Monday, January 12, 2009

Research on Law for Kid's Items & Cat Food.

When I looked on the porch this morning at around 6.00AM, the thermometer said just below 40 deg. It hasn't read that low for a while. Then I looked and it was 27 deg. outside. I am so glad I wrapped the whole porch in vinyl for the plants. I don't remember us having this many freezing nights before, and it would only take one night of forgetting to cover them all. But when the sun came up it warmed everything up into the 50's. Later, it was 60 on the porch so Bobcat was out there for a couple of hours.

I tended to the cats as soon as I had been out with Debo the dog. As he hadn't had his breakfast yet, it seemed the best day to start him on his first day of Strongid-T Wormer. I knew he would not understand why he couldn't get fed for two more hours, so I kept him busy by bathing him. At first he fought a little, but then relaxed and enjoyed it. When I did take him out again, there was sunshine in the backyard, so it didn't feel that cold. Of course he had to roll in the dirt to get the 'clean' off!

Kenya told me about this new law that is taking effect next month. Anything to be sold, new or used, for children under 12 years, has to be tested for lead. This will put most sellers and resellers of kid's clothes and toys out of business. She knew that I had some kid's clothes and a lot of stuffed toys in my Yard Sale Storage Dept. in the attic over the storeroom. So I have to sell them before 9th. February, or they go to a landfill, with everyone else's. But what I can't fathom is, if all these clothes and toys are going to be thrown in the dumps, what is to stop the landfills from being contaminated with lead !? I think the government has bitten off more than it can chew again.

On a blog yesterday I saw where they had searched for "Taste Of The Wild" cat food for their katts. So I thought that I would look into it for mine. I did find out that it is made by the Diamond Pet Food Co. whose foods were in that recall, where a lot of pets died.
One link lead to another, and I came across an article, by a vet, which said that dry cat food is bad for them, as they don't drink enough water to compensate, especially if it has grains in it, so they get kidney and urinary problems. This is very common in cats.
We all know that pet foods where the main ingredient is corn meal is bad for them, as in grocery store brands. But now this vet is stating that cats are carnivores and should not eat dry cat food of any kind, as in tigers and lions. The vet said this is the main reason for sickness in cats. It is again "You Are What You Eat". I know that one certain dry cat food was responsible for a lot of vet bills in two of my cats, so I had changed to a better, non-cornmeal brand. But here was even more information about not feeding them dry, at all.
So I am weaning Bobcat, and the others off it, and feeding more canned and pouches, as I already have lots of that, while I search for something better. I know that if fed a vegetarian diet, a cat will go blind and thin. Also they MUST have taurine, which is in muscle meats. If I have to, I will buy beef, turkey, chicken and cook it for Bobcat, but the fosters wouldn't get that in their new homes, so there is no use in spoiling them. I would have to cook it separately from my food, as I cook with onions, and cats can't have them.

A learning day.

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Penny I did not get to talk to you last night. I want to thank you for coming to my birthday party. I really enjoyed it and you being there made it special.