Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 C's. Cleaning and Computers.

It is a sunny, but cool day in the low 60's. As soon the sun came round to the porch, Bobcat was out there. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid 70's, that will be nice.

I spent a while cleaning the cat cages in the middle room, and getting ready for Orange Glow to come home. Missy and Pepper won't be coming back here, as Missy is now adopted too, by the guy that put in an application last Saturday. He had orginally said he wanted two cats, so we are waiting for him to meet Snack, and see if he wants her too. I hope so. They have a special rate for folks who want two. Missy is an outgoing cat and wants attention, but not overly so, while Snack is really laid back, so they wouldn't be competing for his attention. We think that it would be an ideal match.

I finally had a moment to hook up my old Sony computer so that I could attach an external hard drive to it, and suck the info out to put in the Dell. Just as soon as I got it all hooked up, the cable goes out, of course. We had taken the "telephone hole" out of the Sony to put in the Dell, so I couldn't even get it going on dial-up. I just busied myself cleaning the bathroom, and doing laundry until the cable came back on.

The external drive just sits there with its red light on, and the instructions don't tell me what to do, so that is as far as I have got. It is supposed to have a blue light that goes around and around when it is gathering information, but I don't know how to make it do that. I even looked up all sorts of places, and they don't tell me anything either. I guess the young folks have that knowledge programmed in them when they are born, so the sites don't give you any more instructions other than how to plug it in. StarWars was on when I was younger, but they didn't have external hard drives then!

Orange Glow will probably have to come back here, as he has to be caged for another week to ten days to let him heal from his surgery. He is supposed to be kept warm, and Shay's utility room is not heated. He must not jump up or down on anything. Also, as his 'copy-cat hormones' will still be working for a while, he mustn't go off carousing.

So it was another frustrating computer day.

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Speedy said...

Penny I have not been able to talk to you on Chat for some time. I am having a problem with my DSL. I keep getting jammed up so I have to drop out when the room gets too full. Hope you are doing well and as soon as I resolve my problem I will once again be on chat.