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Why Did Jesus Fold The Napkin? On My Father's Side. Easter Candy. Easter Lays An Egg.

He who does anything because it is the custom, makes no choice. ~ John Stuart Mill

Why did Jesus fold the napkin?



What do colored eggs, baskets, bonnets and sunrise services have to do with the Bible? Nothing!
Discover the truth about Easter.

Would Jesus Christ Celebrate Easter?

"For millions of people, Easter Sunday is the most important religious observance of the year. But if Jesus walked the dusty roads of Galilee today, would He observe this holiday?

by Jerold Aust
Would Jesus Christ Celebrate Easter? (iStockphoto)"Each spring the excitement of Easter fills the air. Many churches prepare special Easter programs about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At home, parents color Easter eggs and then hide the brightly colored holiday symbols around the house and lawn so that, come Easter morning, their children can excitedly hunt for them.

Stuffed Easter bunnies and chocolate rabbits are seen everywhere in the weeks leading up to this major religious observance. Then there are the Easter sunrise services, where churchgoers gather to hear about Jesus' resurrection and honor that miraculous event by watching the sun come up in the east.

But what do colored eggs and the Easter rabbit have to do with Jesus Christ's resurrection? How did these seemingly irreligious symbols come to be associated with that event?

Can we find any historical or biblical record of Jesus or His disciples celebrating Easter or teaching parents and children to dye eggs and display bunnies on this holiday? Did Jesus or His apostles instruct any of His followers to meet to honor His resurrection at sunrise on Easter Sunday—or at any other time, for that matter?

If Easter was not sanctioned by Jesus or instituted by His apostles, then where did it come from? In other words, if Jesus were living among us as a flesh-and-blood human being, would He observe Easter or encourage others to do so?"

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$2 Billion Spent on Easter Candy: Are the Smiles Worth the Risks to Children?

"$2 Billion for Easter Candy Alone - We have an explosion of obesity and cancer in this country, and the food industry has been forewarned--just like the tobacco industry the sugar industry will soon be the target of class action lawsuits.
With the ever-increasing rates of obesity in the United States, food companies are being warned that tempting consumers to gorge on unhealthy foods could lead to lawsuits, increased regulation and financial consequences.
Several obesity studies have already pointed the finger at snacks and soft drinks as the main fuel behind the growing obesity epidemic

The warning comes just as the United States sold over $2 billion worth of Easter candy.

Investment bank JP Morgan issued the warning, saying that food companies’ share prices could be at risk, especially from potential litigation similar to what has faced McDonald’s.

Confectionery and soft drink manufacturers could be most at risk. Recently, the theory that an excessive intake of carbohydrates, particularly in the form of white sugar and flour, is a major factor in obesity has begun to gain acceptance. The theory was introduced to the mainstream through diets such as the Atkins Diet.

In the United States, where close to 28 percent of men and 34 percent of women are obese, it is estimated that the condition cost $117 billion in 2000, an amount that is closing in on the $140 billion costs associated with smoking.

Industry groups such as the Grocery Manufacturers of America and the National Restaurant Association say that food manufacturers are not to blame for the obesity epidemic, to which they say a number of factors contribute.

According to analysts, increased regulations could take the form of anything from restrictions on advertising to stricter labeling requirements. There could even be restrictions or bans on distribution to certain areas, such as schools, hospitals and government offices."
Financial Times April 18, 2003

Jesus Wasn't Crucified on Friday—or Resurrected on Sunday!

Jesus crucified on Wednesday, not Friday

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Does keeping Easter honor God?


Please don't let your pets get into the chocolate, grapes or raisins.   Have a safe and happy Sunday.

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