Friday, December 3, 2010

Is it Fur or Faux Fur? Use for Old Fur. Coats For Cubs.

Is Your Faux Fur Really Dog?

"Americans don't want Lassie turned into a fur coat," Moran said. "In the U.S., we treat cats and dogs as pets, not trimmings for the latest fashion wear."

ANIMAL FUR: The surest sign of animal fur is leather/skin (usually white or tan, but possibly the color of the fur if it has been dyed).

FAKE FUR: The surest sign of fake fur is seeing the threadwork backing from which the “hairs” emerge.

"A loophole in the federal labeling laws allows clothing manufactures to put real fur into clothing without stating anything on the label. "

"Is it fur or is it fake? We went undercover with hidden cameras looking for fur-free fashions. But no matter what some of the salespeople said, we looked inside. You won't believe some of the things we found."


"Did You Know?    
Animal fur may be dyed blue, pink, or any other color
Dyes may make animal fur look like faux, but our
Field Guide [PDF] can teach you how to tell the difference.

Animals need their fur more than we do. The HSUS is committed to ending cruelty and killing for fur--in favor of compassion in fashion.
If you support wearing real fur, then you will not be worried about this graphic video showing you how you got it."

If you know someone who wears fur, ask them if they would be willing to watch this graphic footage, to see what they may be supporting:

CATS, and RABBITS, too

"It sounds too grotesque for words, but pelts from slaughtered cats and dogs are being passed off as 'ethical' fur.

A grey longhaired German shepherd puppy is hauled from its cage by the neck before being strung up by a wire noose, which slowly strangles it to within an inch of its life. It is then skinned alive whilst blinking helplessly and moaning in agony.

It culminated last week in the international animal rights charity exposing shocking new evidence that coats purchased from the top-end US designer store, Nordstrom, which stocks designer labels including Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, were found to be trimmed with fur from domestic dogs, even though the fur was advertised as fake.

There was public outrage and the fashion industry in New York is still feeling the shockwaves. Panic set in as top names Calvin Klein, DKNY and Rocawear, and celebrities including Beyonce and P-Diddy whose fashion lines were stocked instore, rushed out statements expressing disgust."

With so many fur-like products on the market, it can often be difficult to distinguish faux fur from the real stuff, but there are several tests you can use to help identify a fake.

First, try the feel test, running the fibers between your finger and thumb; real fur should feel silky while fake fur feels rougher.

Next, you can try the burn test, putting a few hairs to a flame and smelling them; real fur should give off a human hair-like odor, while faux fur will melt and have a plastic smell.

Finally, you can push a pin into the fur backing; if the fur is real, the leather base will be difficult to puncture, but it will be much easier on a fake fur.
Read more: What Is Faux Fur? |

No one in the world needs a mink coat but a mink.   -Murray Banks

"In October 2009, Neiman Marcus was advertising a $1,300 Burberry jacket online. They said it contained "faux" fur.  When the HSUS bought some and analyzed the fur, it wasnt fake at all.   It turned out to be fur called "finnraccoon" which is what the fashion industry calls fur from the raccoon dog."

So what to do with old real fur?        COATS FOR CUBS

 Repurposed fur garments provide comfort and companionship for orphaned animals:

Young squirrel nestles in a fur coat donated to a wildlife rehabilitator through the Coats for Cubs program—HSUS/A. Wolosuk.



Orphaned baby fox.
The coats become a type of security blanket or surrogate mother for these cubs to cuddle and play with.

An orphaned raccoon (nicknamed Mr. Butterfly)snuggles in furs donated through the Coats for Cubs program. Amy Ouimet

"The furs are especially beneficial in cases like Mr. Butterfly’s or with the teeny tiny orphans we often get in with their eyes still closed. Not only do they keep the babies warm (a baby with closed eyes has no way to maintain body heat and needs assistance), but they also remind them of momma which is so therapeutic for ones so young."
More at:

"Another seasonal option for donating furs is to drop them off at a Buffalo Exchange store. From mid-November through April 22, Buffalo Exchange, a family-owned resale clothing business with stores across the country, partners with The HSUS to collect used fur items.

Just bring your fur to any Buffalo Exchange store and let the staff know it is a Coats for Cubs donation. Please contact your local store in advance to make sure they're accepting Coats for Cubs donations at that time.
(If you want to claim a tax deduction for your donation, please mail your fur(s) directly to HSUS.)
The HSUS accepts all fur apparel, fur trims, and fur accessories (such as hats, gloves, and muffs).
More at:

With a lot of people buying stuff at this time of year, please make sure you are not buying tortured animal fur.

Who would want a dead animal around their neck, anyway?

Please donate your old real fur today.


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

When I used to be out measuring roads at accident scenes years ago I did have a beautiful raccoon fur coat. It was so beautifully warm!

BUT I can't imagine Fluffy or Fido fur being used in clothing. No, thanks! And, I no longer own any real fur!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Sandra.

When I was still in England, I had to ride a motor scooter to work as I was too young to get a car license. I used to wear an old fur coat to keep me warm in the cold British winters. And it surely did.

I can understand why motorcyclists wear leather, and the cattle are going to be killed for hamburgers, anyway. As long as they are treated humanely, that is OK.
It is when animals are raised in cramped terrible conditions, and then skinned alive that it gets to me.

I have a 'beaver' fur coat in my closet that I haven't worn since I moved to TX.
A lot of little NYLONS had to die to make it!!
Happy Tails, Penny, TX

pidge said...

That is so cruel. I have never owned a fur coat, and now know I never will. Thanks for printing this.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Pidge.

I am so glad that you found this useful.
Happy Tails, Penny, TX

Gypsy said...

That is too gruesome for words. You would think it would be just as east to slaughter an animal in a humane way. I wonder if the folks who do this enjoy torturing animals.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Gypsy.

"Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.-- "The Lowest Animal"
by Mark Twain.

I pray for just Happy Tails, Penny, TX