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Jordan's Terror. Bill Cosby and Brian Williams? Ampersand. QWERTY Keyboard. Update.


For "Scripture Sunday":

Insightsinto News & Prophecy

Jordan: Unity Through Terror

A Life, Hope & Truth correspondent in Amman, Jordan, reports on Jordan’s response to the shocking murder of a Jordanian pilot at the hands of ISIS.

Jordan: Unity Through Terror

Demonstrators, one with a Jordanian flag image painted on his face and Arabic that reads, "Muath," as in slain Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, chant anti-Islamic State group slogans during a rally in Amman, Jordan, Friday, Feb. 6, 2015. Several thousand people marched after Muslim Friday prayers in support of King Abdullah II's pledge of a tough military response to the killing of the pilot. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

AMMAN, Jordan — "Last week was an intense and interesting week in Amman—with rallies, memorials, hangings and the country claiming the war against ISIS (or Daesh, as it is known in Arabic countries) as “our war.”

Last summer there was not widespread support of Jordan’s involvement in the war against ISIS. But Jordanians have unified following the burning death of pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh at the hands of ISIS. The situation has people in this country—Bedouins, Palestinians, Christians, Muslims, etc.—coming together and generally supporting the Jordanian government in its fight against ISIS.

There was a large rally to welcome King Abdullah home after he cut his visit to the U.S. short due to the pilot’s murder. A few days later there was another large rally attended by Queen Rania. Conversations, Facebook posts and news reports are patriotic as they mourn the death of the pilot."     More at:





What Can We Learn From Bill Cosby and Brian Williams?

imageTwo formerly trusted U.S. celebrities are in the news for moral failings. What can we learn from the moral failures of Bill Cosby and Brian Williams?

"We live in a culture obsessed with celebrities.

There may be nothing that gets more attention than the lives of celebrities. Whether they’re politicians, musicians, movie stars, athletes, newscasters or the children of the wealthy—the sad reality is that, more than anything else, our society seems to love watching these people stumble and fall.

Of course, those who have used their fame to take advantage of others should be prosecuted. But think about it. How many positive news stories do we read about the lives of the rich and famous?

How often do we hear about a celebrity who goes about his or her career in a professional manner, doesn’t constantly get involved in scandals, stays faithfully married to one spouse, is never caught in an embarrassing lie and doesn’t carry on in crazy or drug-induced antics? Regular, drama-free lives don’t get many shares on social media! 

Celebrity failures

The real juicy news that people follow on social media are the stories about the failures of celebrities. Think about two of the most recent U.S. examples: Bill Cosby and Brian Williams."  More at:


What Character Was Removed from the Alphabet?

February 25, 2014 by: blog 954 Comments


"Johnson & Johnson, Barnes & Noble, Dolce & Gabbana: the ampersand today is used primarily in business names, but that small character was once the 27th part of the alphabet. Where did it come from though? The origin of its name is almost as bizarre as the name itself.

The shape of the character (&) predates the word ampersand by more than 1,500 years. In the first century, Roman scribes wrote in cursive, so when they wrote the Latin word et which means “and” they linked the e and t. Over time the combined letters came to signify the word “and” in English as well. Certain versions of the ampersand, like that in the font Caslon, clearly reveal the origin of the shape."  More at:


The Correct Way

An Amazing Fact: "Credit for the first modern typewriter belongs to Christopher Sholes, a newspaper editor who lived in Milwaukee in the 1860s. On the Sholes and Remington, as on present-day manual typewriters, each character was set on the end of a metal bar that struck the paper when its key was pressed. The keys were arranged alphabetically.

But there was a snag. When an operator had learned to type at a fast speed, the bars attached to letters that lay close together on the keyboard became entangled with one another. One way out of the difficulty was to find out which letters were most often used and then place them on the keyboard as far from each other as possible. This had the effect of reducing the chance of clashing type bars. This was how the QWERTY keyboard was born, named after the first six letters on the top line. It first became popular on the Remington No. 2, which came out in 1878.

The first typewriter by Sholes was made with the help of his friends Carlos Glidden and Samuel W. Soule, and was patented in October 1867. Instead of four rows of keys, this typewriter only had two rows. The top line was: - 3 5 7 9 N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. The bottom line was: 2 4 6 8 . A B C D E F G H I J K L M. The letter arrangement changes took place over five years with several trial-and-error arrangements.

