Thursday, June 9, 2011

RV Leveling. Aligning Toad. RV Critter Defense. Trophy Bass? No Fishing License in TX. $250 Gas? Father's Day Gifts. Exerciser. Cargo Trailer.

How to level your rig:

"To manually level your rig you'll need levelers. There are home brew levelers, and you can buy manufactured leveling systems.
Home brew usually equates to a collection of boards, 2x8 lumber is perhaps the most common.

Commercial leveling systems break down into about two styles. Leveling blocks are somewhat akin to giant size Lego blocks--they snap together to help you reach the right height. Another common style is a graduated ramp."   Tips and More at:

Aligning Toad

"Everyone knows that the closer to being centered behind the motorhome when attaching the tow bar the better: takes a lot of stress off not only the tow bar and the car's base plate, but it's also much easier on the toad's front end geometry (the most sensitive and easily damaged part of this little equation).

"I discovered that it is very simple to get centered- simply hit your high beam headlights!
Yes, they're very easy to see reflected off the rear of the motorhome and very easy to find center.

"If you haven't done this before, give it a try- you'll be surprised at how effective your headlights can be in helping you to align your toad.
"Just an FYI, once you have the alignment correct, place reflective tape tabs where your headlights hit the back of your Motorhome so you can just pull up until the lights center on the tabs next time."

Critter self defense

image "Every once in a while the environment turns topsy turvy and some odd and unusual events occur, like monumental hatches of crickets or locusts. Events that could raise havoc with RVers are infestations of ants and mice.

Both have happened to me (13 mice trapped in one night) and I couldn't stop them from entering my vehicle or eradicating them fast enough, until I discovered this preventative self defense.

Wherever any part of your rig touches the ground--tires, leveling jacks, barbecue hooked up to your propane tank--sprinkle the powdered household cleanser, Borax, in a circle around the touch point. Make the circle complete so no critters can't get to the tire or jack without going through the powder, which they won't. Coarse ground black pepper and diatomaceous earth (garden section of home supply stores) work also."

More: about the same advice:

Looking to catch a trophy bass? Then head over to Lake Fork, TX

"If you're a serious bass angler who lives to catch the big ones, then you better head on over to Lake Fork northwest of Quitman.
For the last eight years, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has been collecting information on catches of trophy bass seven pounds or greater or 24 inches or longer at Lake Fork. Through February 2011, the survey recorded 11,368 such fish. "

No license needed to fish in a Texas State Park

"Here's some great news for Texas residents and perhaps even better news for out of state visitors. You don't need a fishing license to fish in a Texas State Park. For non-resident RVers who often are only licensed back home, this is a great benefit of staying at a Texas State Park.

Texas Parks and Wildlife has waived the normal fishing license and stamp requirements for anyone fishing inside a park's boundary. Once the park entry fee is paid, there no need for a fishing license or stamp, whether freshwater or saltwater, adult or child, as long as the fishing is done inside the state park. However, bag limits, length limits, and other regulations will still apply, and be enforced.

This applies to fishing from the bank, a pier, river or creek fishing, and fishing from a boat, if the water body is fully contained within the state park boundary. Anglers can even wade fish in coastal state parks along park property.

The Free Fishing in State Parks program is available at more than 50 state parks and many Wildlife Management Areas across Texas. There are also fishing events throughout the year to add to the excitement — from kids’ fishing derbies to “Learn to Fish” seminars. Some parks even provide loaner equipment and bait. "

How about a $250 Gas Card?     Win a $250 gas gift card

"In this time of ever-rising gas prices, we could all use a break when we hit the road. Which is why is giving away a $250 free gas card every quarter to one lucky visitor who fills out a short form about his or her camping habits. All it takes is a moment of time to fill out the form and the three short questions below and you’re automatically entered. Heck, $250 of free gas would be nice! Learn more. "

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SAM_0928 Jay and I were going to be working in the trailer, and Ray also wanted to work, so as we didn't need to be tripping over each other, Ray painted my exerciser that is in the back yard.

I use it when I take the dogs out there, while waiting for them to find 'just the right spot'. We put the exerciser on crates so dirt wouldn't get on the paint. That is the road the other side of the hedge, so I guess folks wonder what it going on when my head bobs up and down when I am on the exerciser! 

Dog's back yardThese lots are pie shaped, pointed at the front, so I had to build my house 10 ' from the lot line (easement) to get the width that I needed.  Bobbiecat's window is right there, where she likes to watch the traffic.  The back yard is just for the dogs anyway.

First, Jay brought all four cages that we had used for the feral kittens over to our 'wash bay'.  They were sprayed down with strong bleach water, and let sit for over 15 minutes to sanitize, before being hosed down.  Jay may have learned why I had asked him not to set a trap on a Friday, as then we have to take care of the trapped animals over the weekend!  

In the cargo trailer, we attached the cabinet door on the left side of the bed bench, and put the door stop back up. 
Then we cut the paneling for the front right side of the dinette, just inside the front door, we already have a cabinet door for there.  It hadn't been done before, as I was hoping that that area could be used to house a porta pottie, or even better a Bio-Gel Toilet: , or a Pett toilet:   I found a tiny toilet that would fit in that area at a thrift shop, so now we could do it.  If you are using a Bio-Gel toilet it only needs to be small, as you are not storing water or waste.  
I have a horror of black tanks, sewer hoses, dump stations or porta pottie emptying, so I usually opt for Bio-Gel.  No muss, no fuss, just throw the bags of odor-less gel in the trash, legally.

Up in my attic, we found what we want to use for the chase to cover the wires, but never did make them, as it was too late in the day.


Gail Houle said...

Very interesting about the Bio-Gel. Never heard of it before.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Have you planned where you will be heading for your "shake down" cruise? Looks like it will be soon.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comments, Gail and Rick, and Dizzy-Dick.

Gail and Rick, it has been around along time. It is often used in disaster situations.

Dizzy-Dick, I don't plan on keeping it, I am a molded fiberglass B+ motorhome type of gal.

There will be some pictures of our progress tomorrow.

Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny.