Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dial Up. Cargo Trailer. Kittens.

It is very quiet here right now, the TV is off, as the cable is out, AGAIN.
So the internet is out, too, and the lady at our phone company is full of malarkey! 
She said I couldn’t use Dial-Up unless I paid $25 a month.
Well, I unplugged the phone on my desk, and put the cord end in the ‘phone hole’ in my laptop, and here I am, online.
I am reading and sending emails on Dial-Up.  Slow but sure.
My “Winged Wednesday” blog draft is in Live Writer on my desktop, so it will have to wait until the cable is back on again.

Dizzy-Dick and I made a few comments about Dial-Up.
In case you missed them:

Dizzy-Dick said...
I have a dedicated FAX and computer line and a separate number for our phones. Works well and don't need the filter plugs to filter out the internet noise (since it is on its own line). Guess we will head to WallyWorld today and get supplies.
Tue Jun 14, 08:16:00 AM CDT

LakeConroePenny,TX said...
Hi Dick, thank you for your comment. That is what I used to have, but now Verizon is telling me that even if I pay for another  land line phone and number again, I would still have to pay $25 a month for Dial-Up service to make it work. But you have a Consolidated Communications landline phone. I realize that you have to pay for the the other phone line, but do you also have to pay extra just to get Dial-up, on that line? Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny.
Tue Jun 14, 08:36:00 AM CDT

Dizzy-Dick said...
I pay $7.90 for the line access, $22.00 for the DSL line charge, $6.95 for DSL, 3M Access, $1.50 for touch tone, $1.50 for broadband Equip Maint., $6.50 for subscriber line charge, and a lot more listed stuff that comes to $56.70 per month.
Tue Jun 14, 10:21:00 AM CDT
Anonymous said...
Hi Dick, thank you for that info. But that isn't Dial-Up, is it? It is through your DSL (broadband) company. My SuddenLink broadband and cable TV cost about $100 a month. That does NOT include a land line phone. My phone is with Verizon, which is our local phone company. SuddenLink does also have bundling with a landline, but with as many outages as we get, many of their customers are going back to old faithful Verizon for their landline. I found out today, as the TV and internet cable is out AGAIN, that when I unplugged my phone and put the phone cord in the 'phone hole' in my laptop, that I can use Dial-up and get online. That is what I am using right now. Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny.
I couldn't get signed into Google for some reason, so I had to comment as Anonymous.
I can understand why they would want to charge me for a FAX line, but that is not what I asked them.
Does anyone out there have to use Dial-Up?  Does their cable go out, too?

Jay and I measured and cut the wooden strips for the removable chase that hides the 12v. wires that go around the top of the walls of the cargo trailer. 
These are for the running lights that are on the sides, front and rear of the trailer. 
It wouldn’t make much sense, to me anyway, to have them buried in the ceiling or walls, in case a repair had to be made.

Ray primed and painted the strips of chase, and a tow bar that I have for sale. I am gradually turning 'stuff' into $, as I sold the enormous dog carrier on Monday.
Jay made strips of diagonally cut 2x2" boards on the table saw, and screwed them all around the top of the walls, so that the chase is screwed on at an angle.  I am hoping that will give a finished look to the transition from the walls to the ceiling.  I have some really nice oak crown molding, but it would look overpowering in such a small space.

The weather has been really unusual, we haven't had any rain for weeks.  The temperatures have been 10 degrees over normal for this time of the year.
Now a gate post has shifted in the dried out ground, so Ray had to adjust the latch, to make it work.

My Red Maple tree has the drain from the porch's plant sink near it's roots, on purpose, but I have had to leave that faucet dripping or the leaves start drooping.   I hope we have some cooler weather in July and August.

Now that it has been a few days since the orphan kittens had their shots, I don’t have to be so careful about being around unknown animals, or people who have been around unknown animals.
I didn't bottle feed and raise them for their future Pet Parents, to have them get some deadly disease.    Also, they can go out in public, and hopefully meet their new Pet Parents.  But they can't go to their new homes until they have been spayed/neutered on the 28th. June, so I will have them for at least a few days after that.  I really took on something, didn't I?

With gas prices the way they are, we didn’t go shopping like we usually do on a Wednesday, as I have to take the kittens to Conroe Petco on Saturday for Adoption Day.

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