Today millions of modern computer keyboards are still using this cumbersome letter design. Studies have shown that it is helpful to have a variety of words spelled with letters used by both the left and right hand in order to give each hand a moment of rest and readiness to find the next key to press. But the QWERTY layout tends to favor the left hand, which is helpful for left-handed people but a disadvantage to right-handed operators. Though other layouts have been suggested, the QWERTY design still hangs on. Old habits are hard to break!

In a clash with the scribes and Pharisees, Jesus’ disciples were accused of transgressing the “tradition of the elders” regarding the proper way to wash hands before eating bread. But Christ challenged them by asking, “Why do you also transgress the commandment of God because of your tradition?” (Matthew 15:3). When the Bible gives us clear instruction, we should set aside our own preconceived ideas. The correct way to do things is God’s way!
Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? for they wash not their hands when they eat bread. - Matthew 15:2



Some lovely weather days wasted work-wise, as Ray and Jay were not available.  We have a lot of outside work to do. The cold nights returned so Ray and I had to cover up our plants again, and it was too chilly to work.  Then Ray said that his back was bothering him again, and he doesn't do much then, so we are behind getting more upgrades done to my guest house where he lives.

Jay and I did install a new white sink, new white faucet, and a new garbage disposal in my kitchen.  This updated the look quite a bit for selling this house. The stainless steel sinks and faucets look so yucky with this hard water, if you don't stay on top of them.

I checked out a neighbor's Dodge Caravan that I was thinking of buying, but the fan sounded like a 747 taking off, the engine light was on, it was out of oil, some of the tires were old and weather-cracked, and something was leaking all over the passenger side floor. I put over 2 quarts of oil in it, but the engine light still didn't go off.  There was also a swooshing noise in the engine compartment, it might have been a bad belt.   I just loved this red van as it had all the buttons and even a button to close the back hatch, but I knew better than to pay what he was asking.  I have a good old reliable van now, and I don't need to buy trouble over a few power buttons.

I put Nala, my foster cat in a carrier, and a neighbor SPCA foster mom picked her up and BabyGirl my foster dog for Adoption Day while I was at church.  The dog loves to go there, but the cat, not so much.

On Saturday, Jay and his mother went to see his sister, and Ray's back stopped him from going to church so I went by myself.  The Bible readings were Psa. 84,111,113, Exo. 25-27:19, 1 Kings 5:12-6:13, Heb. 8:1-6 and 23,24.  The Teaching was about "A Message For Everyone, Seeking God (Yahweh)".  You have to seek the Lord, just like the people sought Jesus (Yeshua).  He would travel around, and the crowds would come to hear him preach.  Also don't seek mediums, but the living God.

The potluck was great as usual, mostly organic, healthy food, and lots of veggies.  The turkey meat loaf that the pastor's wife makes is a big hit, I don't know what she does to it.  One of the elders brought a big crockpot of deer meat.  We have a lot of fellowship and conversation in the dining hall.  We all look forward to the Sabbath and the togetherness that we all have for each other.

Suddenly my right eye felt like it had something in it, and the white part went completely red, so I have a doctor appointment today.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Brian Williams Affair. Mardi Gras. Valentine’s Day. LOVE! Update.


For "Scripture Sunday":

The Brian Williams Affair

image "Sooner or later the truth will come out. Make sure you are telling the truth.

Transcript: [Darris McNeely] "By now, you’ve probably heard the sad story of Brian Williams, the anchor of the NBC Nightly News, and his suspension for six months from that program for misstating the role that he played twelve years ago in Iraq, where he had said for many years that he was involved in a chopper being hit by an RPG during the Iraq War of 2003. And the reality’s come out now that his chopper was not hit, his helicopter was not hit, and that he was misstating the story through all these years, which was recently just found out.

