Sunday, May 4, 2008

Genny Door, Decor Drawer, 1 Drape Done. Chico.

As it is Sunday, I picked up at Jay at 9.00 am. It is a nice, not humid day.

While Jay was drinking his coffee, he let Chico out of the grooming room into the living room. Chico just wanted to play, and pranced, and he was very well behaved. He completely ignored Bobcat who was watching him from the recliner. But he barked at the kittens on the screen porch through the screen door as if he wanted to play with them. He is starting to feel that this place has no threats to him, and that he is finally in a safe place. He has been to at least six homes, since his owner died. Some with kids, which scared him.

We were going to just put the new lock on the genny door, but one thing lead to another, and we had to fix the inside of the door, too. The inside panel was loose, so we re-positioned it and rivited it in place. The door had come open while I was driving the B on the trip, and I had to screw some screws in the sides to hold it closed. The battery door lock was easier.

Then we started on the little decor drawer I had bought to go in the little space under the microwave and over the fridge. I had some plastic sliders, and we made it so that it slides out, but won't come open when traveling. It matches the other little bins that I bought for this Class B to go along the side ledges.

Then came the drapes. The ones that I bought for the two top side windows have little lighthouses, anchors and sail boats printed on them. They will give it an airy light feel. The orginal drapes had sunrotted, I presume, as they were missing. All the drapes that were on the doors disintregrated in my washine machine, but I removed the clips off them. They slide on a special track, and the tracks in the B are still good. Originally the slider clips are made on a tape that you sew on the drape. I found out that tape is $137 + tax, and so we just riveted the clips onto the drape at measured intervals. I had bought white rivets, so they can't be seen. We rivited it from the front, and had to pound the little rivit 'bump' on the inside of the clip with a big punch, so that it wouldn't get caught in the track. It worked, and they slide fine. Now we just have to do about 7 more, 1 more light house pattern at other side of the top, and the rest are plain burgundy to match the rig. The big burgundy velour windshield drape is still in good shape, as it was taken down for travel, so we will install snaps for that, as the original Velcro didn't hold. There was another heavy burgundy velour drape that went across the aisle, supposed to be for bathroom privacy, but it is bulky, made the aisle feel small, so I will probably use that somewhere else. I had bought a burgundy Drylon shower curtain at a thrift shop, and it was too wide, so the excess can go across the aisle, as it can be tied back into a smaller space.

Chico has been very wary of his leash, and would snap, (not bite) if you came close to him with it. I think that some kids dragged him around on it. I finally got it on him by getting a noose leash around his neck, held his head straight forward and I went from behind to snap his leash on his collar. I took the noose leash off him, and he accepted his real leash, so I took him outside the fence to the car and told him "UP" with the back door open. ( My dog knew he was only allowed to go in and out of the car through the door behind the driver. Any other door could be open, but he wouldn't try to get out. It does save lives.) So Chico went riding in the car when I took Jay home, and I let him wander around down there and up on Jay's fenced porch to meet Mae Mae. Then we walked across the street to meet Muffy. So now that he knows that "walkies" with me can be fun, I think that the leash snapping is over.

This was Chico's happy day.

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