Saturday, May 24, 2008

This and That Day. Top Drapes lined.

It started out a nice day, but I had to bring the kittens inside by midday, it was too hot on the screen porch. It was humid, too, like it wanted to rain, but never did.

Muffie arrived to be groomed at 8.10 am, but I didn't get to start on her right way. I was already bathed, dressed, cat's boxes done, but I found a water leak under the plant sink on the porch. My late Johnnie and I made that cabinet to that old porcelain sink that has two built-on draining boards, one each side of the sink, and I didn't want it to rot. This is the sink that drains underground out to my little baby Red Maple Tree out front, and keeps it watered.

First Ray had to get the sliding screen door back on it's tracks, as it does get used a lot. Then Ray and I tackled the leak. We found out that it was coming from the hot side of the faucet, which is not even hooked up to water and is capped off. As it wasn't the faucet seat, it must have been something to do with the cap which is very difficult to get at. As the hot side isn't used out there on the screen porch, we stopped up the little channel in the faucet, so that water can't get to that side. Fortunately that faucet has a cut-off, so we will leave the water off until it has all set up, and put the seat and faucet handle back together tomorrow.

I went to start the Class B to move it so that Ray could mow, and the darned rig wouldn't start. This had never happened as the solar panel keeps the batteries charged. We checked the water in the front battery, and put a charger on it. I never did get it started before Ray mowed all three lots, so he had to mow around it. I got Muffie groomed while Ray mowed and then he had to go somewhere else and help some neighbors. The B started later, but it was too late to move it then. I hope I don't have to buy another battery.

Upon Ray's return, we went up into my attic and turned my water heater down a bit. It had been turned up this winter, but now it was a little too hot on the mixed setting, to bathe dogs and I knew two more of Mindi's poodles were arriving this afternoon. I might not get them done today, but we had planned on them spending the night. Then we set up the big German Shephard cage in the grooming room. I need somewhere a bit bigger to keep the cats while the dogs are here. It is too hot in the afternoons on the porch. The dogs arrived at 1.00pm.

As for the Class B, I had managed to get the last door drape sewn, and I took the top window curtains down and lined them with burgundy. See the before and after pictures, above. Ray and I were sweltering out there, so I started the genny and turned the AC on. We got the two top curtains up, and left the rest for tomorrow morning when it is cooler.

I just fed the dogs and let them have their " house time" in here with me, while the kittens have free range in the grooming room for a couple of hours.

A real "This and That" day.

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