Friday, December 12, 2008

Sunny Day, So I Went Un-Shopping

It was still freezing early this morning, so I wouldn't let Bobcat out on the 40° porch. I was thinking that it is nice not to have to wrap up in a big thick robe to take dogs out first thing on a freezing morning.

I got ready in 'town' clothes, as I knew that I had to go into the next town today. I had put it off long enough. I was almost ready to leave when Ray came to work.

I had already vacuumed the big German Shepherd cage of all it's spilled dry dog food and torn up newspaper. Those two young dachshunds loved to play in there, as the door was open. But we didn't move it just yet, Pepper got locked up in it, as he has to get in the big middle of everything that you do. If you open a drawer, he jumps up into it, and wants to see everything. Snack was in her other hiding place, not her big cage, so we cleaned both cat cages. They spill dry cat food and litter in there, so Ray vacuumed them both and the carpeted Kitty Condos. Snack didn't like the noise of the shopvac, so she hid in the closet. I got their cages all set up with clean dishes and new bedding, then we folded up the very big dog cage, and Ray took it, and the heavy wooden dog bed, into the workshop. It was still cold outside, so we will disinfect and hose them down tomorrow when it will be in the 70's again. Hurray!

We got caught up on some of the 1st of the month stuff. Put new filter stuffing in the two air cleaners, vacuumed the ceiling fans, and the tops of door frames. As we were doing this the temperature was rising outside, and so Bobcat was able to go out on the porch. Ray went home, and I got some aloe plants ready to ship. I do that on the porch, I have everything I need out there to measure plants to see which ones I need to ship, and to pack them up. Bobcat doesn't bother the plants out there, not like Minky did. I am not going to start letting Pepper out there, I wouldn't have any plants left to sell.

Then I was finally ready to leave. Bobcat wanted to stay out on the porch in the sunshine, but I made her come in, you never know if it will turn cold again. She just loves the bed we made for her, and wants to stay out there as much as she can, unless it is cold.

There was a lot of traffic on the freeway, I guess everyone was waiting for the weather to warm up before they ventured out. First things first, so I mailed the aloe. Then I thought that I would run into the nearby BigLots. I found they were have a store wide clearance sale, as the building has to be torn down to make a new off ramp for the widening being done to I-45. I picked up a few bargains, and then went to the paper recycling bins outside one of the thrift shops.

Everyone puts their old newspapers in the back of the Puddle Jumper so that when I am in our town I can drop it off at the local school's recycling bin. What the neighbors don't know is that there is a new school being built, and the recycling bins have been taken away. So I have to move it all out of the Puddle Jumper (which isn't fixed yet), put it in the truck and take it to the next town.

As I was right there, I went to the thrift shops on that road, and bought a Japanese antique china plate to go in my Willow collection, a sconce shaped basket, funnel, cutting board, ruler (with big numbers on it), a magnetic towel holder to go on the fridge, aqua shoes, Joneswear shirt, and an open-down-the-front sweater made out of a red fleecy. That should be cozy, and will be easy to take off as the temperatures rise during the day this winter.

I had overbought the clear vinyl shower curtains that we used for enclosing the screen porch, on purpose. I didn't know if we would ruin one or something. I had also bought several more that were a lot cheaper and thinner. I am glad that we used the thick ones as I am sure they are keeping the temperature up in there on these freezing nights. Target can be 'funny' about returns, even though I have my receipt, so I wanted to get that done as soon as possible. The stores and parking lots are going to get worse before Christmas, and if I can, I don't want to go back there in all that turmoil. I had other things to 'un-shop', but didn't get it done.

By the time I had made a quick stop at our local grocery store to do some banking and get a few things, it was dusk, and I hadn't done everything on my list.

Another busy, sunny day.

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