Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lovely Warm Sunny Day. Added A Dog, Now

Lovely warm sunny day, just nice for being outside, and snoozing in a lawn chair.
Bobcat could stay on the porch, and Summer clothes are the attire for the day.

I had a bunch of duck and fish food, so Jay and I went down to lake. That "spotter" seagull brought a whole flock of them in. I had forgotten to take a camera, so I took some with my cellphone, but getting them out of the phone is a big chore for me.

On the way home I stopped at the place where the black dog is tied to a tree in the cold and wet, and the "lady" was home. I asked her if it was OK to bring a dog house, and we got talking. She has three small kids, and so she couldn't keep him in the house. (?) She said that they were given the dog, but they didn't want him, and I could have him if I wanted him . So I came back here, got a crate, returned and loaded the dog up in the crate in the back of the truck. He is very friendly, and about a year old.

He was hungry, and you can see how skinny he is. He hasn't given me any trouble so far, and completely ignores cats! His name was Debo, but that might change. He looks like a Belgian Sheepdog.

I set up the German Shepherd cage in the grooming room, so that I can lock him up if I have to. He can't mix with any dogs that I have to groom. My SPCA boss is coming tomorrow with shots for the cats, and dog shots too, now.

I am so glad that I don't have to worry about him being tied to that tree anymore. Every time it got cold or wet I would think about him. He seems very happy to be here.

Another rescue day.


Anonymous said...

Bless you for saving that dog. He looks like my childhood dog. Are you going to keep him or find a home?

Anonymous said...

Bless you for rescuing that dog. He will be much happier. He looks like my dog I had as a child. Are you keeping him or find a new home? I am sure he is enjoying being with you.