Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AC in Dec!! Preparing Sheba for Rainbow Bridge.

Right at midnight, poor Sheba started coughing again. It was too soon to give her any of her meds. As a last ditch resort I turned the air conditioner on, that seemed to soothe her, and she went back to sleep until about 3.00 am. Then I could give her the meds, and she went back to sleep until about 6.30.

I got up, made coffee, and took them all outside to do their thing, put the big ones back in the dog room, and got dressed. As I was giving them their breakfasts, Ray came over to do his time sheet. Time worked comes off his rent and utilities. We are late doing it this month. After their breakfast the dogs all had to go out again, I got them all back in and settled back down, gave Sheba her 9.00am cough medicine and pill, then we continued with our bookkeeping.

In my humble opinion, if Mindi does the right thing, she will send Sheba to Rainbow Bridge, as soon as possible. Those of you who have lost a pet know about this wonderful place. But for everybody, here is a new version: http://www.indigo.org/rainbowbridge_ver2.html

I figured that if Sheba had just had both her meds that I could give her a touch-up groom so that she would be pretty to go on her journey. I quickly clipped her face, feet, and tail, and gave her a gentle brushing. I knew a bath and the heat of the dryer would be too much for her. I didn't quite finish, as she needed to go back to bed to rest, so I started working on Jakey.

I got Jakey bathed and groomed while Sheba slept. When she woke up, I took them all outside, and it was time for her cough medicine again. Then I groomed her a little bit more, and cut her long nails. I cut Precious' and Caesar's, too.

When Mindi picked them up just after 4.00 pm, I immediately let the cats out of their big cages. Pepper had been so anxious to be loose, but knew that the dogs were dangerous. He very cautiously wandered around the dog room, looking in every corner, then decided it was safe to chase around again. Snack just stayed in the Middle Room, as always.

I love Sheba, but I hope I don't see her again. What a relief to have her back in her "Mom's" care.

Only 3 little dinners tonight !

About 60 deg. sunny, but a sad day.

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Speedy said...

Sick animals??? Take care of yourself too. Don't want to hear about you getting sick before Christmas.

JOe and Sherri