It’s a sad situation to see anyone get caught up in something like that and then fall from grace, if you will, from a high-profile media job such as this. But I think there’s a lesson for every one of us to consider as we look at Mr. Williams and consider that – not that we should gloat or take any pleasure in what has happened, because in one sense, any of us who work in media in any position of trust and responsibility take a hit from something like this, and it causes people to look at us with perhaps a bit more critical eye – “Can I trust this person?”, “Are they telling me the truth?”. And I think that it – regardless of whether we’re in media or any walk of life, one lesson from this is important. And it’s a lesson that I was talking to a group of students with this morning, regarding what God says in Numbers:32:23, where He says that, “If you have sinned against the Lord, be sure your sin will find you out.” That’s such a stark principle from God’s word, that our sins will find us out.

I happened to be teaching the book of Acts and I was taking them through the story in Acts chapter 5 of two people in the book of Acts called Ananias and Sapphira, who had lied to the Holy Spirit, to God, and they were both struck down in that dramatic story in the book of Acts, because in their desire to look important or to look more generous than they really were, by money that they had given to the church, they’d actually postured and lied. And they paid a very, very stiff penalty for it. That story in Acts is an amazing story, and it’s a very sobering one.

And so, with this one in the headlines for us today, and still playing out, it’s a good morality lesson for each one of us, to recognize that sin has a cost – that any transgression of God’s law has a way, in time, of eventually coming out. The lesson? Don’t sin. And if we do, repent or to change or to admit, and not perpetuate a mistake that we might be making, whatever that might be. It’s a very important lesson. God’s word is a very powerful and sharp two-edged sword.  From:


Mardi Gras: Should It Be on the Christian Calendar?

image" Mardi Gras is marked by wild parades and raucous parties in places like New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro. So in what way is it connected to Christianity?

How much do you know about all the various holidays and celebrations throughout the year? If you study into them, you’ll find a lot of them have religious roots in the ancient pagan world and several more have a circuitous connection to paganism.

What about Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras is considered to be the culmination of a festive season leading up to what the mainline Christian community refers to as Lent. Mardi Gras is purposely designed to commemorate frivolity, carousing and sin, but is considered in many quarters to be part of the Christian calendar."  More at:


3 Romantic Alternatives to Valentine’s Day

image "Valentine’s Day draws near, many will celebrate romantic love. But what about true love? Here are three ways to escape the superficiality of Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, millions of people have already made plans for romantic getaways, ordered flowers or chocolates and started writing valentines. For the holiday that is supposed to epitomize romantic love, it is very materially based and commercialized."  More at:


Dear Friends,
What is the most misunderstood word in the English language? Some have made a strong case for words such as unique, literally and ironic.
But I think the most misunderstood word is one that carries many definitions, some of them contradictory. That word is love.

Too often when we hear the word love in popular culture, it doesn’t mean a selfless caring for another person that makes us willing to sacrifice and be patient and gentle and kind. No, it’s too often a code word for unbridled sexual lust and selfish desire.

Valentine’s Day is generally considered a celebration of love. But what kind of love? Mardi Gras celebrates free love—but it’s a shallow substitute for the real thing, and it brings painful baggage.

God’s festivals, the seven listed in the Bible, truly are based on love—godly love, outgoing love. They show us how God loved us, and how we should love Him and our fellow humans. You can learn more about them in our free booklet:  From Holidays to Holy Days: God’s Plan for You.
With warm regards and in Christian love,
The Life, Hope & Truth team."   

And also:



The weather is still chilly in the mornings, but is lovely in the afternoons.  The birds are still happy that I refill the feeder, and Nala, my foster cat likes to watch them from the screen porch.

Jay and I went to a yard sale at a storage place, and I bought a real solid wood 15-light exterior door, and a very lovely ceiling fan and light.  It's always good to upgrade stuff.

I had bought a NIV Bible at a thrift shop and it had the Bible book tabs stuck on it.  I can usually find the scriptures pretty fast, but the tabs sure made it quicker.  I had some tabs, so I have started to put them on the KJ Study Bible that I use the most. It takes time and concentration to do it right.

Ray and I went to church, Jay wasn't feeling well. The readings were Psalm 103, 104, Exodus 21:1-24:15, Jer. 34:8-22, and 33:25, then Matt. 15:1-20.   The teaching was about being no longer foreigners, but being fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's household, Eph. 2-1-22.

