Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Wiring to Porch. All mailing done.

It started out just a little chilly, but soon warmed up.

Ray, Jay and I started on the wiring problem on the porch. Jay went up in the attic, all the way up front where there very little space, Jay was on a ladder on the porch, and I was "gopher". We run a new wire, and got rid of one more splice that the contractors had put in that line. Good thing Jay looked in the attic, as he discovered that all the junction boxes that the contractors had put up there had no covers. Jay had wired the GFIC wrong, and Ray had to install it in a deeper box. We got the halogen light fixture hanging near the plants, in case it gets very cold.
Now everything works as it should, and we didn't burn the house down.

I was picking out the 25 plants for shipping during any spare moment I had, found a box in the storeroom attic, and got them all securely wrapped and packed. I put a lot of paper around them to protect them from freezing. Then I packed up an External Drive. We got the parcels and the big keyboard in the truck, and went to town.

The Post Office was easy, but a different lady was at the UPS counter. She wanted to use a much more expensive box, and charge more for packing the keyboard. The buyer had only sent me just enough to cover everything, so we went to Sonic while we waited for the original lady to get back from lunch. She got that all straighten out, but it was still $4 more than what she had said, but the shipping was that much less, so it all came out right in the end.

Jay had brought MaeMae here this morning for me to bathe and tend to her bad eye, but I told him I wouldn't have time to do it today, so she is spending the night.

A lovely sunny day.

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