Sunday, March 16, 2014

What Easter Doesn't Tell You. Recap of The Last Couple of Weeks.


For "Scripture Sunday":

The program on WGN TV this morning:

"What Easter Doesn't Tell You."

Something critical is missing in the story of Easter and it has everything to do with your salvation. Learn more.

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Ray and I went to church.   He is driving me most places, as I am still scared of the driver's side air bag.  Already being height challenged, the steering wheel is close to my chest, and if that air bag went off hitting the place where I was sawn open, and then wired and glued shut, I don't know what I would do. 

Each day I am getting stronger, but still not up to par.  After all those years of being tied down to this computer from morning to night for my work, I still have a bit of an aversion to it.  It is a relief not to have to be on it all the time. 

We have tackled some jobs, got the Heat/AC that blew cold air in the heat mode out and returned to the store, and installed one that works like it should.  The patio door on the guest house had somehow got out of square.  Ray and I undid the screws on the right side of the frame and dropped that side down, so the door closes properly now.  The washing machine that I bought used, in 1994, finally gave up, and I have another one, a Roper this time, in my van, but Jay hasn't been here to help us move them around.

Ray and I went to see the detective that is handling my robbery case, and he says that it sometimes takes three months to get things in gear, as they are short staffed…..  But when a neighbor had to call an ambulance, two cop cars, an ambulance and a great big fire truck with six firemen on board responded, just to pick up one little old lady!! 

Jay went to church with us the week before, but he didn't yesterday.

The sermon was about how important it is that we observe Passover, as we are directed all through the Bible.

After church, Ray went to Petco as it was his turn to tend to the cats at our SPCA Cat Habitat. Right now it is housing the kittens that he cared for here, while I was in the hospital, so it was a happy reunion for the kittens and Ray.  One has already been adopted.  The others will be there for two more weeks, and if not adopted they will be back here, until it is their turn to go back to DSCF0062-001 the Habitat. 

I still have Nala, my foster cat, and my 'new', old, black cat, Ava.

Ray really likes this little church, and we stayed for the potluck and fellowship afterwards, which made it a great day.