Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Housebreaking & Good Owners. John Lennon. COLD!

We have several adorable new puppies in our circle, so here are some thoughts, and two training videos:

“In order to have a good dog, learn how to be a good dog owner.”

"Such simple advice that this may seem anticlimactic but let me share with you why I thought it was brilliant.
The best dogs that I have met did not have loads of ribbons and titles, they did not always come from the best pedigree, were not the best looking dogs. The best dogs that I have seen and met belonged to great owners.

The dog was good because the owner was good. A good owner does more than training. A good owner provides plenty of mental and physical exercise, a good diet, proper care and leadership. A good owner does not have to spend hours and hours training because the dog is well adjusted.

Obedience comes easy to a dog that is with a good owner. I thought about this advice a lot and it really struck me because it not only applied to dogs but to just about every other aspect of life. As I thought about it, the responsibility always comes back to us. If we can look at everything going on our life and take direct responsibility for it, we can determine its outcome.

For example, here is how I started to look at things:
If I want a good marriage, I should learn how to become a good husband.
If I want good friends, I should learn how to be a good friend.
If I want to have a good business, I should learn how to be a good business owner.
If I want a good dog, I need to become a good dog owner.
It all really comes back to us. I know, you may be wondering why I am so hung up on this, but as I talk to people, and as I listen to them, I often hear that the cause is “out there” that the situations in their life happen because of what is going on “out there.”
In another part of my life, I am very active with a business group that I belong to. Many of the business owners that I talk to do not want to take any steps to make their businesses better. Instead, they blame the economy, the government, the competition.
I often ask these same business owners what they have done to personally improve the situation. What books have they read, what classes or seminars have they attended, what is their marketing plan, do they have a marketing plan?
I am usually faced with a blank look.

When I got married, I started reading and learning about how to be a good husband.
I wanted a good, solid happy marriage.
I wanted to make sure that I was doing everything I could to make that happen.
So far, so good.
Does this advice always work?      No.
But in my experience, it works more often than not.
I wanted to share this with you because I am truly grateful for learning this advice. It has changed the way I look at a lot of things in life. "  By Eric Letendre  From:




Lennon playing with The Beatles in 1964 at the height of Beatlemania

John Lennon died after five bullets entered his body on December 8, 1980. Thirty years later and the world still grieves his death and celebrates his life.

Where were you when John Lennon died - 30 years ago today?


To tell the truth, I don't remember where I was when John Lennon died.

But I can remember where I was when JFK was shot.


It was still to cold to do any painting, so Ray and I climbed up on top of Pugsy again, and measured exactly how long the bolts needed to be, before I buy them.  Then he helped me put pieces of Styrofoam in places where I think there could be a draft coming in around the back door of the attached garage/workshop.  Also in a place beside my bath tub where the access panel is, inside the linen closet. Bobbiecat thought it was more comfy in there, and promptly curled up in the bottom of the linen closet.  No linens there, just extra toilet rolls.
I hate drafts, I can feel a mouse twitch it's whiskers across the street!

My silverware drawer in the kitchen was stuck where it wouldn't open because of something jammed in the way, so Ray bent a metal coat hanger and finally fished out the offending pie slicer.  Whew! Now I can put the borrowed silverware back in the RV! 

We were trying to be careful to put up any parts or tools as soon as we were done with them, as it threatened to rain all morning, but it never did.  The weather won't be suitable for painting until Friday, as we only work here from 9.00 AM till Noon, as we all have other jobs in the afternoons.  It is supposed to be 50 deg. by 9.00 AM on Friday.  It hasn't got over that until the afternoons, the last few days.  The high will be 70 on Friday and Saturday, and then it drops down to 50 deg. for a high on Sunday.  So that will be our 'painting window'.  Ray will be on his own on Friday, as I hope to go to the Habitat for Humanity Re-store, as Jay said they have a lot of paneling.

Jay and I found some fir 2x4's up in the lumber storage rack in the workshop, (fir is lighter weight than pine), and we added a stud in the wall of the cargo trailer to attach the closet wall later.  We are trying to get everything ready for the paneling.  We moved the outlet for the converter away from under the sink, where Jay had installed it. 
We are using up the old paneling for places that don't show, like under the sink, and inside the closet. 
Penny saving a penny, is a penny earned.

We did feel like we accomplished something today.


Gypsy said...

I don't have a clue where I was when John Lennon was shot. I must be one of the few people in the world who could never stand the Beatles. I sure remember the day when JFK was shot like it was yesterday.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Gypsy.

The only thing I really remember about the Beatles was my 22 month old daughter twisting to their music whenever she heard it.

We were staying in a friend's apartment in London, and she liked the Beatles. We were waiting there for our Immigration Visa, which had been delayed over JFK's death.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX