Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Freezing to 69°. That's TX Weather for you !

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As a big surprise, it went down to around 32 deg. last night. The shed wasn't plugged in with the two big light bulbs to keep the paint and caulk from getting too cold. The plants on the porch or outside weren't covered. Bobcat couldn't go out on the porch first thing like she usually does. So she made it very obvious that she wanted me to pull up the mini-blind so that she could sit on the window sill in my bedroom, as the sun was coming in there. That didn't last too long, as the sun, or rather the world, moved around. But she went out on her sunny porch this afternoon.

Jay and I had already installed the soffit vent covers on the north side of the house. Yes, I know an attic is supposed to breathe, but it has lots of other places to breathe on the south side, and that attic also has an opening into the really tall garage/workshop. I need to keep the cold from the north out of my attic as all my plumbing, and water heater is up there, even though it is all wrapped. The roof on this house was made extra high so that the garage could be for an RV, but the contractors that finished the front part of the house only put in a regular garage door. By the time they did that, I had already built a tall three-sided RVport with two car spaces, on the other side of the house. I meant to build an upstairs storey in the garage, which would be part of the attic, but it never got done.

First, Ray and I fooled with one of my toaster ovens. The numbers had all worn off, and we marked them very carefully with a fine Sharpie, using the picture in the manual, and put clear contact paper over them. The company doesn't have new decals that you can buy.

Finally, I got up the courage to start the motor home, hoping that the gas cap found out in the yard didn't mean that someone had sugared the tank. If any gas had been syphoned out of it, it didn't show up on the gauge. It started up and ran fine, so now it is back in it's RVport out of the cold north winds. Phew, that is a load off my mind.

It was time to send off some aloe plants, and the boxes that Jay had cut to make triangular shipping tubes weren't cut right. They wouldn't fold in the right places as the folding V-shaped flaps on each end, didn't line up. I even chucked the stiff cardboard up into the WorkMate Table, and tried to get them to fold that way. These are long plants so I couldn't use my shipping tubes made out of cat litter boxes. So, I had to use regular shipping tubes, and make a special trip to the Post Office, so I didn't make much on these plants.

The truck radio said it was now 69°, it turned into a lovely sunny day.

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Speedy said...

You are colder there than we are here??? what is the deal Penny? I have been coming on chat at 7:00 so I guess I miss you at nights.