Saturday, February 28, 2009

Groomed Mikey. Went to Town.

It was a lot colder today, and windy. I had to turn the heat on a little bit. Bobcat didn't want to go out on the porch. Snack has become very bold, and picks on Bobcat, so I try to keep them separated now. I just let Snack in the house when Bobbiecat is on the porch. I had to keep Snack locked up in her big dog carrier for the first time for ages, while I was grooming Mikey.

Jay was going shopping with his mother. Ray came over early, and now that I have my little Puddle Jumper "doggie" car back, I went to get Mikey. I have a special towel covered back seat in it, for dogs with dirty feet. I just don't like to transport dogs up in the front seat of the truck with me. Mikey, 25lb Miniature White Poodle, took a long time to do, as it has been a quite a while since I groomed him. Partly, because of the long winter we have had, and Sam likes to keep him cut short as Mikey loves to roll in the dirt. Partly, because I just haven't had the time.

Ray worked on the back step of the Mirage today, as there wasn't going to be anybody going in and out of it. The bolts that hold it on to the frame are still masked off, as it got too windy to paint more than one coat. The outside of the door still needs cleaning up, but he did around the inside of door today.

Jay had to go into the next town to pay a bill, and even though I was worn out from grooming 'wiggle wort' Mikey, I took him so that I could get a few things, too. His mother was worn out from grocery shopping this morning. I was looking for something a bit narrower for the storage part of the little cabinet we are making in the Mirage. I found some plastic drawers at Dollar General, but I might use some wooden drawers that I already have, even though they will be heavier. That way I would only have to put one door on on it.

I called Billy, Mindi's husband, to tell him that I had finally got Mikey groomed, so some of Mindi's poodles were next. Now they have got a Yorkie puppy, too, so that means nine dogs in the house!
Maybe he needs a dog shelf, to keep them in!!

I couldn't stand 9 dogs in my house! If I have Mindi's here, they stay in my grooming room most of the time. I had five dogs in the house once, so I had five dog beds all in a row, and that is where they had to stay. I finally got them narrowed down to one.

Billy made me laugh, as he is having to take care of all the animals, and the nearly 2-year old people baby, Noah, that they adopted. He said he can't just run to the store anymore, as he has to dress the baby, get the car seat just right, and all that. He said he hasn't had time to do much cleaning or laundry, either.
I told him, now he knows that "woman's work is never done".

Good thing they didn't adopt twins!

A busy, windy, cooler day.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Just more Work on the Mirage.Puddle Jumper Home!!

Another great day, and Ray started early. He is still cleaning the Mirage, but we have some black streaks that we haven't managed to remove, yet. He re-installed the front clearance lights, and the middle one on the back, all with little bolts, washers, lock washers and nuts. It looks orange, but it is red, and I couldn't find one like the others.
He also painted the door holder with Rustoleum Hammered Black paint, as it was rusty. I would have bought a new one, but as the old one was riveted on so well, and didn't show on the inside of the door, we didn't want to disturb it. The other part of it was missing, but we took the one off the TranStar, as it needs a different type of door holder anyway.

Jay was making the little cabinet, and I was called backwards and forwards to help between Ray and Jay, till I thought my little legs would wear down.

We got the table cut for the dinette, now have to finish it, Formica it, add a cone table holder, and buy the right length pole.

Jim, the mechanic, finally has my little Puddle Jumper wagon fixed. Hooray!
I have had to run the AC, as it was warm and humid last night and today, so when I stripped my bed, I took the electric mattress pad off. I think winter is over, even though it will be colder for the next couple of days, in the low 60's. The weather at Escapees, (SKP's) in Livingston showed 69% humidity. My barometer showed 60% here.

A tiring day.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Work. Making Cabinet for Mirage.

It is a lovely day, and Ray, Jay and I worked on the Mirage, while Bobbiecat snoozed on her porch.

Jay and I did a bunch figuring as to what would go where, measured, then found a piece of nice luann that had come out of the overhead bed in the Class B. Cut into three it will
make nice sides for the cabinet we are building. We cut the frame work out of some fir we had picked up, that was going to be throw away at Lowes the other day. Fir is lighter than pine, and I like to use it for framing in RVs.

