Saturday, May 10, 2008

Navajo Sandpainting. Medicine Side Effects.

Yesterday I spent some time looking for the nearest Chihuahua Rescue, and contacting them about Chico. They have not replied yet.

More time was spent looking up info on a sandpainting that I have. I was asked to post pictures, so here they are. I found out a lot about the history of them, too. The Native American Indians have very many interesting cultures and beliefs. They believe that: "The natural colored sand rainbow bar on the bottom, is a path to where the great spirit is". Not many sandpaintings have that rainbow bar on the bottom.

More later today.

I didn't go to WalMart to get the new battery for the truck, I have to go right by there on Monday anyway, when I go to the hand doctor. My thumb isn't "sticking out like a sore thumb" anymore, but I still don't use it much as it is difficult to grab hold of anything with this big bandage on it. Awkward as I can't get it wet.
I have been feeling like I couldn't breathe right this afternoon, I just feel breathless. When I did a search about these antibiotics I am taking, that is one of the side effects. Another side effect is that it making me sleepy. I hate taking medicines, they are just a bunch of chemicals, and I know that can't be good, especially as they all have side effects.
I leashed Chico and I was going to walk him down to the mailboxes, which are a way down the road, by the swimming pool. But I turned back halfway as I was getting out of breath, which is not like me.
I cleaned and re-stuffed the filter in one of the air cleaners, the one by this computer, as I hoped that would help. I don't buy new $40 filters for it. I have some of that sticky backed filter material, some of the black charcoal filter stuff and then I cut up good quality pleated furnace filters. I pack it in layers in the cardboard box from the original filter, about once a month. It seemed to help my breathing, but I am going to feed all these critters, including me, and try to get an early night.

A lazy day.

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