Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is Your Pet Protected? Anti-Aging Secrets. Cargo Trailer Wiring.

Butter's Dad In Fatal Accident:

We are not taking in any more animals here at our local SPCA, but this poor dog's master was killed in an auto accident, so of course, we had to take him in. We found a foster to care for him.

We do not have a shelter, all our animals are in foster homes, and we are a no-kill organization, unlike our local pound.

From his webpage:   "He is adjusting very well in his foster home and should make a great new pet for someone.  His previous owner must have spent a lot of time with him and trained him because he is very well behaved for his young age."

What would happen to your pet(s) if something happened to you?

Do you have it written down somewhere, or would they just be picked up by the pound, where if it (they) didn't get adopted, be PTS?  Do you leave contact information when you leave you pet alone, in case of fire, etc.  Maybe in the ICE list in your cell phone.  (In Case of Emergency)

We all know that Stephanie stepped in to take care of Bruce and Margie's Little Orphan Annie, but she was taken to the SLO Animal Shelter first.  If Stephanie hadn't been notified Annie might have been processed as a stray. 

This is a chance you don't want to take with your pet.


How many women spend too much money on their beauty products? Here's a good article for you!
A Dermatoligst came on one of Dr. Oz Show & gave some great Anti-Aging products that you can get from the DOLLAR STORE!

1- Exfoliation mitts & canned pumpkin pie filling (PLAIN, not flavored!)
-Pumpkin filling contains a fruit acid which helps smooth the skin as an exfoliator!
-If you have time, let the pumpkin pie sit for a few minutes & then just scrub it off

2- Moisturizer with Vitamin C: keeps the skin from sagging
-Look for the ingredient: ASCORBIC ACID

3- Lip Plumper: maintain those kissable lips. ;)
-Read the label for Tribehenine which plumps & restores volume
-Traps the moisture

4- Ginseng Tea Bag: relaxes the muscles & limits lines
-Take the tea bag & moisten it in water (not dripping wet!) & then lay it across the crows feet area of your face & if you want on the bags under your eyes.
If you want to watch the video & see Dr. Oz put on some lip plumper, here it is:

Facial Mask: Flavorless Milk of Magnesia,

"Tips For Dealing With Oily Skin #1: Milk Of Magnesia. A light layer of milk of magnesia under foundation helps immensely in keeping it fresh and intact throughout the day. Simply wet a cotton ball with the liquid and swipe it over your entire face, paying particular attention to the T Zone. The minerals in the solution help to soak up excess oil and keep the skin looking fresh and balanced for hours. A twenty six fluid ounce bottle of milk of magnesia costs less than four dollars and will last for weeks or months, depending on how frequently you use this trick."

"I don't know if there is anyway to romanticize Milk of Magnesia, however I have to tell you, as a facial really works!  I happened to hear a guest of Dr. Oz talk about natural and inexpensive skin care solutions.  She recommended Milk of Magnesia as a facial mask.  At only $3.00 at the local WalMart..probably cheaper if you live in the continental US....this is definitely Mother's Little Helper!

Apparently the ingredients are all natural and are good for the skin (as well as the tummy).  At first, as I applied it to my skin, I thought how could this thin, watery stuff be any good?
However, i decided to give it a fair try and kept it on my skin as I fed my chickens and cat in the morning.  Slowly, as it dried, I could feel my skin start to tighten.  When I rinsed my face, my skin felt so healthy and balanced.  I am definitely going to continue to use this healthy skin care alternative."

Here is the video:


We still had a bunch of big piles of pine needles in the back yard from when Jay had blown them off the roof.  Ray and I raked, while Jay hauled the full bin over to the end of the property where the burn pile is located.  We tackled that first thing, as near-blind Misty gets confused when unusual things are in her area.  There was hardly any breeze, so we burned them. 

We also worked on the 12v. wiring in the cargo trailer again.  The 110v. wiring is just about done.  Remember, one 12v. circuit has to go to the pigtail to the tow vehicle, to make the running, brake lights work, then another circuit is for the inside lights etc. which operate off the trailer battery.   Ray has been doing some more painting, and then he took all 18 running lights apart and sprayed contact cleaner on each contact, while I washed the dirty lenses.


It is Adoption Day again, and as it gets dark so early now, another foster mom who lives by me, picked up Paco and Prime in their carriers, and took them to Petco for me.  They are both really good, but Patches is a little difficult for strangers to handle, so she didn't go.

Ray, Jay and I were all working in T-shirts, and last night I was even tempted to turn on the AC. 
Our high temp. was 77 deg., so the weather has been lovely, today.


Gypsy said...

A high of 77 sounds absolutely perfect! We are still lucky to get into the low 70's, which isn't uncomfortable as long as the wind isn't blowing.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Gypsy.

Yes, 77 is great, but as usual our winter is going to be spotted with some cold days. Going down to 29 tomorrow night. I hope the wind doesn't blow up on this hill, too, that will really make it cold.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

pidge said...

Where is Willis? We are due West of San Antonio, Texas. Are you close?

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Pidge, I hope that you are having a great time here in TX.
I am about 40 miles north of Houston on Lake Conroe.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX