Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, Oh, Cold Again For The Next Few Days.

It was nice this morning and Bobcat could go out on her screen porch. BUT, the news said that a front was coming in from the Northwest very rapidly, and that it would get very colder during the day. It did, and I had to turn the heat on, and bundle up again. The open-down-the-front fleecy was too warm to wear when I took the trash out this morning, but I was grateful for it this afternoon. It is supposed to be 31 deg. tonight and we even have ice pellets forecast again. Gee, what is causing all this so early in the season?

This cold spell is supposed to last for three days, gradually warming up back into the 70's again. That's a lot better than staying this way all winter like the folks up north. I am grateful for that.

The dog cage and bed that needed washing and disinfecting are still in the workshop, as they didn't get done yesterday in the nice weather. They are little bit heavy for me to handle, and Ray wasn't here.

I have a collection of food for the ducks and fish at the lake, so I will brave the elements and drive down there tomorrow. But I was worried about the yard birds, so I filled the feeder.

I had intended to go to Houston this morning, but I wasn't going to go in this weather.

A stay at home day.

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