That is "Pugsy", my vintage (old)1968 Venture fiberglass Class A in the background. It was parked there as that was supposed to be the next one to work on, but with the cold weather, no-one got enthusiatic about it!! Let's face it, as it's age, it can't depreciate anymore! It runs great, but does need a couple of mechanical things done to it, and a good cleaning.

Jay just went around the Mirage, painting and fixing places where the PO had used the wrong color paint.

If I can't get the Mirage ready in time for the GTG, I guess I will borrow this one!

Went to get a few things from Convenience RV, and called it a day.

Mirage In The Shop! Rainforest

It wasn't so cold thing morning, I was able to drive the Mirage in just a T-shirt and cardigan. It didn't take long to toss the cardigan. Bobcat was out on her porch early, but brought back in before I left.
Ray drove my truck, and after we dropped off the Mirage, we stopped at WalMart only, as we had to pick up Shay at 10 AM at her job.
It seems strange not to see the Mirage in the side driveway out of my bedroom window.

Your FREE click on the Rainforest page does help save a lot of carbon emissions which are causing Global Change for our grandkids. We have to hope that this earth will be fit for them to live in it.
"Every second, a slice of rainforest the size of a football field is mowed down। That's 86,400 football fields of rainforest per day, or over 31 million football fields of rainforest each year."—The Nature Conservancy .

Save places like this lovely waterfall.
The second picture is a rainforest in Canada.

Other ways that you can help our grandkids:
""Plant a tree with a child: Take a walk in the woods, or plant trees (which store CO2). Teaching our children to love and care for the planet is the most important thing we can do to ensure the future of humankind!
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"Despite the fact that deforestation is the second leading contributor of carbon emissions worldwide after the burning of fossil fuels, countries currently have few incentives for preserving their forests. However, deforestation is finally gaining attention in international discussions on climate change. "

This is what it looks like after they have clear cut some forest.
Dreadful isn't it? And that happens EVERY day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bit More Work & Clicks Do Make a Difference

It started out warm , and got warmer by the hour, but not hot.

Ray worked on the body of the Mirage, and Jay and I started to build the chest of drawers and the toilet area. But we had to jack up this side of the dinette first. It seemed to have dropped about 1/2 inch, and as we will be building against that side, it needed to be perpendicular. We got that done, but were tired of waiting for the mechanic to come to look at the wiring for the new light at the back. That panel with the speakers on it, is still across the doorway. Jay fixed the light over the kitchen counter, and we tried different things, but couldn't make the round light work on that panel. We even tried an extra ground, as some RV lights need that on fiberglass. Other lights we tried would work, but not the one we wanted to use. I couldn't count how many times I climbed up and down out of that RV. So the wires are wire nutted off, and I will look for another round light. I think it needs to be round to match the speakers, but I might have to compromise.

I had to buy more paint for Ray, also I had some things to get from Krogers, so I took off into town. I think I picked up all the bargains they had at Krogers, including some fresh oysters, and by the time I got home I was beat. I was supposed to go north to the other RV store, but never made it.

I wish the weather would stay like today.

PS: Here is Wilma who was helped by the Daily Clicks:

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping and Researching All Day.

A lovely sunny, warm tank-top day, today. Bobcat was out on her porch early, and I even left her there while I went into town.

Ray came over, he knew what he had to do to the Mirage, and to keep an eye on Bobcat in case the weather got hot. Snack just stays under my bed in the mornings, then climbs on my knee when I am on the computer, in the afternoons. I took Jay, as he needed to pick up a prescription in the next town.

We went to WalMart first, as I wanted to buy a toilet for the Mirage. Didn't see any clearance lights there that match what I have. I had seen a toilet at a WalMart in Arkansas that I liked, but they didn't have the same one here, but I got one anyway. I had made up my mind that I didn't want to have to carry the bottom of a Porta Potti to a toilet or dump. I would rather have one with the Bio-Gel waste bags, that can be put in a dumpster.