The potluck was great, and I took a mess of veggies.  One of the elders has been sick and is now on an all vegan diet, so I made them especially for him.  Spaghetti squash with herbs, onions and orange peppers;  all veggie and tomato spaghetti sauce;  green and red seasoned cabbage with onions done in virgin coconut oil; and an apple trifle.  I never knew that cabbage could be so popular!!  After I had sautéed each part, green cabbage, onions, and red cabbage, I layered it in a square Pyrex dish and then covered it with shredded mozzarella.  It just had to be warmed in the dining hall oven so that the cheese would melt. The spaghetti squash was a change for everyone, too, and they liked it. There were a lot more dishes brought by others to enjoy.  I don't have anyone to cook for anymore, so I like to spend my Friday afternoons (Preparation Day) cooking stuff for the church potluck.

After I got home I took my foster dog, BabyGirl, a black/white lab, to a neighbor's, also another foster mom, for playtime as they have acreage.  Even though BabyGirl was a little confused at first, she had a good time.  She gets so bored hanging around here, so they offered to let her play with their dogs.  She really warmed up to the two little dogs.  They also have 5 big dogs, bigger than she is, but she preferred the little ones. When she was brought home she ate her dinner and crashed.  So everyone had a great day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Whose Decision Is This To Make? Do You Pray the Way Jesus Taught? What Can I Do for You? Germs On Your Smartphone? Update


For "Scripture Sunday":

The Supreme Court and Same-Sex Marriage: Who Really Decides?

image "The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether all states will be required to allow same-sex marriages. But is this really their decision to make?

So who should really be making this decision? The people? The states? Congress? The Supreme Court?

When we understand the purpose of marriage from God’s perspective, we see that we should respect the sanctity of the divinely created marriage union and make it our only definition of marriage. Life, Hope & Truth advocates using the Bible to provide the definition of marriage—because, within its pages, is the amazing origin of the institution itself!

Regardless of how voters, state legislators or the Supreme Court decide to define marriage, if you accept the Bible as God’s Word, then the biblical definition is the only definition that matters."  More at:




People pray many different ways across the various denominations of Christianity. How do you pray? Let’s examine what Jesus Christ actually taught about prayer.

God tells us to pray for our daily bread. For more about how God wants us to pray, see “Do You Pray the Way Jesus Taught?


"Jesus made another clear statement that is widely ignored: “And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words” (Matthew 6:7). Christ was referring to the pagan form of recitation and chanting prayers based on the idea that repeating a prayer will bring favor from God (or the gods). This form of repeating or chanting prewritten prayers is practiced extensively in the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

God doesn’t want prewritten prayers to be repeated over and over. This does nothing to fulfill the basic purpose of prayer, which is to develop a close, personal relationship with God."  Complete article:


What Can I Do for You?

image "You can't save or change the world, but each day you can find something to help another person.


Transcript: [Gary Petty] "Have you ever felt frustrated because you see all the needs people have, you see people suffering and you want to do something, and you don't know what to do? You don't know how to help the homeless or the poor or even elderly people you might know. And you get frustrated and sometimes you think, Well, I can't help everybody, so I can't help anybody.

There's an interesting story about Jesus coming from Jericho – He was leaving Jericho, and the crowds were around him and they were cheering Him, and here He was, being praised as a great rabbi, and there's two blind men on the side of the road. And they start yelling for Him. They want His attention. Well, people were sort of embarrassed. They tell them – the blind men – be quiet, you know, you're going to bother Him, you're going to create an issue here. But they keep yelling and yelling. What's really interesting about this story is what Jesus does. Jesus stops, turns to the two men that are yelling, that everybody else is trying to shut up, and asks them a question. He says, "What can I do for you?" What can I do for you? (Matthew:20:29-32; Mark:10:46-52; Luke:18:35-43)

You know, we keep thinking that serving people and helping people and – we all know we need to do it, we desire to do it, but you can't save the world. You can't help everybody. But you know what you can do, every day of your life? Every day of your life you can look for those moments where someone comes in contact with you that needs a helping hand, a word of encouragement, a little food, a little help moving something, help opening the door. A simple way to serve and help another human being, and it happens every day, and it happens many times every day. Look for those moments. Look for those moments, when you can look around, look at another person and say, "What can I do for you?"

