Friday, December 5, 2008

Porch Didn't Freeze. Boarders Coming

When I got up it said it was 40 deg. on the porch, but according to the Weather Channel, it was below freezing outside, so I think the plants will be fine out there. As it is all enclosed now and no wind, Bobcat wanted to be out there for a while, until it was her breakfast time.

These are the five aloe plants that I brought in from the outside aloe trough yesterday, look how well they root out there !

Here are parts of the porch, with the vinyl installed. I can see out, and it is a comfortable temperature in there. It took Ray and me quite a while to get everything put back in order. It didn't go much over 50 deg. but it was comfy out there.

We made Bobcat this little wooden bed, so that she could sit in her usual corner. She is watching the birds at the feeder in the first picture.

We set up the big German Shepherd kennel in the grooming room as I have a mess of boarders coming tonight. At least 8 of Mindi's dogs, and also her neighbor's two, while they all go to Vegas. The neighbor's dogs haven't been around Mindi's dogs, as they are separated by acreage, so I will keep them away from Mindi's, in the kennel cage until I know that they are all going to get along.

Pepper and Snack (cats) will have to stay locked up in their big cages in the middle room for the couple of days that the dogs are here. Snack will be quite content, but Pepper will be very upset, as he loves to run the whole length of the grooming room and middle room, when the dutch doors are open. He runs so fast that the area rug in the Middle room is always in pleats, I think he has his skidding techniques all worked out. He is a little character !

A sunny, busy day.

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