Then to Lowes to get more electrical bits and pieces for the Mirage. We picked up Jay's prescription and tobacco, then went all the way south of town to the RV store. I couldn't find the kind of clearance lights I wanted there, except one, so I just about came away empty handed, after going all that way.

We did stop at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop on the way home, and I bought another shredder, bigger, better, and cheaper than the last one I bought, a little plastic tool box for the Mirage, and a blue pet dish.

When I got home I researched the sites that sell Bio-Gel, the shipping is outrageous if you don't watch what you are doing. Bass Pro Shop had the best rates. I researched the various types of heaters, portable power and small digital TV's too, but haven't bought any yet. I want to make sure that I have a TV for the next power outage, and to use in an RV, too.

You just get pictures of dogs with balls, today.

PS: I hope you did your clicks, today: This is from the Animal Rescue site:

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Took Some More Apart. Help!!

This morning it was chilly again, but Bobcat insisted that she wanted to be on her porch, even though it was only 40 deg. out there. I gave her the chance to come back in, several times, but she didn't want to. She was happy as soon as the sun came around to the front of the house.

Ray and I wore coats at first, but shed them about 11.00. Ray did a little more work on the body. Then we cleaned up the overhead bed area, and I brought a couple of camping mattress down from my attic, and we put them up there, temporarily. The piece of the overhead bed that comes out so that you can get between the front and back easily, needed a bit cut off it, to fit right, so we got that done.

We vacuumed out the two storage spaces under the dinette, and tried out the jack. It held up the motor home, so I guess it is a keeper. Tried the lug wrench, yes, it fit. I found a bin to keep the jack, all it's components, and a couple of little jack boards together, and wrapped them up in old dog towels to stop them from rattling. We fixed a broken strut on my little plastic folding picnic-table-with-benches. Folded it up, and put it in that same compartment with the jack, under one side of the dinette. Still plenty of room for more stuff. The other side has the coach battery, which we kept on disconnecting and reconnecting while we were checking the fan and lights. Over the counter, we installed a different light that I have had for years. You can't get them anymore, it has a 12v. socket in it that I use for charging my cell phone. But it didn't work right!

We took a ceiling panel down to get to the innards of little 12v. roof vent. The new fan blade didn't fit, so it goes back to the RV store. The little fan's spindle sure needed greasing, as it was squeaking, but a shot of De-Oxit fixed that. We also took down the back panel, hanging across the door right now, as per picture, as we wanted to add another light back there, and had to get to the wiring. As you cannot see in the pantry cupboard on one side, or the closet on the other, very well, a light will be a great improvement. That panel has two speakers mounted on it, which flash blue lights when the radio is on. What ever next!! Some folk's priorities amaze me, they spent a fortune on a fancy CD player radio, speakers with flashing lights, but didn't get fifth gear fixed !! I know I won't have that radio on at night!!
Even though Jim, the mechanic, doesn't mechanic any more, he is going to come up here and help us with all this 12v. wiring, so that we can concentrate on the outside.

It couldn't go to the transmission mechanic today.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Odd Jobs On Mirage.

Still a bit chilly today, the nice weather won't be here again for a few days. But Bobcat insisted on going out on her porch.

The first thing that Ray and I did, was to waterproof the crack in the Plexiglas window with Marine Goop, inside and out. Then we were going to re-attach the running lights above the windows, but it seemed prudent to check them out first. We couldn't get them all to work. One of the sockets looks corroded, so I might just as well buy new ones. We screwed them back on, temporarily, so they
won't flop around on their wires while it goes to the transmission shop.
It is important to get the fifth gear checked out before it goes much further.

Ray worked on some places on the fiberglass rear, and the truck front. I took the toilet privacy curtain down, washed it, put new RV slider hangers on it, and re-installed it. It wasn't dirty, but it needed new little roller hangers on it anyway, as some were missing. Fortunately I had some. I greased all the hinges with White Grease Spray, so they don't squeak and squawk now. I cleaned out a compartment, got the jack out, tried it out, but I need to do it with a load on it, as I don't like the look of it. I found out where the spare is... thank goodness I have GS ERS, because I am not crawling under there to get it!

