Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold Again. Fixed some things.

It was in the mid 20's when I got up this morning, so I turned on the halogen light on the porch, just to give the plants a little heat. It wasn't freezing in there, I just wanted to give them a little warmth.
I dressed in several layers of clothes and took Debo out. He is getting the message that he better "go", right away, to get petting and praise.

Our breath was visible in the cold.

Once he has attended to business, I have taught him to "run" on command, and he chases backwards and forwards in the back yard with me egging him on. He still has to be locked up in the German Shepherd cage when he is in the dog room, as I never know what he is going to get ahold of, and tear up. So I want him to exercise when he is outside. Today was the last day of his de-worming, so he still had to wait 2 hours to eat. He loves Pepper, the little black kitten, and when I am in there tending the cat's cages, Pepper and Debo are loose, playing and rolling around together. They are so cute, and even though Debo is 5 times the size of the kitten, he is so gentle with him.

Ray arrived to work for a short while. His bad back had really been bothering him, and he has been creeping around all stove up. We cleaned some valances with my little Shark vacuum, then hung the new mini-blinds, and repaired a window shade. I have to have a little cord pulls on the shades, or I can't reach them, and one was broken. I pull them down over the mini-blinds in the dog room to keep the cold out on the winter nights. Even though I have double paned windows, it helps here up on this hill.

Once Ray was gone, I did some laundry and putzed around doing odd jobs. It took a while to order some dust-cups for the Shark. I had to call 2 800 #'s, kept on hold for ages, then got someone with such a thick accent that I could hardly understand them. Another job was to try to help a couple of Jay's mother's airplane plants, (Chlorophytum comosum sp) that Jay had left out in the cold a couple of weeks ago. We had brought them up here to put in my 'greenhouse' porch. It took a while to get all the freeze-burned parts off them, and make them presentable again. One plant lost all it's hanging babies, except two.

Missy, the tortoiseshell long-haired cat, who has to be kept away from Pepper and Snack, was wanting to be in the house with Bobcat and me. As Bobcat is vaccinated against the diseases that Missy might have got while she was living outside, I let her in here. It is not often that Bobcat allows another cat in her house, but she doesn't seem to mind Missy.

This afternoon the sun warmed it up to the 60's, and Bobcat could go on her porch today.

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