Thursday, May 29, 2008

Emma. Little "P" will be a "T". Blinds and Battery

This is Emma, the cat boarder. She was named that, as she has a big "M" on her forehead. Golly, getting her to hold still is something else. All the rest of the pictures I took turned into a blurr. I found out last night that she will be staying with me for an extra four days. The first time I boarded her she was worried that the grooming room would be her permanent home, but she knows that her Mama will be back for her this time.

Little "P" the little six-toed kitten will be going to a different SPCA foster mom, Terry, on Monday, so he will be a "T" then. ( Toesie, maybe) Trying to keep all the cats apart is something else, so I will be glad when he leaves. Then I can bleach clean the screen porch, and the box out there, and let my cats back out there in the mornings, if I don't do that before then. But if I do, Little "T" cannot go out there again, and he would have to stay locked up in the dog carrier, and that wouldn't be very nice for him. Mine do get to run around the grooming room and the house for some "house time", so they can do without the screen porch for a few days more. Except Emma, she has to stay in the grooming room, but she gets the run of that several times a day, when I lock the other two up. Like I said, keeping them all apart is keeping me busy.

Ray and I put the last few finishing touches on the bathroom in the Class C. We had to take the mirror down to spray the lighthouse pictures, and I had to take more photos for the ad that is coming out. Then we were going to mount the table in it's storing place, but decided on some different type of fasteners which I will have to buy, when I can get into town.

I had an inquiry about my vintage 1968 HiLo Travel Trailer, so we got one of the new cellular blinds installed in the back window. Now, I can add that picture to the album of the HiLo, to send out to prospective buyers. The AC isn't installed in it yet, and even though we had a fan in there, it was just too hot to do anymore. The other blind for the front window, and the drapes are all stored in my attic, and we didn't want to be up there, either. I'll post pictures when we get the other one installed. They match the like-new avocado/beige upholstery perfectly. Exactly the same color as the Dometic fridge, which is still in great shape and working after all these years.

After having it on the charger, we took the negative side of the Class B front battery off, and touched it to the post to see if it had a phantom draw. It doesn't, and it won't hold a charge. So I have that old battery in the truck to get a new one next time I am in town. With gas the way it is, I am consolidating trips like everyone else. Cheapest I saw gas when I was in the next town was $3.73. It is always higher in our town.

Another hot and humid day.

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