Thursday, December 2, 2010

1,000th. 8 Cents! Shopping. A Place For Sale.

Back on 25th. January, 2008, I started to write down the things that we were doing each day.

We were working on 3 RVs at the time:
89 Coachmen

A white Coachmen Class B.


A tan Merry Miler Class B


And a cream Coachmen Class C.

That was 1,000 journals ago today, and I have blogged every day since then, except when hurricane Ike knocked out our power for a few days.
I just write about all kinds of things that I find interesting, and I want to THANK ALL OF YOU for clicking on my little journal.

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Yesterday,  Jay, Roni and I went into the next town.  Roni doesn't often get to thrift shops, so she was really looking at everything at the only one we visited, whereas Jay and I just do a quick gander to see if there is anything we want.

We dropped her off at Hobby Lobby, while Jay and I went to Walmart and Lowes to get some more parts for the cargo trailer.  We knew that she would be wandering around looking at everything in Hobby Lobby, too.

Jay and I got separated in Walmart.   Have you ever tried to find anyone in there?   The Customer Service desk had a mile long queue, so I didn't want to wait in that line to page him.  Eventually we met up again and went back to Hobby Lobby to get Roni.  Then another long meander around Krogers while Roni shopped.

But one of the items that Roni had bought at Hobby Lobby yesterday was defective, so the three of us went back again today.  The return seems to take ages, while Jay and I sat out in the van.   In this economy,  is amazing how there can still be so many people at an Art and Crafts store, the huge parking lot was getting full by the time we left.
We stopped Roni from dawdling when we went to Home Depot to see if they had some plastic medium depth electrical boxes, which they did, so the metal ones can go back to Lowes.

We left Ray here painting the inside and outside of the cargo trailer back door.  Upon our return, he helped me install the new doorbell.  The old one had finally given up the ghost.  This house is so well insulated that I can't hear anyone knocking on the front door, which, usually is the farthest end from where I am. 
Jay worked on the wheel wells under the trailer for a while.

Then Roni wanted me to take pictures of a place that they have for sale in another part of this subdivision.  It is 4 lots, with a cabin and three travel trailers that they have been renting out separately.  They have been rented to folks who just want to spend time here at the lake for a week, a month, or whatever.


Her aged parents are no longer able to spend the time to tend to it, and the renters, as they are having some health problems.

It started out as cold, sweater weather, but it turned into a T-shirt day.


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Not being able to find each other in stores is one of the reasons we each have a cell phone. It saves my husband frustration!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Sandra.

It was the one day that Jay didn't have his phone with him. I always carry mine, even down the street to a neighbor's.

Murphy's Law!! Happy Trails, Penny, TX

pidge said...

Missed your site a lot while I was tied up with family matters. Hope all has been well with you, and look forward to many more posts from you.