That's BT Daily . Join us next time."  From:


Vertical News: What's Really Growing On Your Smartphone?

image" Does your phone carry more than just a mobile signal? A new study discovers the dirty truth about smartphones and bacteria hitching a ride.




I know it isn't Sunday.  This is late as we had some technical difficulties around here.

We have been working around the place a bit.  Ray and I moved his fridge, then vacuumed the back and under it, ready for moving it for the next day's job which was fixing a bad place in Ray's floor. Jay, Ray and I got that done a lot quicker and easier than I thought it would be.  Next thing to do in Ray's place is to lay new linoleum.  But he won't get on the stick and go through his stuff to get rid of what he says he doesn't need.

I had bought some coconut oil in a hurry and didn't look at the label thoroughly, so now I have to return it.  It was refined and that is not the best as it is usually made from old copra, instead of fresh coconuts.  It makes a difference for the taste and consistency when cooking, and it doesn't have all the health benefits and antioxidants that it should have.  I use it for cooking, and if it is a good brand it is good on toast instead of butter, and in coffee.  It helps keep my skin from drying out in the winter, and it's also good for my thyroid.  It makes a good hand and face cream, and hair conditioner.  I also put some in the dog's dinner, as it is healthy for her, too.

We moved the third van bench seat from my van, which was taking up valuable space in the storeroom, up to the new attic.  Two ladders and a board making a scaffold and a strong rope got it up there.  I wanted to put it on Craigslist, but my son told me that people buy vans so that they can have all those seats. Wouldn't you know…..As soon as we got it up there, a neighbor offered me his red Grand Caravan minivan at a really good price.  I had been wanting it for quite a while, and had already checked it out.  He had a stroke and doesn't need it anymore, but he has lost the key to it.  Because it is front-wheel-drive it is lower down than mine, and easier for me to get in to.  So now I will have to put the third seat back in my Ford van to sell it.

Ray and I went to church, and the Bible readings were Psalm 104 (The Glories of Creation), then Exodus 18-20 and Isaiah 6.  The pastor also added Mat. 5:17-48 so that we would have a reading out of the New Testament, too.   The Teaching was "He May Change Your Plans", about how Jonah, David, Nathan and Elijah and others all got their plans changed by God.

The potluck was great as usual.  I took cauliflower au gratin, and some little salmon hors d'oeuvres on Breton crackers, with different dressings on them.  They didn't last long.

We have had a very mild winter compared to last year.  It has been cold at night, but it has been beautiful during the day.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Power Shifts in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Auschwitz: 70 Years Later. Killing Off the Monarchs. Update.


For "Scripture Sunday":

Power Shifts in Yemen and Saudi Arabia

"In the same week Yemen’s president resigned and the king of Saudi Arabia died. How will this alter U.S. influence in the Middle East and impact the region?"

US and Saudi Arabia

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry walks with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal and U.S. Ambassador Joseph Westphal on June 27, 2014 (U.S. State Department photo).

"On Jan. 22 Yemen’s President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his parliament stepped down as Iran-backed Houthi militiamen surrounded his presidential palace. Then, on Jan. 23, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah died.

Before these two events, both Yemen and Saudi Arabia were considered strong American allies. In the volatile and radical Middle East, they have been seen as examples of moderation and stability. But as new leadership emerges, will the U.S. lose either (or both) of these allies and influence in the Middle East?

A power shift in Yemen? and What lies ahead for America’s influence in the Middle East?"

Complete article at:


Auschwitz: 70 Years Later

"A survivor called this death camp "the world's biggest cemetery". Do we remember and have we learned the lessons?"

4-5 min Video:

imageDarris McNeely:  "You see the sign over the entrance to this camp? It says, “Arbeit macht frei” – “Work makes free”. It’s the deceptive sign, famous, over the entrance to the German concentration camp in Warsaw called Auschwitz.

imageToday (January 27, 2015) marks the 70th anniversary that Russian troops entered the camp and liberated the surviving Jewish members of  this particular death camp which is one of the most famous of the many that the Nazi Germans conducted during World War II and the infamous Holocaust, where more than six million Jews lost their lives during that time.

image World leaders are gathered there today. Yesterday, many survivors came in and were there, and many for the first time coming back into that camp since they were teenagers and barely survived with their lives in the horror of what was taking place at that particular time."   More at:


Is the Sabbath Relevant for Christians?

