Saturday, January 24, 2009

Darn! Cold, Windy Again. Shopping.

Darn it! It turned cold again, overcast, and in the 50's today.

As Jay's mother is still in the hospital, Mae Mae is still here. Jay and I went down to lake with left-overs to feed the fish and ducks, but the seagulls came and got most of it, as usual. MaeMae and Debo enjoyed running around down there.

Today we went into the next town. I had a list, but we didn't even get to WalMart. We browsed some thrift ships, bought a few things, then we went to Petco as I wanted to find some good canned food that Snack would eat. I was trying to find some that didn't have 'by-products' in it, as I know what they are are! I have done my homework on pet diets. Jay looks at the fish while I am in the cat dept. We both have had aquariums.

I don't have to worry about what to feed Debo, the dog. He eats what my SPCA boss brought him: Nutro Choice Dry Food, and Nutro Choice canned food, no 'by-products' in those. He is alert, intelligent, lively, outgoing and his coat is shiny black. Very different from the bedraggled, morose, skinny, scared, little doggie that was left tied to a tree in the rain and cold. Kenya had brought some Nutro Choice cat food in pouches, but Snack doesn't seem to like any 'wet' food. In fact she doesn't like to eat as long as the dog is here, so I have let her come in the house with Bobcat and me. Snack, MaeMae and Bobcat all ignore each other.

It was a little windy, there is a jacket in the truck, but I was glad I had worn the button down cardigan made out of a sweat shirt. They seen to stop the wind. In fact I bought another one at a thrift shop today.

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Either Ray or Shay have been coming over twice a day to hold and
pet Orange Glow. He loves their attention, but then gets back into his cage, lays on his pillow, watches Animal Planet, and enjoys being an inside cat. I don't think he wants to go home and be an outside cat anymore!

I hope tomorrow is a warmer day.

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