed to get her and put her back in the middle room. I have tried to tempt her with so many foods, but she just won't touch them. When Debo leaves here tomorrow for his check-up and surgery, she will eat better. She just doesn't like him around, and even though Pepper aggravated her, I think she misses him. In the mean time I am going to get some Nutri-Cal down her.

Just a quiet Sunday.

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