Monday, May 12, 2008

Hand Doctor. Handed over Chico.

Lovely morning again, and gratefully, not hot, in fact it was quite chilly at 7.30 when I left. I was going to the next town in the Puddle Jumper, with no AC, and I had Chico with me. I couldn't drive the air conditioned truck until I got back with the new battery.

I was supposed to meet the Dog Rescue lady first, but she was delayed, so I had to leave Chico in the car in a carrier, with all the windows down a bit, while I went into the clinic. The hand doctor's nurse had me squeeze some items that measured the strength in each hand. Then she touched the tips of all my fingers with a little thing that had either one or two points on it. I had to keep my eyes closed, and say if I could feel one or two points touching. Then the doctor came in and looked at my thumb. He had seen the X-Rays, I think that they have a way of faxing them, too, now. That must have put a lot of couriers out of a job!! The hand doctor said that he might have to operate on it, cut it open and take the bone fragments out. I wasn't too crazy about that idea, so as it doesn't seem to have any sign of infection, he is going to look at it again in a week.

I met the Rescue lady, and Chico was on his best behavior, so that went well.

I should have worn my pedometer to day. I went to every thrift shop in that town, looking for a wooden paper towel holder, and a shower curtain for the Class B. I had seen some on eBay with lighthouses on them, so I was really looking for one like that. The burgundy one I bought for it looks so dark in that little shower. I came home with four shower curtains, (one is for my little bathroom) , and no wooden towel holder. I have one that I was going to install on one of the ledges, but it is the kind of wood composite that you can't stain, and it is too light colored.

Then I walked from one end to the other and all around Home Depot, all around Lowes, all around Big Lots, and all around Wal-Mart looking for different things. Good thing that I was wearing comfy shoes. I finally found some snaps that I could use in Wal-Mart Craft and Sewing Dept, as they have a hole where you can put a screw the length of your choosing. The ones at Lowes came with the screw attached, but they weren't long enough. I got the Dakota a new battery, and wouldn't you know it, the cheaper ones don't fit, or don't have enough amps, and I had to get their top of the line battery. Back on the freeway, and then stopped in our little town at our local hardware store to get the screws for the snappers. I finally got home at 3.45 pm, and had lunch.

I got my exercise today.


Joe and Sherri said...

Penny the sand painting is cool. I am hurting because of the thumb accident! Ouch!!! That hurt girl. Please do not do that again. OK

I have be a-miss on reading your journal but I caught up today. I like all you have done.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Speedy, it didn't, and doesn't, hurt as much as you think it would. It was indirectly because of the dog that I got hurt. He had bitten my left hand, and I couldn't use it fully when I was holding the part that my neighbor was drilling. I was thinking at the time that we should put it in the vice, but voila ! It was too late !
Thank you for your comments on the work.