I spent some time looking for an inside/outside thermometer for the fridge. As it is 110v, but will run off the back battery through an inverter, I thought I had better be able to keep an eye on my food's temperature. I was pretty tickled to find one that is also a calendar and a clock. Now, how about that for space saving multi-tasking?

I also want a Carbon Monoxide detector in there, in case I ever have to use a propane heater. I never want to be as cold as I was that night stranded in Nacogdoches WalMart parking lot.
I had bought a new fan blade for the little powered roof vent, but I have been reading about how computer muffin 12v. fans are so much more quiet and energy efficient, that I have been researching that, too.

Just what I call "A Rat Killin' Day".

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last Window, Last Screw, Then Crack !!!!

It was still sweater weather until about 10.30 and then the sun warmed everything up. But the sky started to cloud up, then got really dark off in the distance, so we knew it was going to rain.

We tried to hurry, and that was our downfall. At the very last window, and the very LAST screw, the Plexiglas cracked. We were packing everything up in the rain, dashing between the raindrops. Then it only dropped a few more drips of rain, and quit.
This picture was taken just before it happened. I don't know if we will have time to put a new one in just yet, as the Mirage needs to go to the transmission shop.

A cracking good day.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Shopped, and Drilled More Holes

It was chilly this morning, so Bobcat couldn't go out on her porch until later.
It was 80 deg. out there, but it will turn chilly again.

Ray started early on some more sanding and painting on the fiberglass part of the Mirage, while Jay and I had to go into the next town to get some business done there. We went to Lowes to get more nuts, bolts and washers, and of course, they were out of the sizes we needed, so I had to stop at our local hardware store. But I did buy a piano hinge at Lowes, ready for a cabinet I am designing for the passenger side.

After lunch Jay and I drilled the holes in the other two pieces of Plexiglas, so it should be plain sailing tomorrow. Weather permitting, maybe we can get the other two windows in, and get it to the transmission shop on Monday. The fifth gear needs some attention.
That will give us Sunday to paint the metal parts.

Then Ray had to borrow my truck to get a sewer machine to use at a neighbor's house.

Some "lickin'" good pictures, to brighten your day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

AC for First Time. First Window In.

It got so close and stuffy feeling last night, I had to turn the AC on. Yesterday, it had been hot working in the RVport with the front of the Mirage in the afternoon sun.

This morning Ray put on another coat of paint, then sanded and prepared some other little boo-boos that are on the Mirage.
Jay and I got our little pattern we had made to make sure holes were drilled all even and straight along the edge of the rounded Plexiglas.
The ruler had holes drilled in it at 1-3/4 inch intervals. After Jay drilled the first hole through the Plexiglas, a nail was dropped into that hole, and I pivoted the ruler so that the edge just lined up with the edge of the Plexiglas, then Jay would drill that one. We continued all the way around.
We put a ring of Butyl Putty Tape all around the Plexiglas, and then came the fun part.
Ray got up in the overhead bed, with the box of washers. Even though we had practiced on some old fiberglass and Plexiglas, riveting it together was not going to work. We could hear a slight crushing noise when the pressure was applied to the rivet gun. So we backed off, and went to plan B. I screwed the bolts through Bonded Neoprene Washers, which have a rubber backing, Jay put them in the holes, and held the Plexiglas tight against the fiberglass, so that Ray could get his washer and nut on the bolts, then they tightened it all down, one by one. The putty tape made a waterproof seal, and the excess that squished out will be trimmed off, and a nice neat bead of Dicor applied around the edge. The bolts will be covered later, and won't be seen. The inside nuts will be covered by the roof liner.

We had driven the Mirage out of the RVport back to the side of the workshop, to get it away from the sun, even though it wasn't so hot today.

I forgot to take a picture until we had it wrapped up in plastic for the day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cleaning and Painting the Mirage

A lovely beautiful warm, almost hot, sunny day here in TX.

Here are some 'before' pictures.

And here are some 'after',
before painting.

