Thursday, May 1, 2008

Busy, but didn't seem to get much done

It has been warm and damp today, and poor little Puddle Jumper and I went into town again to get Dakota parts, and return a MagicJack. As humid as it was, I would have used the AC, if it still worked. It was so sticky that I had to shower when I got home.
That prompted me to dust my bathroom. Bobcat has her food dishes on a tray in my tub, so that any visiting doggies can't eat her prescription food. So I do get cat hair, and talcum powder settling on the baseboards, vanity, tank top, built-in drawers and little TV in there, that I have to tackle once in a while. I even cleaned the mirrors and windows, so maybe now I won't have bats in my belfry ! Like this pretty little orange Pallid Bat.

Jay called last night and said that he had to go "pull wire" for an electrician this morning. So I took my time and did a few extra jobs around here, as I didn't have to go pick him up. He said that he should be through with that around 10.00 am, and that he would work here after that. He didn't. In fact at 5.30pm he still wasn't back, as his mother just got out of the hospital, and I took her dog, Mae Mae, back down there.

I am going to have to get started on the drapes for the B, and I will have to re-string my sewing machine, and bobbin with burgundy thread. So I got all the white things out of the "mending and sewing department bin", and got them all sewn while I still had white thread in the machine.

I took the new bath tub out of the Puddle Jumper, and out of it's box and carried it over to the Class B and kinda put it in place. Looks like we will have to do a little custom work on the faucet plumbing and the vent, but we already knew that. It looks like the drain will match up, though.

While we were at the little town north of here yesterday afternoon, I had picked up some wiper blades for the Dakota at the Carquest auto parts store. This morning Jim, the mechanic, called and said that they were the wrong ones. Now, I wasn't going to drive all the way back there, about a 22 miles round trip, but the Carquest in our town exchanged them for me. So I did get my truck back this afternoon, hooray. Now it has a shiny bumper, Class III receiver hitch, and even a rear view mirror.
We still haven't gone through all of it, but I can drive it. I still need to get the front end checked, and pick up a few more bits and pieces at the salvage yard. Like a spare wheel and jack, you know, just unimportant things like that !
I hated that spare wheel always in my way in the back of the Jeep, so this time I wanted a vehicle where it mounted underneath. On a lot of SUVs, and my Little Van, it is mounted on the back door. You only have to have one silly sod run into the back of you, and you have a lot of damage to your vehicle. In 57 years of driving I have only had to change a wheel once, and that was before cell phones. Really to me, they are excess baggage, but I know I should have one. Now, I would get Good Sam to change it for me anyway. The spare wheel under the Puddle Jumper has never been on the ground, and it is 20 years old, probably no good now anyway. My vehicles are considerate, if they ever got a flat, and that is very seldom, they did it outside a service station. So I thank them by taking good care of them.

I guess I did get stuff done today.

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