Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Light in Attic. Have a Safe and Happy New Year.

Ray came over and we started running wire for another light in my attic. We had left all the electrical tools out from yesterday, as it was something that I had been meaning to do for five years. The contractors that finished the front of the house had only put a light on one side of the attic. Being "gopher' it meant that I had to climb up and down the attic steps a dozen times for this and that, so I got my exercise today! But it is installed now, and it is great not having to poke around up there with a flashlight to look for fabric for a certain job.

We are always careful to lock the cats up before we let the stairs down, as the stairs are in the grooming room. If Pepper got up there, he would have a ball, and not want to come down.
Been there, done that, with Minkie. She jumped one storey down through an opening that goes into the workshop. The outside door was open and she got out into the yard. Fortunately I caught her.

Two loose animals, a cat and a dog, didn't fare so well on the road behind me last night, I had to call the County Barn to have them pick up the road kill. I also had to report a poor black dog that has been tied to deciduous tree with no shelter, food or water during these freezing nights. Why get an animal and treat it like that?

I bathed MaeMae and worked on the little bad place below her eye. It gets matted from a weeping eye, and I have to soak her little face with Baby Shampoo and loosen the matted clump with a special comb that has tines that turn, so that it doesn't pull and hurt. Then I can comb the mat out. When she has been brush-dried, I can clip the hair away from the bad place and put medicine on it. She is so good when I have to do this, as she knows I wouldn't hurt her for the world, and she feels so much better that she prances.

AOL Picture Storage closes tonight. Even though I have been spending a lot of time copying the pictures to other places, I did one last ditch safety precaution and downloaded them all to My Pictures on My Computer, today. Most of these are pictures of repairs and mods we have done to different RVs over the last 40 years, and I don't often need the pictures, but I thought I might have missed some. I do get people wanting to know how we did a certain repair, and the pictures are worth a thousand words. Very difficult to re-create the situation and take more, if any got lost. Some computer folks had told me not to keep all those pictures in My Computer as they take up space, then others say they don't. So I will just do it both ways and store some on Web Albums, so they can be deleted.

2008, last time to use that date today.

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Leno said...

Happy New Year Penny. Hope we can get together this year..