Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bathed Cat. Snack & Pepper's Portraits

It was a lovely warm morning when I got up, a tank top and windows open again today. Bobcat could stay on the porch most of the day. It was supposed to rain, but it didn't.

This is Snack looking very worried about the whole photo process.

Linda arrived with her new cat, Missy. She is a tortoiseshell Persian. Very beautiful and sweet, but skinny. I weighed her and she is only 6-7 lb. full grown. She wasn't easy to shower, but we got it done. Actually we did get some dirty looking rinse water off her. I am surprised that she wasn't matted as her hair is long, and getting her dry was no easy feat. I cage dried her for a half an hour, and then gently brush dried her, but after a while I knew she'd had enough. I sent Linda home with a covered cat box with sifting liners, and some scoopable litter. In a few days when Missy has settled down in her new home, we will start the three day worming process. Linda has never had a cat in her house, so I don't know how long this is going to last.

This is mischievous Pepper, he will get into everything. You can't open a drawer and he is right in there wanting to see what is in it.

Ray came over and we worked for a short while. The sun was shining so we opened up the big doors in the workshop. He did some more painting on an outside table, and we repaired a little bamboo footstool. It isn't nailed together, it is put together with tiny dowels, which I had already bought. He checked the Marine Goop on the runner for the top drawer on my dishwasher, said it is sturdy, and gave me the OK to use it. He loaded the vacuum cleaner that I have to take back to WalMart inside the truck, probably tomorrow morning, as they won't be so busy.

I had to email back and forth answering questions about things I have for sale, send extra pictures, make appointments to show items, etc. That all takes time.

It feels like Spring today.

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