Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seagulls, 100 Miles Inland

It was cold, in the low 30's this morning. I dressed in 'town' clothes as I intended to drive to Houston. Jay wanted to go with me, so I loaded up my 'duck & fish" food, as his house is on the way to the lake. He had some food he had for them, too, so we both went down there.

Jay had a chunk of bread and threw it way out on the lake even though there were no ducks in sight. We don't care if we feed turtles, they gotta eat too. Might even stop them from getting caught on a trot line. Even though I am 100 miles inland, there must have been one of those 'spotter' seagulls way up in the sky, because they arrived in droves. They were diving and swooping, and soaring back up again. One seagull even got that big chunk of bread. They were such fun to watch, and they hollered at each other as they fought over the food scraps. That squawking got the ducks hurriedly swimming around the corner of the cove as fast as their little legs could make it. Then it was a free for all. I don't know if the fish got anything after all that.

When I got back home, I found out that some people had paid, through PayPal, for things that I have advertised, and so I thought I better get the items off in the mail today. The two doggie sweaters were easy to pack up in boxes, but the aloe wasn't. The boxes that Jay had pre-cut just didn't fold properly into the triangle tubes, and tuck in right, so I had to start all over again making a new template. By the time that was done, the aloe packed up and all the packages addressed, it was too late to start out for Houston, so we just went into my town instead.

A quick stop at the local Post Office, even though there was a line, as they had all three registers open today. That is a rare sight.

A couple of other stops, and then home for the day.

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