Friday, December 26, 2008

Lovely warm day. Just Photos

It has been a lovely warm day with the windows open, and I am wearing a tank-top again.
Bobcat could stay on the porch most of the day. So things are back to normal, for a few days anyway.

Snack has been wanting to come in the house, she is tired of Pepper wrestling and bothering her all the time, so I let her in for a while. She cautiously slunk around, and then made her headquarters under my bed in the doggie bed. When I let Bobcat in, they ignored each other.

I am still struggling with my thousands of pictures on AOL Picture Storage which is closing down. I often need to get them out of storage, back into My Computer to insert in emails, blog, or ads, so that their "Browse" button works. So I have been going through all the web picture places that I could find. Some were just too hard to navigate, and some just seized up my computer. Jim of GeeksOnTour told me that I can save my pictures in Web Albums on Picasa, not the normal Picasa, and they won't disappear when I delete them out of My Pictures on My Computer. So I have been doing that most of the day. AOL Picture Storage was so easy to use, so I am finding everything very difficult.

I can still hear people setting off big fireworks close by, I hope they don't cause any problems with fires with all these pine trees, and the needles on the ground.

We lost Eartha Kitt, singer and "Cat Woman" yesterday.

Here is a different house I came across today.

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