Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Little Boxes.Truck.Green Bags.Beware of Tools !

The before and after pictures of the Dakota. Now it has a bumper, with a Class III receiver hitch. At least with the bumper I have a step to climb into the back of it, if I have to.

A lovely spring type day, the kittens are happily sunning them selves on the porch. I went to get Jay, but I already knew that he had got himself polluted last night, and that there was no way I was going to work with him today. But his mother had trash that needed to be hauled off, so I did that. She is still in a lot of pain from her liver cancer surgery.
I needed to get to town to the Post Office, as I had sold my Topsy Turvys on eBay, and the buyer wanted them to get to his mother for Mother's Day. While I was out, I had to buy some more bananas, as I had tried storing some in those new "green bags", and they went all mushy and had a chemical taste to them.

Ray stained and poly-ed the little Napa Valley boxes that I bought to go along the ledges in the Class B. It is gradually coming together, and looking good.
I was drilling out some rivits, and the drill slipped and the drill bit went through my left thumb. As I am on blood thinners for my heart, it took a while to get it to stop bleeding. But I finally got all the rivits drilled out. I don't think I had better do any sewing on drapes today, as my thumb is still leaking a little.

A bloody day !

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Dee & Jim said...

I've had the same trouble with the green bags. I used one on bananas and lasted 3 days, but got fuzz on them and tasted really strange. I used one on apples and they went bad in 3 days with fuzz near the top. I didn't even cut into them. I threw out the bags.

So sorry about your thumb. I hope you had a good nights sleep and you're feeling better by now.