"Have you been told that Sabbath observance has been abolished? It's time you learned the biblical truth.  Well today, let's look at what the Bible actually says about the Sabbath. We'll also talk with a pastor and other Christians about this subject as we explore "Is the Sabbath Relevant for Christians?""

Our first point then: The seventh-day Sabbath was created by God at creation.

image The Sabbath is included in the Ten Commandments, but it was "created" long before God visited Israel from Mount Sinai. This understanding is vital if we are going to have a proper definition of the Sabbath.

How do we know that the actual Sabbath day hasn't been lost to history?

Well the answer to this problem is very simple. The Jews, and the other 12 tribes of Israel, were given the Ten Commandments and led by God to their homeland. Eventually, the Jews were removed from their homeland and scattered around the world.

Today, many centuries later, you can travel across the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East and find Jewish synagogues. And every place you go, Jewish people observe the seventh-day Sabbath on the day we call Saturday. (Just like Jesus did)  The Sabbath day isn't lost to history. The actual Sabbath day has been passed on from generation to generation in the Jewish community.

There is no legitimate controversy on what is the Sabbath day of the Bible."

28 minute sermon video at:    Complete transcript at:


It's Helped Kill Off 91% of Monarch Butterflies, and You Likely Eat It Every Day

image "A PBS documentary covers the amazing 2,000-mile migration of Monarch butterflies from Canada to the highlands of Mexico.

The North American Monarch butterfly population has fallen by more than 90 percent as their primary food source and breeding habitat are decimated by glyphosate.

Your help is urgently needed to help save the Monarch butterfly; specific action steps are provided.

Milkweeds that used to abundantly line the Monarch’s flight path have been largely eradicated by modern agriculture.  Not only are chemicals killing the milkweeds, but prairies are being replaced by cornfields, and roadsides are being mowed where milkweeds previously grew wild.  Nearly a billion pounds of Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup is dumped on fields and our lawns each year."    More at:



Not much to tell really.  The weather was cold in the mornings and warmed up by the afternoons.  We had a 6 hour power outage, so I am glad that it wasn't cold that day.  My foster dog and cat knew something was different and both were uneasy until the lights came back on.  They couldn't understand why their "Mom" was wearing a headlamp, listening to the radio, and reading her Bible, instead of turning on the lights, at the computer and watching TV.  I had been wanting to find time to read the apocryphal books the Maccabees for quite a while and there wasn't much else to do.

Jay was still working in Galena Park, so I went shopping by myself on Wednesday.  I did snag a few bargains at the thrift shop and grocery store.  Ray's back was hurting, so not much got done until today.

DSCF0234-001 Jay had a day off from Galena Park, so he came and we finished the ceiling in the greenhouse extension that is in front of the storeroom.  This also extends that attic.  The window is half of an 8' patio door, so it is very big.  That is a small opening transom window over the storm door for ventilation.  Some plants had been put in there a month ago, and they didn't even know that we had a few freezing nights!


Ray put the rest of the screws in the joists and hangers.  So it is done, finally.

This is the outside. It is just a small addition to the storeroom, which is adjacent to the guest house, but it will make a big difference.

Yesterday, Jay wanted to go to church with us, but the man took him to Galena Park again.  Ray met me at the church, as he had coffee with his sister first.  We both arrived early so that we could greet and talk to the others as they arrived.  One carload couldn't make it from Montgomery (TX), their wheel bearings went out on the way.  Another family from Grangerland couldn't make it either.

So Ray was elected to do one of the Bible readings.  Judges 4:4-5-34.  There are a lot of names in there which are hardly pronounceable, but he made it!  The other Bible readings were Psa. 145, 147 and Exo. 13-17:10.  The teaching was "What Does It Take For God To Get Your Attention?" There were many quotes from the Old and New Testaments where God has had to get  people's attention to show them the way they should choose to go.

The potluck was great even though we were missing two of the elders, their families, plus the other people that ride with them.  I made a Twice-Baked Potato Casserole, minus the bacon of course, and some cut up baked Cinnamon Apples which all went down well.

Another great Saturday.