Ray Spot Bondo-ed, then sanded, all the old screw holes

I climbed up in the overhead bed and taped it off on the inside, while Ray taped around the edges, on the outside.
We don't want any paint to get on the inside ceiling.

First coat on.

A productive day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Window Problems on a Rainy Day

No, Not that kind of Windows!!

I spent an hour calling Nissan and auto parts stores, trying to find the right paint for the truck part of the Mirage, so Ray, Jay and I started about 9.00am. As it was drizzling, I left the truck out of the RVport, and backed the Mirage into it's place. Ray got the moving pad and board so that he could stand on the hood again to clean up the messy window areas. Jay and I made a jig for the screw holes in the Plexiglas so that they would be all nice and even.

Then a label on the paper covered Plexiglas caught my eye. It said "Clear", so I scratched some paper off each side, and it was clear. I called Steens Glass, and she said bring it back in, and we will cut new ones. I get there, in the next town, and she says the man must not have looked at the work order. (I have a copy, and it says "Bronze".) Then the workman said that they are out of the tinted. I asked them why they didn't inform me of this problem, and couldn't they have bought some from Able, the other glass company in town. She rudely retorted that they don't know what Able has.

Steen's boss called a window tinting place and said that they would do it right away. I go all the way to that end of town and leave the Plexiglas, and they said it would be ready in 20 minutes, but that I would have to pay for it, as Steens had said that they wouldn't. $90 !!!!!!
While I was waiting, I went to Able Glass, and found out that they have the tinted, and it would be half the price that I had paid at Steens. I went back to the tinting place and they hadn't even started on it. Their boss came in and said that tint doesn't install very well on Plexiglas, as the glue sticks right away and "grabs", so it has no "slip", so it can go on wrinkled, and anyway it will start to bubble in about a day.

I took the clear Plexiglas back to Steens Glass , and asked for a refund which she refused to do.
So I went to Able Glass and left the patterns there for them to cut them out of tinted Plexiglas.
While I was waiting I went to HEB for some groceries, and auto parts stores trying to match up the two white paints we needed for the fiberglass and metal parts of the Mirage. I bought about 10 cans of different whites of Duplicolor, as they didn't have the one that I needed.

I picked up the tinted Plexiglas, came home, and filed a complaint with the BBB.

An exasperating day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Windows. Touch-Up Body Work.

Ray and I started about 9.00AM. There was a 20% chance of precipitation, the sun didn't shine much, but it didn't rain.

Here is a picture of where we took out the last messy window. As you can see they had black smeared all over the fiberglass around it, too. Ray cleaned up the area while Jay and I went into the next town to order the new tinted Plexiglas windows. I had the glass company cut them, using the old ones as templates. All those radius corners were expensive cuts, but there was no way that I was going to use the ratty old Plexiglas.

We haven't decided how we were going to install them yet, so we went to Lowes and bought a bunch of different nuts, bolts, washers, rubber washers, Plexiglas drill bit, and rivets. Rather than go back with a rubber trim ring, which had obviously failed when it atrophied, we are going to use Butyl putty tape and Dicor caulk.

Ray and I attached the grill with some body clips and screws that I had, as it was just wired on!

It had some damage down under the bumper which had rusted, so we ground it down, and applied Rust Converter. That has to sit for 24 hours.

Jay and his mother had to go back to town, so they picked up the windows.

So today was just a preparation day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Missed Rain. Started on Mirage.

I found out last night in RV-Dreamers chat, that it was Nonna who waved at me from a big black SUV near Diboll, TX as I was driving the Mirage home. Small world, I wish I had known, so that we could have met.

We only just missed thunder and rain, as it started just after I got home with the little rig yesterday. Good thing it was the battery, and not the alternator or something that would have held us up.

Bobcat has been ignoring me, she is mad that I left her behind. When she saw me packing with her orange stroller, turned into a back pack, she thought she was going camping.

Snack is coming up to me, and purring"Good to have to home". She even ate well for Ray, that was my main worry.

Ray and I started on the Mirage this morning. First thing was to remove the gooped up clearance lights and windows. We could see that the lights had leaked, thank goodness it isn't wood up there. Each of the three windows must have been been installed by a different person, as each was attached in a different way.

