Thursday, December 11, 2008

East Houston Paralyzed By Snow!

It was cold when I got up, and as I drank my coffee and read my mail, I was watching the news about more than 500 wrecks in east Houston this morning, as it was covered in snow. The roads were icy and major arteries were closed down. Traffic was backed up for hours and they even showed tractor trailers on their sides on the icy overpasses. It was still dark then, and all you could see were miles of red tail lights stopped in place. Snow is a big news item here.

It hadn't snowed here, but it was very cold in upper 20's. News said there hadn't been weather like this here since 1944 on this date. The porch was at 40 deg. this morning, so the plants were OK. I had remembered to plug in the shed, and the two light bulbs in there were keeping the paint and caulk from freezing. I have been wanting to go into the next town since Mindi's dogs went home, but I wasn't going to take a chance on slippery roads for the second day.

We had 'ice pellets' yesterday, never heard of them, maybe it is a new term for little hail ? Bobcat sat looking out of the bathroom window overlooking the road, as I wouldn't let her go out on the screen porch, but there wasn't much traffic for her to watch. Texans, that includes me, kinda think that it isn't safe to go out unless the sun is shining. Probably just as well, as they don't know how to drive unless the roads are dry, and often not even then. I do, as I have lived in England, Kansas, and Washington State, but I can't see the sense in it, if it isn't necessary.

Finally today, with the sun shining, it warmed up enough that Bobcat could go on the screen porch, especially now that it is enclosed with clear vinyl. She was really stomping at the bit yesterday.

I thought that Ray would be here, or I would have dressed in "town" clothes and spent a few hours there getting things on my list, and some exercise in the stores. I got busy and tried to do some of the jobs by myself, but managing some of the heavy stuff will wait until Ray or Jay, is here. No sense in having a dog, and barking yourself, and putting my back out. The German Shepherd cage and it's heavy wooden bed need be sanitized for the next dweller, and put up, and stuff like that. I had already swept, vacuumed and mopped the grooming room and Middle Room floors to get the doggie smell out of there, so the cats would have both rooms to play in. I was hoping someone would work today and get the carpet steamer out of the attic, as it is time to clean the carpets in the house. I try to do Spring cleaning on the cold winter days, Spring is too nice to stay indoors cleaning.

I messed around on the computer and found some interesting sites which have a lot of good info about pet care, where to get low cost spay and neutering, 10 people foods that can be deadly to your dog, and other interesting items.
There are low cost spay and neuter clinics all over the country. Look at the for one. There is another organization called SNAP.
Did you realize that one cat makes 400,000 cats in 10 years. One dog makes 50,000 dogs.
There should be no excuse not to get your pet fixed.

Just stayed indoors today.

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