Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Work Today. Cold, So Went To Town.

Last night, I had turned the heat back on, as it was going to be cold...but I got too hot in the night, and had to turn it down again. The cold weather didn't come in until this morning. I knew that this was going to be my day for going into the next city, as the cold would probably keep a lot of folks indoors. I had no intention of being stampeded by a bunch of Christmas shoppers. I bundled up in tank-top, T-shirt, sweater and coat, ready to peel some of them if necessary. You never know here in TX, it might have gone up in to the 80's, if the sun started shining, and weathermen have known to be wrong!

Jay wanted to go with me, so we went to Walmart, Target, Petsmart, etc., and didn't get into any big crowds. I was shopping, exchanging, and 'un-shopping', for me and neighbors. I didn't have to carry the 'cold bag' today, just put the 'cold groceries' in the box in the bed of the truck, then we could run the heater inside. Wal-Mart had Eureka bagless upright vacuums on sale for $44, so I grabbed one. They were going fast. I hope they have some more though, as Jay found that there was a little knob broken on mine, when he put it together for me. It will probably be one of those one time specials, and they won't have any more by the time I can get back there, after the holidays.

This afternoon I moved stuff from one computer to the other, and I am finally back on the faster Dell, with my Picasa pictures all moved, too. I threw some wraps over two faucets, turned off and drained the line that serves another outside faucet and the sink on the screen porch, turned the lights on in the shed, and covered some outside plants in the front, for the first time this year. I am ready for tonight.

Only supposed to be one more cold day.

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