We took an inside panel down so that we could get to the lights as
they were nut and bolted on. The nuts that had been used to install the middle Plexiglas window were on the inside. Whoever installed them hadn't even got them in a straight line, so they looked horrid.
On the side window the nuts were on the outside, and had a plastic trim ring, and the old "NoNo", silicone, on it. We didn't tackle the other side window yet. It is just one big goop of black stuff. Ray cleaned up the rim of the middle window, today.
Someone had done a terrible job of putting dark solar film on the Plexiglas, and I tried soaking and scraping it off, but new solar film would have to be installed to keep out the sun and heat. That isn't a problem, I have it here, and have installed it lots of times, but solar film doesn't do well on Plexiglas as it lets off a gas which causes bubbles. So after a long time messing with that, I decided to wait and see if I can buy some tinted Plexiglas tomorrow. I have often used it in RV door windows to replace the frosted ones, as I like to see out.
After six hours, we covered it with plastic, and called it a day.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Next Leg of Trip. First Oops! WM Parking.13th/14th.

We were so glad for the little electric heater that I had packed. It was cold there at Lake Catherine State Park. We slept with our clothes on, it was so desolate and so cold. Jay was griping about the overhead bed being hard, but he would complain if he were being hung with a new rope!
At dawn we were ready to get going, and checked under the hood. The oil was filthy, so when we checked out of the park, we asked the really nice lady, if there was an oil change place nearby. She even called the local WalMart at Malvern, AR to see if they would check the gear oil in the manual transmission. Well, due to bad, or rather missing signage, we missed Malvern and wound up at the WalMart in Arkadelphia, AR. Unfortunately there was something hanging down, and the AC shroud got damaged. The man there was also extremely nice, checked the manual transmission, slave cylinder, got all the fittings lubed, and we set off with nice new Valvoline oil. No, I am not concerned about Friday, the thirteenth, as the Bible tells one not to be superstitious.

After a few stops, we got to Nacogdoches, the Oldest Town in TX, and even though we had not used the radio, fan or anything extra, the battery light was getting brighter, and the sky was getting darker. The WalMart there checked the 'new' battery that the previous owner had installed, and it had a dead cell. Then we found out that this Nissan needed a special battery, and a new one was $81 with all the add-ons. That PO's battery would never have worked in it.

While we were at it, I replaced the dead 1999 house battery, all this took ages, as they were so busy. I gave the 110v. fridge a shot of cold with the on-board inverter, so the battery came in handy. We had planned to spend the night at some RV Park nearby, but with me being night blind, and Jay not getting good directions, we couldn't find it, and went back. So I spent my first night ever, in a WalMart parking lot. Jay couldn't even find the all night truck stop, with showers, that he had seen. Considering who and where we were, and no toilet on board, we spent another night in our clothes. It was warm and we had the windows open. I slept on the top bunk this time, or should I say cat-napped, as I didn't sleep much. We had drank too much coffee on the road, so we were glad of the 24 hour facilites. At three o'clock in the morning I was shivering, closed the windows, put on another sweater and made some decaffeinated coffee in my little 12v/110v coffee pot. I thought it might warm the RV and me up. It didn't. Eventually Jay and I just went and hung out at a Donut Palace, trying to get warm, until day break.

The little Nissan just purred along in fourth gear all the way home, and we went past my old house at Point Blank on Hwy. 190 and Lake Livingston, that my late Johnnie, Jay and I had rebuilt, back in the 90's. They had added a good looking wooden fence that Jay is going to copy for his place.

We used everything that I had taken on the trip, except my laptop, camera and the directions to Caddo Lake State Park!! I had a lot of favorable comments on the little rig. I am looking forward to being able to go on local trips, well, within 250 miles, in the little thing, and being able to have the dinette still a dinette when I get up in the morning, and have the place to myself.

Yes, friends and family, I am also making this day another celebration of Susan's life, the third anniversary of her dying from being hit by a DDD (dam drunk driver), on the 28th. January, 2006, but I do that every day.

