Monday, May 5, 2008

Shelf, Drapes and Storage Boxes

Someone asked me, what did I do to the shelf ? Look at the side of it. The wood didn't match the top cabinet in the first picture, and I didn't like it. So Ray wallpapered it, and I put on some vinyl trim. While we were at it, we put metal on the bottom inside of the shelf too.

It was just a nice morning when I put the cats outside on the screen porch, but by the time I had drank my coffee it was raining, and it rained steadily until about 3.00 pm.

I donned my waterproof shoes, leashed Chico, and we went to pick up Jay. It had slackened off a bit while we were there, so Chico was able to wander around on his retractable leash, and sniff new territory. I still had to towel him dry before he could spend some time in the living room while Jay had his coffee. Chico is really quite playful. He didn't want to go back in the grooming room, but he has to while we are working, as I wouldn't be able to keep an eye on him.

Jay and I set up in the workshop, and drilled out more of the rivits in the old slider carriers on the old drapes and rivited them onto the lighthouse drapes, and got the other top drape hung. Then we addressed the little storage boxes that go along the ledge. The wall there is slanted, so I got my angle finder and we scribed each box to the exact angle of the wall. We cut that angle off, and now they all fit so much better. Some drapes had not disintegrated in the wash and we were able to re-hang those. It must be the difference in the different brands of windows and factory tinting, some keep out more UV than others. We had to dash out in the rain to the Class B several times to get it all done, but we didn't get too wet as I had pulled it up close to the door.

Just a rainy day.

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