Thursday, December 18, 2008

No "Telephone Hole". Digital TV on a Laptop.

Last night, when I got the new-to-me Dell computer home and got it all hooked up, I found out that the cable was out, and the Dell doesn't have a 'telephone hole' for dial-up. So have to take it back to Greg's. I hope that he can take the one out of my Sony and put it in there.

I also found out that I can't get to my albums on Picasa unless you go through some lengthy instructions on the Picasa site. So we will have to remedy that. Gee, things are complicated ! I have been messing with this machine most of the day. I was poking around and Chris had the answer on her forum on Chris says just to click on Picasa's back-up and put them on CD's to transfer them. That sounds better.

One of the reasons that I had taken the very old Dell Latitude LM laptop to Greg's yesterday is because I have a WinTV USB2:
I had this brainwave that I could use it as a TV, and be using my newer laptop as a computer at the same time. If has a good battery in it, and it would save me from buying a digital TV for the rig, or for using in the house when the power is out. But it is so old that it doesn't have a USB2 port. It wouldn't be cost effective to get one for it, even if available. Then I found out that this WinTV thing will do a TV window, or full size, on my computer screen, so it might be an OK thing.

I took this picture of the view from my back windows in the winter, just to re-test that the Camera Wizard is working. Looks very bleak at this time of year compared to the Summer one with the pink sunset. It is great to have my Camera Wizard working, but I had forgotten to put the image re-sizer in here, so I had to do that !

I had forgotten how many things you have to do to a new computer to get it the way you want it. The printer and the new computer finally decided to make friends, thank goodness. I hadn't done all the things one has to do save their files, so I am glad that Greg didn't wipe my old one clean yet, so that can still be done. I have it all printed out how to do it, but I am sure Greg knows.

I waited all morning for some woman who was going to come to see the Piano Keyboard that I am selling for my neighbor. She emailed me in the afternoon and said "she thought she had emailed me last night to say she wasn't coming" !! Some people!!

The weather man said that it was going to be a lovely 75 deg. day with 30% chance of rain. Maybe somewhere else, but not here. In fact I think it is warmer this evening than it was during the day, and there was no rain.

Just a stay-at-home day

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