After I had dropped off Jay, and emptied the fridge, it was a nap day.

Buses to AR. P/U Mirage. 12th.Feb

Everyone was on the ball and up and ready. I picked up Jay, and he helped me get all the luggage into the back of the truck. Then he, Ray and I set out for Huntsville, TX, and arrived at the bus station before they were even open.

Yes, you might recognise the orange bag, it is Bobcat's carrier on wheels that I bought her a while ago. The rack and wheels part slips off and it becomes a back pack. Both mesh sides unzip and there is her little mesh zippered 'window' on the front. There are also two pockets, one each side. This was invaluable for using on the bus. I had several comments from other riders about it being so handy. I had maps and bus schedule in the front, two little pillows, snacks, and anything else for the trip inside it. (Yes, I Lysol-ed it first, even though it had never been used). I put it on my back and carried two more bags at the transfer station, Texarkana, and when we got off the bus. The two big ones, light blue duffel bag and dark blue one were checked. The maroon one left, is insulated so it had cold stuff, and a bottle of frozen water. The black one, top right, had my personal stuff, and laptop in it, so it had to go under the seat.

The first bus which took us most of the way was nearly empty, but there was a young fella with Tourette Syndrome who did cause a ruckus every now and then.
He had already been kicked off another bus, and they had put him on our bus as there weren't so many passengers. We had a wonderful driver who managed to keep him sitting down at the back most of the time. But the young man was talking to himself a lot, in two different voices, then would burst out in foul language. An advanced symptom of Tourettes. It is a shame that some folks are born with this affliction. Our driver could have called the police and had him put off our bus, too, but he knew we would miss our connection, so he hollered at him over a microphone, and the guy would obey, for a while.

Our wonderful driver also averted a terrible accident. A car came over a hill careening towards us on the wrong side of a two lane road north of Crockett,TX. Our driver, George Shepherd was skillfully able to avoid the head on collision without dumping or rolling the bus in the ditch.

The second bus with no layovers, was full. We had to sit over the back wheels and some must have been out-of-round, or a bad axle, as it vibrated terribly. We arrived a few minutes before the Mirage. Boy, you could see it coming, it is such an unusual sight.
As are most things that are bought sight unseen, it was rattier than the pictures, but nothing that we can't fix. And it is just a perfect size for lil 'ole me. It drove great, though I had been forewarned not to use the fifth gear until it had something done to it. The purchase price had already been amended to account for that. It does have cruise control, but not like one I have seen, so I didn't mess with it.

The battery light was on ever so slightly, so we rushed to Lake Catherine State Park and arrived just as it was dark. The park was nearly empty, so I grabbed a spot by a bathhouse, and plugged in. All the bags were unpacked, stored under a dinette seat. The fridge, heater and TV going, beds made, showers taken in a lovely warm, clean shower house, so we settled in for the night.

A long day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting closer to leaving. Getting excited.

Another lovely tank-top sunny day.
Still packing and re-packing for the trip back, in my little one-horse RV.
It surely will be like camping, with no stove, toaster oven, microwave, shower, or hot water!!

Jay had spent another day with his mother at her doctor's appointments, so hadn't seen what I had been doing the last three days. He finally saw all the packed bags, and helped me pick them up to weigh them on the scales. I am an old girl scout, so I am going prepared for almost anything. He said "We can buy pillows at WalMart, we don't have to take them", until I explained that there would be no time, no stops, after we picked up the RV, to get to the State Park before dark.

Jay is behaving OK right now, as he had a medical condition come up that gets really painful if he drinks. So he is staying sober, and will be a great help to me. Also, having another person with me, allows six bags on the bus!! I wish my youngest son was as much help to me as Jay has been over the years. He was going to take his spare clothes in a hard suitcase, until I gave him a floppy, squashable ditty bag that will go in the overhead compartment in the bus. Gee, there will be no room for suitcases in the RV, anyway. I hate having to contend with suitcases in an RV, been there, done that. I am not even going to carry a purse, I have my wallet, cellphone, camera , and Kleenex in a big fanny pack.

I took a picture of it all, but the camera's cord is packed for today.