Saturday, June 18, 2011

News. Hiding Weapons in Ruins? $1 Billion Flood. Critter Burnout?

 Gaddafi Hiding Weapons in Ancient Ruins?





Mississippi River Flooding: 2011 Levee Repairs Could Cost $1 Billion

Mississippi River Flooding Levee Damage 2011

By HOLBROOK MOHR 06/16/11 03:40 PM ET AP

VICKSBURG, Miss. -- "A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers official says the cost of repairing Mississippi River levees that were damaged by this year's flooding could reach $1 billion, but it's not clear how much funding will be available.

Col. Thatch Shepard, deputy commander of the Mississippi River Division, told The Associated Press on Thursday that repairing the levee system could cost $700 million to $1 billion. The Corps budget for the fiscal year is $210 million, so Shepard said he's hoping Congress will approve supplemental funding.

There were preliminary signs this week that Congress is listening.

A House Appropriations panel on Wednesday approved $1 billion in emergency money to repair levees and other flood control projects damaged by flooding along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The Senate panel has yet to act."






First thing, Ray and I did our month's accounting, and then I drove down to pick up Jay and one more trapped feral kitten.  It's Mom was watching it from afar, and that is all five kittens accounted for, as one from that litter got run over. 

Animal Control won't return that trap until Monday, so I won't have to care for Jay's trapped animals over the weekend like I did before. The Mom doesn't look in good health, so I hope Jay traps her next week.

It bothers me so much when we have to send little critters to the Pound.  With all the responsible people getting their pets spayed and neutered, you would think that it would slow down, but it doesn't.  There are stray cat hoarders here in this subdivision, and they don't get them vaccinated or fixed.  The people think they are doing these cats a favor by feeding them, but the cats just eat, poop and procreate.  That doesn't solve the problem.  Very often the cats look like they have one of the deadly cat diseases, so we have to get them out of here, but it is very depressing.


Ray worked on sanding and priming the one piece trim for the cargo trailer's radius corner front door, while Jay and I put up the rest of the removable chase that covers the 12v. wires for the running lights.  Well, Jay did most of it, while I sat and eyeballed the chase and said if it looked straight or not.  I wasn't feeling up to par.

I didn't feel right, kind of like I did in 2006, when I was overtaxed with taking care of a lot of dogs for a lady who had a stroke, while at the same time I had a close relative dying, so I couldn't leave the dogs to go see her.

29.Apr I have the same situation again, and I can't leave here, so I feel stifled, and overwhelmed.  Maybe it is Compassion Fatigue/Burnout.  Animal rescuers, shelter workers, vet techs, and vets come down with this, as it is such a never-ending project.  I need a break from caring for all these animals.   On Monday another foster mom is supposed to take over the care of my orphan kittens,, that I bottle fed. 

Prime & Paco If I don't feel better, my SPCA boss will take care of fosters Paco and Prime.  Prime, named for being the best cat ever, is the one I would miss the most.  Misty's late Dad's ex would like to take care of Misty for a while, and that would just leave old Bobcat and me. 

If I can leave to go see this relative, Ray would come over from next door twice a day and feed Bobbiecat for me.   That is payback, as I babysat his old black lab while he was at work, free, for over two years.


Today, I will be going shopping for plywood for the cargo trailer table, and taking my five fosters to Adoption Day.



A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

I know you are committed to these animals but you need to take a break! You should go down and visit Jake for a few days or go to a nice state park and sit and watch nature for a while.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comment, Sandra.

My motor home isn't ready to roll, like buying $1000 worth of tires, as I never knew when I would be free to go. The last tires had hardly any miles on them, and died of old age. I think that makes me feel trapped, as it was always ready to go.
Even just a day up the road at Huntsville State Park, (TX) would be nice, but in this hot weather, it would have to be in an RV not a car.

Then I keep on hoping that a smaller RV that I like, will come along in this area, at the right price, so I keep on putting off buying the tires.

Kind of a Catch 22.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Gypsy said...

Better to take a break now than to get totally burned out. It is very disheartening to see animals bred indiscriminately, whether they are just left to run wild or bred with a friend's animal.

Dizzy-Dick said...

I know what you are talking about when you mentioned tires. I bought 10 new tires one day this spring, 6 for the Motor-home and 4 for the Jeep. They all had very low miles but age got them too. Should replace all tired that were manufactured over seven years ago.